These streets 15th February 2022 Written Update

These streets 15 February 2022: These streets update Tuesday 15th February 2022 Zee world, Devika’s mom comes in front of a car. Shan saves her. He says are you okay? She faints. Shan says does anyone know her? Or her family? Who is she? Devika is looking for her mom. She screams ma.. A man says this man saved her life at the last moment. Devika runs to her and says what happened to her? Shan says relax she is fine. We have to take her to the hospital. They try to stop the cars. Devika says ma, nothing would happen to you. Shan and Devika take her mother on the bike. They rush her to the hospital.

Devika is crying. Her mother is being treated. The doctor says we have to do her heart surgery. Deposit the money right now. Devika says where would I arrange that money? Shan says money will be deposited right now? Please start the treatment. Devika hugs her mom crying. She says why did you go alone? Couldn’t you call me? What if anything happened to you? Shan comes in. Her says mom says as long as there are angels like him, nothing can happen to me. He saved me. Shan says you would be fine. Nothing would happen to you. She says always stay happy. Men like you are rare. Shan says you will be fine. She says her dad used to say the same. Shan says he would be happy to see you healthy. She says are you married? Shan says I have two daughters. She says if you weren’t, I would marry you with my daughter. She is crazy. Devika says what are you saying? Shan says your daughter is crazy. He leaves. Her mom says he is made of gold.


Shan deposits the money and says there should be nothing short in the treatment. Devika stops him and says why are you doing all this? So I become Krishi’s mom? Such an opportunist? You’re using my circumstances? Shan says I can’t stoop that low. I am not that selfish. I don’t use people. I know mother is the most important thing in life. Your mind is full of dirt. We have to help each other as humans. Even animals help each other. God gave you only face like Asmita. Your heart isn’t even 1% like hers. Go and take care of your mom. Call me if you need anything. He leaves. Devika says no you see what I do.

Scene 2
Krishi tells Chahat she defeated Shan is basketball. Chahat says wow, it would be fun. Doorbell rings. Krishi goes to the kitchen. Devika comes in as Asmita. Everyone is shocked. Krishi comes and hugs her. she says mama, where were you? I waited so long. Devika hugs her and says I am back. Devika wipes her tears. Krishi says I missed you so much. I couldn’t even talk to you. Papa told me there was no network. Krishi says I love you mama. Never leave me alone.

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Scene 1
Krishi says I missed you so much. Is your work more important than me? Devika says no. Krishi says I won’t ever let you go anywhere. I love you, never leave me alone. Come I want to show you something. She takes Devika upstairs and says see this, my height was 10 before you left. I have become taller. Please mark the new height we will check after a few days. My hair got longer too. Papa used to oil them but they’re rough. Please touch them. Shan is in tears. Devika looks at him. She touches Krishi’s hair. Krishi says you would fix them with oil right? See papa got me a new dress. I will wear it on my birthday. Shan recalls his moments with Asmita. Krishi says mama, never leave me. Nevi says she won’t. Krishi says no one will scold my mama. Nevi says I won’t. Let’s go get you medicine. Devika nods. Krishi says I will be back mama. Nevi takes her from there. Shan leaves as well. Devika says this is so difficult to be so great of a mother like Asmita.

Shan recalls Asmita begging for Krishi’s life but Devika left. He says I have to make Devika sign these papers. Shan says to Devika, you have to sign these papers. She says what rubbish is this? I only came here because you helped my mother. You can’t bind me in a contract. Shan says I don’t trust you. Your nature isn’t helping. This situation won’t be here. Your mood can change any time. I can’t take risk with Krishi’s life. You have to sign these papers. Devika signs them. He says your copy. Once my daughter is well, I won’t need your help.


Scene 2
Shan is sitting with Nevi. Nevi says why are you worried now? He says I hope Krishi’s reports are better. Nevi says nothing would go wrong with her. Shan says I can’t see her like that. The doctor gives reports to Shan. Nevi says what happened? Is everything okay?

