The Power of Love Glow tv Full Story: Plot Summary And Casts

The Power of Love Glow tv is an Indian Hindi-language social drama television series that premiered July 20, 2022 on Glow TV and ended.  It was produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. It starred Pravisht Mishra, Anchal Sahu, and Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni. The series revolves around Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a young London-educated barrister, and his child bride, Bondita Das. Anirudh fights the oppressive and patriarchal society to educate.  Bondita to become a barrister. replacing Emporer Ashoka, which ended the day before.

The Power of Love Glow tv

The Power of Love Glow tv

The Power of Love Glow tv Full Story/Plot Summary

During the pre-independence era in rural Bengal, Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a 19-year-old barrister, returns from London to Tulsipur, a village where his family practices zamindari, to eliminate customs and societal beliefs which prevent the progress of women. He is set to marry his childhood sweetheart, Saudamini “Mini” Bhaumik. Meanwhile, Bondita Das is an eight-year-old Bengali Hindu girl, lives with her widowed mother Sumati, maternal uncle Sundaram, aunt Devoleena, and cousin Sampoorna. Sundaram and Devoleena decide to have Bondita marry an elderly man, while Sampoorna is set to marry Saurabh, Anirudh’s best friend, in order to get the money for Sampoorna’s dowries. On the day of wedding, Anirudh come across Bondita’s child marriage, with a groom around the age of her grandfather, and revolts against it. He even seeks help from the authorities to stop the unfair marriage, but faces resistance. However, the marriage never took place, as the elderly man suddenly dies midway through rituals. But the man’s relatives and other attendees consider the marriage to be properly completed and sets Bondita to become a part of Sati. Anirudh pledges to save Bondita to Sumati. When all his other attempts to do so are in vain, he marries her as a last resort, which saves her life. Confused himself, Anirudh brings Bondita to his home, where his family is shocked to find him married. Soon, Mini also learn about the marriage and eventually, plots to separate Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh’s father, Binoy, who wanted Anirudh to settle in London and practice profession there, supports Mini in her evil attempts, believing she can make his dream come true if Anirudh marries her. Anirudh sees Bondita as his responsibility rather than wife.

After initial confusion, Anirudh’s uncle, Binoy, accepts Bondita, to save their family reputations and starts to prepare her as Roy Chaudhurys’ daughter-in-law. Bondita’s first problem in her new in-laws’ home was due to her drenching bed at night, which was caused by traumatization after she saw her father die from snakebite before her eyes. With Anirudh’s help, Bondita overcomes this problem. She eventually impresses Binoy and he becomes fond of her.

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Eventually, Mini’s plans are exposed. She is expelled and Bondita is welcomed by Roy Choudharys’. With Anirudh’s help, Bondita starts to go to school as the first girl from Tulsipur. However, Mini kidnaps Bondita and locks her in a chemical factory. Saurabh saves Bondita, but dies himself while doing so. Mini is arrested along with Saurabh’s father, Premlal, who tries to kill Anirudh to avenge Saurabh’s death. Anirudh tells Bondita that he wants her to become a barrister. Binoy marries the widowed Sampoorna after being blackmailed by Sampoorna’s parents.

Shortly afterwards, Anirudh and Bondita nullify their marriage to support the 1929 Child Marriage Restraint Act. Bondita’s grandaunt, Kalindi Das aka Thaku Maa, enters and takes Bondita to Krishna Nagar, creating havoc in lives of Anirudh and Bondita. She plans Bondita’s marriage to Chandrachur Banerjee, but a disguised Anirudh rescues her. Bondita decides to become a barrister, and Anirudh sends her to London to fulfil her dream. Kalindi places Bondita’s cousin, Tupur in her place to marry, to save her name. Chandrachur is attracted to Bondita and thus unwillingly marries Tupur.

8 years later On The Power of Love Glow tv

Bondita is now grown up and returns to Tulsipur after becoming barrister. Much to her dismay, she learns about the factionalism between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar, as Kalindi and the Roy Choudhurys have now become sworn enemies. Anirudh refuses to see Bondita, as she is related to Krishna Nagar, but misses her. Bondita is told that after she left, when Kalindi had finally agreed to start a new friendly relation with Roy Choudhurys, Anirudh betrayed them by setting up a bomb behind gifts. Bondita refuses to believe it and goes to Tulsipur as Vaijayanti to find the truth. She is shocked to find a mentally disabled Binoy. Sampoorna reveals to her that Krishna Nagar gave them poisoned food and attacked them, which resulted in Binoy going mad. Bondita manages to eventually change Anirudh’s rude behavior. In a turn of events, she is exposed while saving Binoy. As Anirudh keeps quiet and doesn’t support her, she breaks all relations with him. Anirudh, who feels guilty, realises that he has fallen in love with Bondita and confesses his feelings to her. Bondita forgives him and they manage to convince their families to end their feud. Their marriage is fixed and they get married.

