The Queen February Teasers 2020 Mzansi Magic


The Queen February Teasers 2020 Mzansi Magic


The Queen Monday 3 February 2020
(Episode 136)

Sisiter Killer
Jerry’s barely holding it together after making a disturbing discovery about Amo. Sonnyboy throws a wrench in Goodness’ plans.

The Queen Tuesday 4 February 2020
(Episode 137)

Kicking Down The Doors
Goodness’ adoption is threatened by a surprising guest. Kagiso becomes Amo’s hero all over again.

The Queen Wednesday 5 February 2020
(Episode 138)

The Dark Knight of Tembisa
Cynthia has some potentially life altering news for Goodness. Amo and Kagiso struggle to suppress their animal magnetism for each other.

The Queen Thursday 6 February 2020
(Episode 139)

New Threats
The Khozas are faced with a major threat to their business. Tshepo’s past threatens to ruin his life with Goodness. Amo’s feelings for an old flame are rekindled.

The Queen Friday 7 February 2020
(Episode 140)

On Notice
Harriet decides to take on a massive criminal empire. Goodness takes things too far, trying to hold on to Tshepo. Shaqueesha faces the people she wronged.

The Queen Monday 10 February 2020
(Episode 141)

Love and War
Harriet’s plan to save Welma puts everyone in the line of fire. Sonnyboy tries to drive a wedge between Goodness and Tshepo. Kagiso finds himself endangering his relationship with Siyanda again.

The Queen Tuesday 11 February 2020
(Episode 142)

On The Run
Sonnyboy’s plans to take Tshepo back gain momentum. Harriet devises a plan to help Welma.

The Queen Wednesday 12 February 2020
(Episode 143)

Losing Tshepo
The Khozas lose their ace in the hole putting their plans at risk. Goodness seems to be fighting a losing battle against Sonnyboy and the courts.

The Queen Thursday 13 February 2020
(Episode 144)

What is Love Worth
The Khozas are forced to split up and look for Welma just as their new clients gather for the big meeting. Goodness goes for broke in her fight against Sonnyboy.

The Queen Friday 14 February 2020
(Episode 145)

Costly Losses
The Khoza family risks it all to save Welma. Goodness falls apart as Sonnyboy deals her a blow she can’t recover from.

The Queen Monday 17 February 2020
(Episode 146)

Nothing Stays The Same
Harriet comes up with a crafty way of getting a meeting with Pieter. Goodness gets some worrying news about Tshepo. There is trouble brewing between Kagiso and Siyanda.

The Queen Tuesday 18 February 2020
(Episode 147)

Sonnyboy Unmasked
Harriet finds out just how ruthless the Therons can be. Sonnyboy goes to great lengths to keep Goodness away from Tshepo.

The Queen Wednesday 19 February 2020
(Episode 148)

Prepare for War
A war could be on the cards for the Khozas underestimate their new enemy. Goodness continues to fight for Tshepo but he’s in more trouble than she realises.

The Queen Thursday 20 February 2020
(Episode 149)

Save the Pleasantries
Tshepo falls further under the control of his vindictive father. Harriet agrees to actions that could lead to all-out war with the Therons.

The Queen Friday 21 February 2020
(Episode 150)

What Have You Done?
Harriet feels Pieter’s sting as he hits back. Goodness and Sonnyboy face off with potentially deadly consequences

The Queen Monday 24 February 2020
(Episode 151)

More Than One Life
Brutus feels they should go after Pieter’s family to how him they mean business. Gracious is thrown when she finds out what her daughter has done.

The Queen Tuesday 25 February 2020
(Episode 152)

I Know What You Did Last The Queen Friday
Goodness’ secret catches up with her. Kagiso and Dingane go all out to save the Khoza empire but the Therons might just be smarter than them.

The Queen Wednesday 26 February 2020
(Episode 153)

No Coming Back
The Khoza house is divided as everyone scrambles to counter the Therons attacks. Goodness realises that her problems with Sonnyboy have only just begun.

The Queen Thursday 27 February 2020
(Episode 154)

A Step Too Far
Brutus makes a deadly mistake. Goodness and Gracious put their plan to dodge Vuyiswa into motion.

The Queen Friday 28 February 2020
(Episode 155)

This is War
All-out war breaks out between the Khozas and Therons. Goodness tries a radical solution to her problem.


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