Devika says to Krishi you should sleep. Krishi says please stay with me. Devika says oh God. Devika says I am here, don’t worry. You should sleep. You will feel better. Devika says you have to be well. Papa can’t live without you. Krishi says can you? She says your are papa’s life. Krishi says I love papa a little more. He’s the best. Devika says yes. Krishi says I love papa. You also say I love Shan. Devika says what? Krishi says I won’t sleep until you say that. Devika says I love Shan. Krishi says thank you. Krishi holds her hand and sleeps. Devika caresses her face. She recalls her moments with Shan.

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Nevi says what do the reports say? Shan smiles and says thank you, doctor. Her reports are a lot better. He says you have to keep her emotional health well before the heart surgery. You made is possible because you brought Devika home. Krishi shouldn’t have any stress. She shouldn’t know Devika isn’t Asmita. Any kind of stress can be harmful for her. Shan is in tears.

Chahat is crying. She breaks toys in anger. Shan comes and says what happened Chahat? Chahat says I hate you papa. I don’t need you. You brought Krishi’s mama not mine. She went to the sky like my mama but you brought her back. Why not mine?

Scene 1
Chahat says you didn’t bring my mama. I hate you. I don’t want to talk to you. Shan says Krishi’s mama is also your mama. He gives her water. Chahat throws it and says I want my mama. She cries. Akira comes there and says Chahat, I will be your mother. She gives him a teddy bear and says your mama sent this bear. I met her last night in my dream. She asked me to give this toy to you. She can’t come here. Because there are few stars in the sky. It would get dark if she comes here. You get scared in the dark right? Chahat says really? Akira says yes. Your mama told me this is your favorite toy. Akira hugs Chahat. Chahat says what else did mama say? Akira says let’s go to your room. I will tell you everything. Shan says thank you Akira. Akira says in heart, I know Shan. I have to own Chahat to make you mine. I love and want to make you mine. I am sure, once Krishi is okay Devika would leave and we four will live as a family.

Scene 2
Krishi says good morning mama. Would I get what I want? Devika says yes. Krishi says noodles. Devika says sure. Krishi says in heart mama is allowing noodles in the breakfast? Mama has changed. Devika makes noodles for her. Devika says microwave oven. Wow. Let me use it. She puts the steel pot in the microwave and says now I will listen to music while this machine works for me. She leaves. The microwave oven burns. Devika is dancing with headphones on. Krishi comes to the kitchen to drink water. The oven is burning. Krishi sees it. Krishi screams mama please see this. Mama please see what’s happening. Mama. Devika has headphones on and she’s dancing. Shan comes there. Krishi goes close to turn off the oven. Shan picks her and says Krishi. Nevi says what is happening. Shan asks her to take Nevi out. Shan says who put steel pot in the microwave? He sees Devika dancing.

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Shan comes to Devika and pulls her earphones. She says what happened? Shan shoves her in the kitchen and says what is this? Devika says what? He says who puts steel in the microwave? Are you crazy? Shan throws it and says what if anything happened to my daughter? You don’t even have common sense. And who makes noodles in breakfast? Devika says Krishi asked. Shan says why did I bring you here. Shan says why are you behaving this way? She says I am poor. I have never used a microwave before. There’s a burn on your hand. Let me apply medicine on it. Shan says your face is only like Asmita. You can’t even act like her. Krishi is coming there. Shan says I am stuck that I have to get your life. You’re totally useless. Krishi drops her glass in shock. Shan is shocked. Shan says I told you not to buy this substandard microwave. Devika says sorry. Krishi says papa, don’t be mad at mama. Anyone can make a mistake. Devika says see your papa is scolding me. Ask him to say sorry. Krishi says mama is right. You have to say sorry. Don’t look at her with anger. Say sorry. Shan says I won’t. Krishi says you have to. Devika says yes, you have to. Krishi says say sorry clearly. Hold your ears as well. Devika says let me make a video too. Shan says sorry. Devika says there was no feeling. Krishi says yes, it didn’t sound like sorry. Shan looks at her angrily. Krishi says what are you thinking? Shan says sorry. I made a mistake. He does up and down. Krishi says good. Shan leaves. Devika hugs Krishi. Shan is mad. Devika and Krishi laugh. Shan says how do I make this Devika responsible.


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