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These Streets December Teasers 2021

These Streets December Teasers 2021 Teasers: Asmita and Shantanu meet to play Aarti. After they wish Asmita to celebrate her birthday the Mr. Shekhawat declares his love for her. He also offers her marriage. Krishi is convinced Asmita is not going to marry Mr. Shekhawat. In the meantime, an angry Shantanu is injured by himself.

These Streets December Teasers 2021

These Streets December Teasers 2021

Zeeworld These Streets December 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 131

Shantanu and Asmita can secure an apartment for themselves. Despite repeated attempts by Shubhankar, Nandini does not get bail. When Nandini finds out about Shantanu Asmita and Shantanu Asmita living together and decides to break up with the two. Shantanu and Asmita exchange vows and then get married prior to Goddess Durga.

2 December 2021 on Thursday, December 2nd

Episode 132

Nandini’s false allegation that Asmita assaulting her has led to Asmita’s suspension. Shantanu promises to a depressed Asmita to get everything back on track. Shantanu threats Nandini and Shubhankar with severe consequences if they injure Asmita. Shantanu escapes the police detention.

3 December, Friday, 2021

Episode 133

He arrives just in time to save Asmita from being killed by one of Nandini’s goons. They are able to escape the building before the gunman blasts the building. Nandini is accused of Shantanu in the murder of Shubhankar and is detained. In the funeral of Shubhankar, Nandini confesses to her wrongdoings before Asmita.

Friday 6 December 2021

Episode 134

To spare Shantanu from death As a last resort, she proposes an order to Asmita. Asmita attempts to prove the accusations against Shantanu are untrue. In the break between lunch, Nandini asks Asmita to avail this last chance to accept her terms.

7 December 2021, Tuesday 7 December

Episode 135

The judge denies the request to grant the plea when Asmita requests additional time, and decides Shantanu to be the culprit in the offense. To show Shantanu not guilty before the verdict is made, Ridoy brings Asmita a vital lead.

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Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 136

The judge announces the Asmita decision, in which she awards her the death penalty and discharges Shantanu. Nandini is granted bail, and is allowed to go home. Shantanu threats Nandini with a gun, but she does not admit guilt. In the next moment in the station of police an unidentified man kidnaps Asmita from the jail.

9 December, 2021 Thursday

Episode 137

Aditya is at Majumdar house in search of Shantanu. Shantanu is quick to take Asmita towards a nearby nursing residence after she falls ill. They are thrilled by the news of Asmita’s birth however, she demands Shantanu to allow her to surrender as she’s already contacted the police. Aditya arrives and takes her into custody.

Monday 10th December 2021

Episode 138

Nandini gives someone instructions to shoot Asmita and her infant. In the market one of Nandini’s smen is attempting to kill Asmita but fails. In order to save Asmita and their baby, Shantanu transfers his property to Nandini’s account. Seven months after the day Shantanu transports Asmita into the hospital for a check-up, Asmita is astonished to find an expecting Nandini.

Friday 13 December 2021

Episode 139

Asmita is assuming that Shantanu has abandoned her and has left him. The Majumdars are shocked by the news that Nandini is pregnant. Then, Asmita meets with an accident. After six years the ‘Janmashtami her birthday and also Krishi’s birthday Krishi visits the temple.

Thursday 14th December 2021

Episode 140

Asmita is in Kolkata together with Mr Shekhawat. Assembling herself as Kanha, Krishi breaks the “Dahi Handi”. Shantanu as well as Nandini arrive along with their little girl Chahat. Shantanu gets to meet Asmita.

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Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 141

Shantanu is spotted by Krishi in the market, but cannot look at her face due to the mask. Shantanu’s family members come across Asmita as well as Mr Shekhawat. A couple of young men have a problem with Asmita however Mr Shekhawat is able to teach them the lesson.

16 December, 2021 Thursday

Episode 142

When Nivedita discovers that Asmita is back in Kolkata and is astonished, she believes it to be a message from Kanha. Krishi’s father makes a deal to buy her out of Pari Mahal. In the meantime, Asmita and Mr Shekhawat decide to move out of Kolkata. Krishi’s father tells her to Krishi that he’s not the real father.

Saturday 17th December 2021

Episode 143

Chahat attempts to intimidate Krishi who hides in Shantanu’s vehicle. While, Asmita tells Mr Shekhawat about her son being alive. Both arrive at Krishi’s home seeking her.

Sunday 20th December 2021

Episode 144

Asmita observes Krishi dancing during the celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi however she disappears within a flash of her eye. Shantanu assists Asmita in rescuing Krishi but is unable to recognize Krishi for his child. Krishi’s father promises Nandini that he’ll murder Krishi.

Monday 21st December, 2021

Episode 145

Nivedita is tempted to make Krishi for a game in order to gain Mouni what belongs to her. Then, Nivedita shows the picture of her father to Krishi and explains the motives for the separation of her parents. Krishi decides to reconcile her parents.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Episode 146

Mr. Shekhawat promises a concerned Asmita that he won’t let Shantanu join the celebration.

Wednesday 23rd December 2021

Episode 147

Krishi wants Shantanu as a birthday present from Asmita. Shantanu dives into the lake and saves Krishi. Nandini gets angry with Shantanu for helping save Krishi’s life, which is why he gets angry.

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24th December, 2021 Friday

Episode 148

Krishi advises Nandini of her determination to never let up until she has reunited her parents. Nivedita encourages Krishi to unite her parents. Krishi is the one to throw away Shantanu’s drink. She tries to get Asmita and Shantanu together under the pretense being at school.

Saturday 27 Dec 2021

Episode 149

Asmita Reprimands Shantanu to stop him from raising Chahat the right way. Shantanu is slapped by Nandini. To draw Shantanu nearer to her her cupcake.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Episode 150

The cupcake that is spiked begins to with both of them, and leads Shantanu to show his affection for Asmita. Shantanu as well Asmita overlook their differences, and are close. Nandini sets off a fire in order to kill them. This puts Krishi’s life at risk. But they are able to be safe.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 151

To enroll Krishi The Principal invites Krishi to take part in the race. Shantanu is part of the race together with Asmita to assist Krishi in her admission. If they triumph the race, Mr Shekhawat is furious upon the sight of the two of them together.

Wednesday 30th of December, 2021

Episode 152

Krishi asks Lord Krishna to save her. Nandini is afraid of that her choices will be punished. Krishi is defeated in the race however, her gesture of kindness will win the hearts of everyone. In the end, having won the race, Krishi assigns a task to Nandini.

The Friday before the 31st of December in 2021

Episode 153

Asmita and Shantanu meet to play Aarti. After they wish Asmita to celebrate her birthday the Mr. Shekhawat declares his love for her. He also offers her marriage. Krishi is convinced Asmita is not going to marry Mr. Shekhawat. In the meantime, an angry Shantanu is injured by himself.

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