The Search for Frida Storyline, Plot Summary and Teasers Telemundo

The Search for Frida Storyline, Plot Summary and Teasers Telemundo: Telemundo’s newest whodunit action thriller The Search for Frida premieres on January 10 at 22h00. It will replace Loli’s Luck! that was not as luck the previous year.

The Search for Frida Storyline

The Search for Frida Storyline

The Search for Frida is a 2021 adaptation of Telemundo’s series What happened to Elisa? It explores the Pons family, a wealthy family whose idyllic life is broken when their 16-year old girl, Frida disappeared on the evening of her father’s birthday celebration.

Frida is the oldest of the daughters of multimillionaire engineering Abelardo Pons and Marcela Bribiesca an affluent couple who seem to be perfect and happy.

After the disappearance of Frida’s sister, the details about each member of the family as well as their close family members begin to surface.

Resentments, lies, and even old stories are revealed and show how this “happy and perfect” world they live in is the product of a fantasies.

In the course of searching for Frida family members, conflicts start creating chaos within the family unit, and, gradually, everyone becomes suspect.

The cast is made up of brand newcomer Victoria White as Frida, Eduardo Santamarina (Lord of the Skies Queen of the South 2) as her father Abelardo and Ximena Herrera (Lord of the Skies, Secrets at the Hotel) as her mother Marcela.

The Search for Frida Plot Summary

The series revolves around the Pons family and how their lives suddenly changed when their daughter, Frida, mysteriously disappears on the night of her father’s birthday party. During the investigation lies, resentments, and secrets will come out, turning everyone into suspects and unmasking a family that is far from perfect.

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The Search for Frida Cast Telemundo



  • Ximena Martínez Acted As ==>> Ingrid Terán
  • Mikel Mateos Acted As ==>> Tomas Terán
  • Tamara Guzmán Acted As ==>> Rosita
  • Ivanna Castro Acted As ==>> Carolina Pons Bribiesca
  • Valery Sais Acted As ==>> Laura Pons Bribiesca
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Fabio Pedroza

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