The River Season 1 January 2020 Teasers on Mzansi Magic

The River 1 on Mzansi Magic Teasers – January 2020, Andile is all over the show after his heart is broken.

The River Wednesday 1 January 2020
(Episode 48)

Are wedding bells on the cards for Andile? Cobra and Percy burst into Goliath’s shack. Malefu receives a mysterious call.

The River Thursday 2 January 2020
(Episode 49)

Tumi is caught in Cobra’s web of lies. Faith becomes Lindiwe’s stooge. There is a new thief out to steal the diamond.

The River Friday 3 January 2020
(Episode 50)

Andile is still overwhelmed by his life taking a left turn. Tumi’s plan does not go as expected, and Cobra is under pressure to deliver.

The River Monday 6 January 2020
(Episode 51)

Lindiwe is determined to ensure that Faith and Andile’s wedding goes ahead. Three is company as Mbali and Lindiwe lust over Njabulo. Cobra might have sealed Dimpho’s fate.

The River Tuesday 7 January 2020
(Episode 52)

A deadly shooting leaves the Mokoena’s weeping. Lindiwe hangs her future on Andile marrying Faith, while Andile and Njabulo discover they have mutual admiration for each other.

The River Wednesday 8 January 2020
(Episode 53)

Dimpho breaks her first law in the presence of the police. Minister Sibiya amps up the heat for Lindiwe.

The River Thursday 9 January 2020
(Episode 54)

Detective Tshabalala interrogates Cobra about the illegal gun found on the scene. The screws tighten on Andile as Dikana’s uncles arrive for lobola negotiations.

The River Friday 10 January 2020
(Episode 55)

Njabulo reveals something shocking to Lindiwe’s family. Malefu suddenly has trouble remembering details of her life.

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The River Monday 13 January 2020
(Episode 56)

Malefu proves that she is not as well as she claimed. Andile’s backstabbing comes back to haunt him. Lindiwe is hot and bothered about Njabulo.

The River Tuesday 14 January 2020
(Episode 57)

Malefu’s condition worsens but Cobra downplays it, insisting this shouldn’t leave the walls of their house. Andile does something that will leave many people hurt and angry.

The River Wednesday 15 January 2020
(Episode 58)

Malefu breaks with her faith. Andile and Faith’s relationship is on the rocks.

The River Thursday 16 January 2020
(Episode 59)

Faith wants a private investigator to look into Andile. The Mokoena’s hit a new speed bump.

The River Friday 17 January 2020
(Episode 60)

Beauty has an unusual plan to heal Malefu. Lindiwe sends Zolani to find out what Andile is really up to.

The River Monday 20 January 2020
(Episode 61)

Minister Sibiya shuts down Khanyisa Diamonds. Malefu has some hurtful news for Tumi.

The River Tuesday 21 January 2020
(Episode 62)

Andile and Njabulo decide to do something together. Cobra and Tumi are beside themselves when Malefu disappears.

The River Wednesday 22 January 2020
(Episode 63)

Everyone wonders what is wrong with Andile, as he picks up the pieces of his broken heart. Tumi and Cobra race to save the person they love most.

The River Thursday 23 January 2020
(Episode 64)

Andile decides the fate of the wedding. Malefu is convinced her troubles are behind her. Cobra and Paulina reignite their passion.

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The River Friday 24 January 2020
(Episode 65)

The wedding of the year arrives but a terror swoops down on the Dlamini mansion.

The River Monday 27 January 2020
(Episode 66)

Mbali’s revelation divides the family. Lindani’s two lovers end up in the same room.

The River Tuesday 28 January 2020
(Episode 67)

Will Tumi finally make a move on Lindani? No one has the heart to tell Faith the truth about her man’s sexuality.

The River Wednesday 29 January 2020
(Episode 68)

Lindiwe receives mercy from an unlikely source. Tumi and Lindani are together but he has to deal with Khabonina.

The River Thursday 30 January 2020
(Episode 69)

Lindiwe turns to God as a last resort to save Andile. Khabzela puts doubts in Tumi’s mind about Lindani. Bad news from the hospital with regards to Andile.

The River Friday 31 January 2020
(Episode 70)

A grieving Lindiwe and Zweli must decide Andile’s fate while Tumi refuses to let her brother decide hers and Lindani’s.

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