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These streets 17 December 2021: Shan says to principal my daughter is the best. He says you are spoiling your daughter. She is detroying the decorum of this house. Shan shoves him and says I will get you fired if you say a word about my daughter. There is nothing wrong about her attitude. She won’t be deceived in life for being nice at least. He comes out. Shan recalls his moments with asmita. Shan sits down and says why did you do this. And once you left, why did you come back. How could you do this.

Vivan misbehaves with the servant. Asmita says is this what I taught you? Say sorry to uncle. Vivan says sorry uncle. He says sorry. He says I won’t ever do this again mama. You’re the best. You are mine only.Krishi sees the money and says I will give this money to papa. Chahat shoves her and says you are a dirty gril. Why are you in my school. Krishi shoves her.

Asmita sees a photo of Vivan’s festival. She sees Krishi behind. Asmtia says my daughter.. She is alive? Asmita is shocked. Asmita says my daughter.. Please save her God. Please take me to her. She cries.Krishi runs in the school. Chahat and her friends run after her. Krishi sees Shan. Asmita cries and says where is my daughter. Please help me find her God. Please show me a way.

Krishi hugs SHan. Shan is shocked. Chahat says papa.. She hides. Krishi’s mom comes and takes her home. Chaht comes and hugs Shan. San says who was that girl. Why did I feel connected to her touch?Nandani says stop asking me for money. Nevi says all of her friends are going on trip. Nandani says I pay for her education. That is enough. I am only Chahan’t mom. I don’t need to pay for Moni. Ask Ridoy.. or he is dead. Nevi says I am sure wherever he is, he is fine. Nevi prays for Moni.

Nandani says if God cared for you he would have helped you years ago. Remember asmita.. I kept her away from her child for six years. She won’t ever know she gave birth to a girl alive. No one can save you in this house.Krishi comes there. She gets out of car’s trunk.Krishi comes out of Shan’s car trunk. Shan goes inside with chahat. Krishi runs inside. Nandani touches candle by mistake. Nevi says in heart I know you will end her now.

Asmita cries. She says please take me to my daughter’s god. Please save her. She is my krishi. My heart always said she is alive. Please take me to her. she cries. Shikhawat sees her. He says what happened? Why are you crying? Asmita hugs him crying. Asmita says my daughter. She is alive. she was in janmashtai festival. He says how did you recognize her? Asmita says she looks exactly like me. Same face. She is my daughter and she is alive. I have to meet her. Please help me find her. I can’t live without her. Shikhawat says don’t worry. I promise you I will find your daughter. You have done so much for me and vivan. I will find your daughter. Maybe this is how I will pay back to you. Asmita says I trust you. Let’s go. I know we will find her. Lets go. They leave.

Krishi comes inside the house. She says this is a castle. Shan feels something. Krishi comes to Chahat’s room. She hides. Chahat says to Moni I hit that dirty girl. Moni says bad manners. Don’t irritate people. chahat says it is fun. Chahat leaves. Moni sees Krishi. She says who are you? Krishi says I am the same girl she was talking about. Moni hugs Krishi and says chahat is a bad girl. Be careful. I am glad you taught her a lesson. Would you be my frined? Krishi hugs her.
She says why are you here? Krishi says I am here to give good papa this bracelet.

Moni says shan chachu? He would be happy. Go to his room and give it to him. Krishi says thank you friend. She hugs Moni. Moni says God bless her. She is so sweet.Nevi is praying. She sees a kid like Puchki. Nevi says Puchki? Did I see Puchki? Nevi says I did so wrong to her. Please don’t punish my moni. Please I repent what I did.The buyers ask her dad where is the girl? he says we have sold her. She ran somewhere. The thug says we want the girl right now. He says she would come back. She went to school.

The thug says we will find the girl. They leave. Krishi’s mom sasys don’t do all this. He slaps her.Asmita and shikhawat come to the house. Asmita says where is my daughter?? The mother recalls she is asmita. She was the nurse who took the baby. Asmita says where is my baby? Krishi’s mom is in shock.

Scene 1
Asmita says where is my daughter? Shikhawat says they won’t tell us like this. The foster dad says go from here. There is no one here. He shoves asmita. shikhawat holds her. Shikhawat says how dare you. He slaps him. He beats the man and says how dare you touch asmita. Asmita says leave him pelase.
Chahat tells nandani how she hit the girl at school. Nandani says you did right. Krishi is hidden under the table. She ties Chahat’s shoes. Chaht’s spoon falls. she picks it but doesn’t see krishi. Nandani stands up and falls. Nevi and Moni laugh. Nevi says you want to touch my feet? She wants to get up but falls again. Everyone laughs. Nandani says moni must have done this. I will teach her a lesson. she leaves.

