The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021 Starlife

The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021
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The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021: Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber about her plan to separate Abeer and Meher. When Kuber comes to know about Abeer’s ill health, he purposely sends him on a business deal. After informing Meher, Abeer leaves the house. Meanwhile, Abeer’s aunt performs a puja at the temple.

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The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021

The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021

Starlife The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 11

Meher discovers a ‘Thank You card on her desk at work. Nisar listens to Satish complaining about his talents to Meher. Meher learns the fact that Rati left the note on her desk. She discovers that Rati has love towards Nisar. Satish informs Meher about the possibility of giving Abeer’s show slot to new artist.

Episode 12

Abeer helps Satish realize that his new singer is a copycat. He offers Nisar an opportunity to sing. Satish is amazed by Nisar. Nisar acknowledges Aarti for her praise. Abeer informs Meher that the aid he provided assisted Nisar to repay her favor.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 13

Abeer recounts his story to his audience. He relates his story of how Kuber Malhotra, his father was present when he been with Meher who was the top college student and how he ridiculed Abeer before Meher. Abeer remembers the time he drunk Meher to drink at a party in college.

Episode 14

Meher is the one who enters the recording studio to prevent Abeer to keep their secrets. Abeer continues to share his story. Without a choice, Meher watches the show. Devaki stops Tunnu from watching the show of Abeer.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 15

Abeer is in a panic because it’s the morning, and Meher is in his room at the hostel. Meher awakes at 4 am and shocked be inside Abeer and Nisar’s bedroom. The principal locates Meher in the hostel for boys. Meher does not reveal Abeer prior to the VC. Sasha questions Abeer whether he feels for Meher.

Episode 16

Abeer arrives at Meher’s house drunk and starts a fight. Kuber is critical of Abeer and his television show. Meher, Tarun and their mother take care of Abeer when he is unable to sleep. Later, Abeer forgets that he is at Meher’s place!

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 17

Meher’s bua Devki is furious to find Abeer in their home. She questions Meher about his past. Meher’s coworkers congratulate Nisar on the debut of his show. Abeer’s mother is with Meher and Abeer in their offices. Abeer warns Meher not to impress his mother.

Episode 18

The mother of Abeer, Madhavi, shares her sadness with Meher. Meher feels a deep connection with Abeer. Madhvi calls Suman and expresses concern regarding Meher as well as Abeer. Nisar has a launch of his music. Abeer sketches out a plan against Meher.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 19

Abeer asks Meher to a darts game. Meher is willing to accept it. In the meantime, Nisar learns from Rati about the rumours regarding Meher along with Abeer. He tells Abeer who is not interested. Then, Abeer defeats Meher in the game and takes the opportunity to dance with her to celebrate.

Episode 20

Abeer discovers his name is ink on Meher. Nisar attempts to get Abeer to realize what he did. Meher is unable to stop herself from thinking about her past relationship. Rati informs Meher the story of Nisar and Abeer having a fight. Madhavi asks Abeer looking at the marks on his face. She also requests him to be respectful of Meher.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 21

Satish is a staff member who asks about the incident that took place between Nisar Abeer and Nisar Abeer. They lie to the employees of their firm. Abeer does not miss a chance to make fun of Meher. He warns her to ensure that she is willing to attend a party with him. Meher is slapped by Abeer in a rage. anger. Nisar confronts Abeer for causing annoyance to Meher.

Episode 22

Madhavi is given the dress Abeer gave to Meher. Meher decides to reveal to all about the secret prior to what Abeer decides to. Satish arrives at Meher together with her wife, and invites Meher to join the couple for dinner. Meher realizes that Satish is taking her to an event Abeer would like to bring her to.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 23

Meher is expected to accompany Abeer on the day of the event. Abeer invites her to stand to the stage and give him the award for music. Afterward, he sings an impromptu song. An angry Meher quits the gathering. Then, Abeer saves her when she falls in the pool.

Episode 24

Meher is unable to cooperate with Satish. Abeer is forced to take Meher to his vehicle, to deliver her to her at her home. Suman contacts Madhavi to inquire about Meher. Meher leaves the car but forgets the car keys. Abeer and Meher are locked in an ATM. Abeer panics.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 25

Meher laughs at Abeer when she sees him in fear. Abeer and Meher are able to get to get out of the ATM. They sleep under the shade of a tree. Devki inquires about Meher about her photo from the night with Abeer . Kuber critiques Abeer. Meher talks to Devki as well as Suman that they should stay with Abeer prior to marriage.

Episode 26

Meher is blaming Abeer for the article in the newspaper about them. Meher is open about her relationship with Abeer to her colleagues. Abeer is angry with a couple of employees who gossip about Abeer and Meher. Nisar critiques Abeer for his behavior toward Meher. Meher’s father has a visit from Kuber.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 27

Kuber requests his guard to take Shyam Meher’s father from the home. Abeer and Nisar are not present to the meeting. Meher informs the group that she will not be quitting her job! Abeer and Meher hurry into the station after discovering the situation with Kuber Shyam and Kuber. Shyam.

Episode 28

Devki protects her sister Shyam and Abeer and Meher are engaged in an argument to defend their families. Rati praises Nisar’s music. Shyam ridicules Devki for saying that he is the ‘rich. Abeer says to journalists the media that Meher is his ex-wife.