On the wedding night, Chandrachur decides to molest Bondita. Instead, he molests Bondita’s cousin, Tapur, when she tries to reveal his intentions. Anirudh catches him red-handed and accidentally pushes Chandrachur off a cliff in a twist of events. Anirudh accepts the crime to save Tapur’s dignity. Bondita fights for Anirudh’s case. After much investigation, she finds out the truth and encourages Tapur to testify in court but is humiliated by public prosecutor Subodh Chatterjee. Bondita later finds Tupur’s activities suspicious and finds that Chandrachur is still alive. She manages to tie him up and makes him confess to all his crimes, including that he was the one who hid bombs behind Anirudh’s gifts and poisoned their food. Bondita wins the case, proving Anirudh is innocent, and becomes an inspiration to all the women. Anirudh and Bondita finally consummate their marriage.

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In a turn of events, Bondita is dragged and thrown in the river by some villagers who support patriarchy and consider Bondita a danger to society. Anirudh manages to save Bondita, but he himself goes missing and presumed dead. Anirudh’s lookalike brother, Batuk returns. Bondita is revealed to be pregnant. Batuk disguises himself as Anirudh to snatch Bondita’s child and expel after her delivery. Trilochan, who is unaware of Batuk’s intentions, allows him as he doesn’t want Bondita’s health to deteriorate from shock.

Bondita becomes more suspicious of the fake Anirudh, while the real one is shown to be alive, but paralyzed and unable to remember his address.

6 months later On The Power of Love Glow tv

Bondita is in shock after realising that Anirudh is presumed to be dead by everyone. She is heartbroken learning, she is living with Batuk and believes that Anirudh is alive. Bondita gives birth to twins: A girl, Anuradha, and a boy, Bihaan. Meanwhile, Anirudh finally remembers his address and decides to return to Tulsipur. Batuk abducts the twins and decides to take them to Italy. Bondita is upset by her children’s disappearance and begs Batuk to return her children to her. However, Batuk reveals his intentions and tries to burn Bondita alive but Anirudh reaches there in the nick of time and saves her. She reveals everything that had happened in the past eight months when he was not with her. A furious Anirudh breaks the door and enters the house. After an emotional reunion with his family members, Anirudh slaps Batuk and expels him. Anirudh and Bondita take their twins in front of Durga’s idol and declare that their children will also overcome the evil practices of society and become barristers like them.


The Power of Love Cast Glow tv


  • Anchal Sahu as Barrister Bondita Das Roy Choudhary – Sumati and Arvind’s daughter; Sampoorna, Tupur and Tapur’s cousin; Anirudh’s wife; mother of twins
    • Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni as Child Bondita Das Roy Choudhary
  • Pravisht Mishra as
    • Barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary – Shubhra and Binoy’s eldest son; Somnath and Batuk’s brother; Shashwati’s half-brother; Bondita’s husband; father of twins
    • Advocate Batuk Roy Choudhary – Shubhra and Binoy’s youngest son; Anirudh and Somnath’s brother; Shashwati’s half-brother
      • Meet Rohra / Vaidik Poriya / Daksh Rana as Child Batuk Roy Choudhary


