These streets 17th February 2022 Written Update

These streets 17 February 2022: These streets update Thursday 17th February 2022 Zee world, Devika says no one can come between a mother and her daughter. She says Krishi, I don’t know if you’re listening to me but a child hears mother even in sleep. I know you are listening. We all love you. Papa can’t breathe without you and you’re here with eyes closed. This isn’t fair. We are worried and tensed. If you get up, we will all smile. Devika cries. Devika says you’re special to us. Like the cartoon character that makes everyone happy. Or do you want to make us all sad? Tell mama Krishi, please. Shan says it isn’t helping. Because of you, my daughter is suffering. You’re responsible for all of this. Get out. Krishi holds Devika’s hand. Shan hugs her and says Krishi.. He holds her hand. Shan says Krishi, won’t you hug papa? Krishi says you are not my papa. How could you give mama’s place to this auntie? Shan says I can’t give your mama’s place to anyone. Krishi says I only want my Asmita mama. I don’t need this auntie. I can’t make anyone my mama. How can you do this? I know you miss mama. But how can you make this auntie my mama? I will live without mama as Chahat does. Shan says Krishi. Krishi says please go from here. I want to be alone. Krishi says please papa. The doctor says let her rest, please. Devika says how can we leave her alone. The doctor says please go out. He says Krishi please relax.


Akira says to Devika what do you think of yourself? Do you think we don’t know what you’re doing all this for money? Get out. Devika says I won’t go anywhere. Nevi says how can you live here? Akira says she won’t leave without the money. Shan says take your money and leave. Because of you, I lost Asmita. And now my daughter. He signs a cheque and says leave now. It’s a blank cheque. Take it and leave. Devika looks at the cheque and tears it apart. Asmita says I won’t leave. I am not doing this for money. I am doing this for emotion. Shan says what emotion? She says Krishi’s mother’s emotion. Nevi says is that the only reason? Are you staying here for Krishi? Devika says for Krishi and her father. Shan says what do mean? Devika says I love. Akira says what rubbish. Devika says I won’t leave. I love Shan. I will make space in Krishi’s heart that I can be her mother. My love for you and Krishi will make this family mine. No one can kick me out of this house. I won’t leave no matter what. Devika hugs Shan and says I love you. I am sorry. I didn’t plan it. It just happened. I don’t know-how. I was independent. You’re an amazing man. I feel like I had been related to you and Krishi. I can’t tell you how important you are to. I love you.

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Shan says what are you saying? Are you out of your mind? What is all this drama? My daughter is suffering because of you. I don’t love you. I will never love you. I only loved Asmita. No woman can take her place. She was my lover and will always be. Akira says did you hear? Get out now. Devika says listen to me. Akira shoves her out. The doctor says Mr. Shan please come upstairs. Krishi is having a panic attack. Devika and Shan run upstairs Devika holds Krishi. She is having a panic attack. Devika says no matter what happens, I will heal her. Devika sings a lullaby and caresses Krishi’s face. Krishi calms down.

Scene 1
Devika holds Krishi. She cries. Devika sings a lullaby. She puts Krisih’s head in her lap. Krishi calms down. The doctor says let me check her. He says she is a lot better now. Devika is in tears. the doctor says only a mother can do this. A mother is like Goddess to the kids. Devika sees Krishi’s photo with Asmita and caresses her face. She gives her a blanket. Devika sits with Krishi in tears and kisses her face. Akira is angry.

The doctor says you have to be careful with Krishi. She is sensitive. Her mental state is fragile. You should focus on mental health. Devika the way you handled her was amazing. You have to take care of her till she is better. Devika says I know I am not needed here but for Krishi, please let me stay here. I will leave once she is okay. Nevi says she is right. She has to be in this house for Krishi’s mental health. What we saw was a miracle. The doctor said the same. We can’t be hasty with Krishi’s health. Shan nods.

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Scene 2
At night. Shan makes Krishi eat. She is upset. Shan says please eat. Krishi says please go from here. I won’t talk to you. You brought me fake mama. Shan says you were not well. I did this for your health. Krishi says Chahat Said my mama is a star and she would never come back. She was right. Mama won’t come back right? Devika comes in. Krishi cries and says please go from here. Shan leaves. Krishi cries and says mama where did you go? Devika comes in and sits with her. Devika says please eat. Krishi says please go from here, I don’t want to talk. Devika says please eat. I will leave. You have to eat to get well soon. We won’t talk. You just eat and take your medicine. Krishi throws the spoon away. Devika says my princess will eat. Krishi throws it away again. Devika says I will keep trying. Krishi keeps throwing it. Devika says I know you’re upset. Your mama taught you to respect food. Please eat so your mama is happy. For her you have to eat. Krishi cries. Devika says for your mama, please eat. Krishi eats. Krishi says why did you leave me mama? devika says how do I handle Krishi. Krishi says I miss you mama.

Devika comes out. She sees Shan sitting under the shower. Devika says what are you doing? He says go from here. Devika says you would get cold. You have to be strong for her. I can’t see you like this. Who would be there for Krishi? We have to do it together. Please eat. Shan please. She gives her hand. Shan holds it and comes out. Devika gives him a towel and says I am waiting outside. Shan dries up and comes out. Devika says please eat. He says take it back. Devika says I promised Nevi you would eat. Shan says stop it and go and tell Krishi I ate. Devika says I won’t lie to my daughter. You have to eat for Krishi. Come eat now. Shan sits and eats. Devika smiles. Akira comes there with food as well. Devika says eat that vegetable it’s really tasty. Akira leaves. Nevi comes there and smiles. She says Devika is the right for this house. I have to take this decision.

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