Shikhawat says I am asking you the last time, where is the girl. Asmit says please tell me where is my daughter. I am dying to meet her since 6 years. Please tell me. She cries. You are a mother. You know the pain. I couldn’t even see her. Please tell me. Shikhawat says he ahs to tell us. He hits them. The woman says I will tell you. We have your daughter but she isn’t home right now. Her name is Krishi. Asmita says krishi.. he mans ays shut up. Shikhawat says you shut up. She says this man sold her to people in sona gachi. Asmita is shocked. Asmita falls in shock. Shikhawat holds her. Asmita hits the man and says how dare you give my daughter to those animals. She sees the money there. Asmita says for this you sold a 6 year old? God will never pardon you. the woman says we can still save her. they couldn’t find her. We can save her if she if found by us. Asmita says Shikhawat please let’s go. Asmita says please save my daughter God. I have to find her.

Scene 2
Shan is asleep in his room. Krishi comes there. She takes off his shoes. Krishi ties the bracelet on his hand. she says thank you good papa. This is my hank you gift. I wish I get a papa like you. She kisses him and leaves. shan is drunk and asleep. Shan wakes up and sees the bracelet in his wrist. He is shocked.

Asmita and Shikhawat ask people if they have seen krishi. There’s no luck. Shikhawat says where is she. What does your intuition say asmita?
Krishi comes on road. She sees Ganesh visarjan. Krishi dances there. Asmita’s car drives past. She couldn’t see krishi. Asmita sees her face and says stop the car. She runs towards Krishi. Asmita says Krishi. Krishi stops. Asmita runs to her. She falls. Krishi disappears. Asmita is shocked. Asmita looks around for Krishi. She is nowhere. The thugs are taking Krishi. Asmita runs after her. They lock her in a van.

Scene 1
Asmita screams and runs towards Krishi. Asmita screams. She says do something. I wont let her go there. Shikhawat says I promise you I will spend every penny I have and bring her back. He leaves.
Nevi sees the photo. She says who is this girl? Chahat gave me this photo. Is is Shan’ and Asmita’s daughter? The one we thought is dead? You heard me. she is alive. The reason of their separation was never there. You ened the reason why nandani came here. Shan and asmita can unite. Their daughter will unite them. Please protect her.

Asmita comes to an under constrution site. She says this was their location. krishi. Where is Shikhawat. Krishi is tied to a wall. Krishi says aunty please save me. Asmita runs towards her. They pull her up. Asmita says leave her. The thug says either she would go to sona gachi or die. Krishi says please save me aunty. Asmita says you can’t do anything to her. He says see how she falls then. They leave the rope. Shan comes and hlds the rope. Asmita is dazed. Asmita and shan pull krishi down. Krishi says I am saved. Asmta hugs her. Asmita says she is our daughter.

shan recalls nevi showed hi photo of Krishi. She said the pain you were living in.. Your daughter is alive. Nandani came there and said you have lost your mind. Nevi said this is reality. Nandai said you are mad. Asmita’s daughter is dead. How could she be alive. Nandain said shan asmita held you responsible for her daughter’s death. Nevi says someone must have done something at the hospital. Nandani says is this a game? how is this possible? She only looks like asmita. She isn’t shan’s daughter. Nandani says shan’s daughter is dead. Shan knows that. Asmita signed the papers that said doctors should save her. You better not worry. Nevi said you won’t understand because you are not a human. Shan said enough.

Shan says she isn’t our daughter. asmita says she is my daughter. She is our daughter. Shan says this is your and shikhawat’s daughter not mine. Asmita is in shock. He says don’t show me proof of your digusting character. Asmita grasps his collar and says yes she can’t be your daughter. You don’t deserve her. Shan says see this is your reality. Itwas my mistake that I trusted you. Asmita says you slept with nandani. You have a daughter with her. Look at yourself. Shan claps and says leave me alone. You are a liar. Asmita picks Krishi. Asmita says I better keep her away from a disgusting man like you. SHan is about to slap her. Shikhawat holds his hand. Asmita says he doesn’t even deserve your slap. I got my daughter. I need nothing. Shikhawat says yu are lucky asmita stopped me. Shan laughs. Shikhawat picks Krishi and says let’s go asmita.

Nandani throttles asmita’s foster mother and says how is that girl alive. Why didnt you kill her? She says I couldn’t kill that innocent soul. I couldn’t do that sin. Nadnani slaps her and says that’s what I paid you for. That girl has come to my life as an eclipse. I will kill you if she ruins my life. Her husband says wow. So this was the story. Nandani gives im money. She says kill him.

Shan drinks and says I hate you asmita. He recalls everything that happened. Nevi says stop drinknig. You will die. Shan says when did you start caring for me?


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