  • Rishi Khurana as Trilochan Roy Choudhary – Patriarch of Roy Choudhary family; Binoy’s brother; Anirudh, Somnath, Batuk and Shashwati’s uncle
  • Chandan K Anand as Binoy Roy Choudhary – Trilochan’s brother; Shubhra’s widower; Sampoorna’s husband; Anirudh, Somnath, Batuk and Shashwati’s father
  • Ansh Gupta as Dr. Somnath Roy Choudhary – Shubhra and Binoy’s second son; Anirudh and Batuk’s brother; Shashwati’s half-brother
    • Viraj Kapoor / Param Mehta as Teenage Somnath Roy Choudhary
  • Pranali Rathod as Saudamini “Mini” Bhaumik Greenwood – Shivanand’s daughter; Anirudh’s obsessive lover; John’s wife
  • Pallavi Mukherjee as Sampoorna Jadhav Roy Choudhary – Devoleena and Sundaram’s daughter; Bondita’s cousin; Saurabh’s widow; Binoy’s wife; Shashwati’s mother
  • Arina Dey as Sumati Jadhav Das – Sundaram’s sister; Arvind’s widow; Bondita’s mother
  • Jason Shah as Sir John Greenwood – Saudamini’s husband
  • Rohan Roy as Sundaram Jadhav – Sumati’s brother; Devoleena’s husband; Sampoorna’s father; Bondita’s uncle
  • Barsha Chatterjee as Devoleena Jadhav – Sundaram’s wife; Sampoornaa’s mother
  • Dev Aaditya as Saurabh Munshi – Biraj and Premlal’s son; Surmani’s adoptive son; Sampoorna’s late husband; Anirudh’s best friend (dead)
  • Sadiya Siddiqui as Kalindi “Thaku Maa” Das – Trilochan’s ex-fiancée; Arvind and Shaumik’s aunt; Bondita, Tupur and Tapur’s grandaunt
  • Bhavya Sachdeva as Chandrachur Banerjee – Bondita’s obsessive lover; Tupur’s husband; Anirudh’s rival
  • Diksha Tiwari as Tupur Das Banerjee – Rimjhim and Shaumik’s elder daughter; Tapur’s sister; Bondita’s cousin; Chandrachur’s wife
    • Geet Jain as Child Tupur Das Banerjee
  • Ketaki Kulkarni / Saumya Shetye as Tapur Das – Rimjhim and Shaumik’s younger daughter; Tupur’s sister; Bondita’s cousin
    • Nabiya Ansari as Child Tapur Das
  • Krisha Pandirkar as Shashwati Roy Choudhary – Sampoorna and Binoy’s daughter; Anirudh, Somnath and Batuk’s half-sister
  • Khushboo Kamal as Rimjhim Das – Shaumik’s wife; Tupur and Tapur’s mother; Bondita’s aunt (dead)
  • Luv K Kwatra as Shaumik Das – Arvind’s brother; Rimjhim’s husband; Tupur and Tapur’s father; Bondita’s uncle (dead)
  • Aashish Kaul as Shivanand Bhaumik – Basuri’s son; Binoy’s friend; Saudamini’s father
  • Akshita Arora as Basuri Devi Bhaumik – Shivanand’s mother; Saudamini’s grandmother
  • Premchand Singh as Premlal Munshi – Surmani and Biraj’s husband; Saurabh’s father
  • Madhushee Sharma as Surmani Munshi – Premlal’s first wife; Saurabh’s adoptive mother
  • Hetal Yadav as Biraj Munshi – Premal’s second wife; Saurabh’s mother
  • Adish Vaidya as Brijwasi Babu – A fraud who pretends to be a huge devotee of Lord Krishna
  • Kundan Kumar as Bihari – Househelp at Roy Choudhary household
  • Naman Arora as Praveen – Chandrachur’s friend
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Rasiya Bai – Dancer at a brothel
  • Alka Kaushal as Tara Bai – Brothel owner
  • Ram Awana as Muchadd Babu – The man who sells Bondita to Tara Bai
  • Prakriti Nautiyal as Ramaiya – Suraiya’s twin-sister; dancer at brothel
  • Pragya Nautiyal as Suraiya – Ramaiya’s twin-sister; dancer at brothel
  • Pooja Sharma as Deepa Roy Choudhary
  • Disha Tewani as Shubhra Roy Choudhary – Binoy’s first wife; Anirudh, Somnath and Batuk’s mother (dead)
  • Chahat Tewani as Fake Shubhra Roy Choudhry – An orphan; Premlal’s aide; Shubhra’s imposter
  • Rachana Mistry as Manorama – A revolutionary; Anirudh’s fake wife
  • Kalyani Jha as Bihari’s wife; Househelp at Roy Choudhary’s house
  • Simmi Ghoshal as Laboni – Chandrachur’s cousin
  • Chetan Pandit as Public Prosecutor Subodh Chatterjee
  • Sejal Banodha as Mallika – Batuk’s girlfriend
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