Friday 10 December 2021

Episode 29

Meher is watching Abeer speak to media concerning his relationship to Meher. Kuber is critical of Meher as well as her entire family. Meher demands Rati not to discuss her personal issues. Rati is offered lunch by Nisar. Abeer is a prankster on Meher. Then, he saves Meher from a group of goons.

Episode 30

Kuber is furious when he hears Shyam criticize him in front of reporters, while Abeer takes on the goons over the incident with Meher. Kuber decides to impart a lesson to Shyam. Abeer as well as Meher flee in an automobile. Meher talks about her experiences with Abeer

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 31

Meher is annoyed by Suman talking to Abeer. Shyam has an innovative idea to fight Kuber. The criminal, Abeer is involved in a dispute with and then returns with his MLA brother meet him at the office. They start a fight at the office, and then break Nisar’s guitar.

Episode 32

Abeer decides to stay underground for a couple of days. Devki is laughing while watching the video of Shyam. Kuber isn’t willing to assist Abeer when Nisar asks him for assistance. Abeer decides to change his decision and decides to stay at Meher’s. Suman gets Kuber’s call to Abeer.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 33

Kuber informs Madhavi that Abeer is staying with Meher at her house. Abeer attempts to upset Meher. Rati attempts to soothe Nisar. Abeer talks to Madhavi about why he changed his mind after she confronts him on his skepticism. Pinky Thakur comes to Kuber and threatens him with a slap.

Episode 34

Devki gets angry when she discovers Abeer in their home. Suman asks Devki to allow Abeer remain. Meher, Suman, Devki and Tunnu suspect that a thief has entered the home however they find Abeer smoking at the end of the tunnel!

Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 35

Meher is forced to stay at home as a result of Abeer. Kuber refuses to seek police’s help. Suman’s friend visits her and she is delighted to see Abeer. Meher is unsure about Abeer when he performs for her neighbors. Then, Meher and Abeer get involved in a heated argument, focusing at each other’s shortcomings.

Episode 36

Suman is consoled by Abeer after seeing him agitated. Abeer remembers his experiences with Meher when he attempts to master cooking with ‘dal makhani’. Mrs Sahani suggests putting Nisar’s show into Abeer’s slot. But, Nisar suggests to record the show in Meher’s home. Meher fights with Suman.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 37

Meher is annoyed when Suman gets on the side of Abeer. Rati is trying to boost Nisar’s confidence. Pinky Thakur insists in extorting cash from Kuber but he is reluctant to let Abeer go. He decides to pursue Meher. Abeer helps to save Meher From Piny Thakur’s gang. Meher fights with Abeer. Nisar sings a tune for Rati.

Episode 38

Madhavi and Suman are having a discussion about Abeer as well as Meher. Abeer plays an prank on Meher to get her attention. He is furious over Meher because she refuses to help when she cut her foot. Kuber provides Shyam an amount of money and requests him to kick Abeer away from Meher’s place. Meher plays an prank on Abeer.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 39

Satish says to Nisar to contact Meher whether she would like to tape Abeer’s performance at her house. Shyam goes to Suman and asks her for her bracelets. Pinky Thakur’s assistant learns the address of Meher. Abeer is inquiring Nisar to deliver Meher back home with safety. Nisar attempts to convince Meher to return her to her home.

Episode 40

Meher is furious after Abeer takes over her bedroom with his baggage. Devki accuses Meher for the mess at their home. Abeer shoots his show in Meher’s home. He reminisces about the time he spent with Meher. Meher interrupts Abeer when she spots him reading his diary on the show , and she ignites the diary.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Episode 41

Meher interrupts the shooting and requests everyone to go home. Meher confronts Abeer for divulging her personal information to the world. Satish is concerned about the episode of Abeer. Lovelyn is willing to assist Nisar in completing the episode of Abeer. Rati is able to get rid of Lovelyn. Devki informs Meher the extent to which she loves and cares for her.

Episode 42

Pinki Thakur along with his gang get into Meher’s world. They inform their friends of his plans to take on Abeer along with Meher. Meher is terrified to be able to see Pinki Thakur’s goons and hides inside her home. Pinki Thakur’s goons hunt for Meher inside her home. Meher tells Suman that she is a target of goons.

Friday 17 December 2021

Episode 43

Pinki Thakur is threatening to shoot Suman. Meher says to Pinki she is Abeer is her co-worker. Pinki and her associates kidnap Meher. Devki is slapped by Abeer and accuses him of Meher’s situation. Abeer promises Suman of returning Meher back.

Episode 44

Pinki Thakur’s accomplice is a victim of Abeer. Suman is able to stop Devki from contacting the police about Meher’s disappearance. Pinki Thakur’s wife is slapped by her brother for molestation of Meher and demands that he apologize to Abeer. Meher returns to her home with Nisar.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Episode 45

Suman is inquiring Abeer to stay with them until he is able to recover. She informs Madhavi that she will bring Abeer back when he has recovered. Tunnu is thrilled as Abeer is willing to pay. Nisar fights with Kenny over a remark made by Rati. Then, Satish confronts Nisar for engaging in a fight with Kenny.

Episode 46

Tunnu and Tillu have won some money through betting. Meher questions Rati about Nisar’s dispute with Kenny. Tillu requests Tunnu to take some cash. Shyam is planning to lay responsibility on Abeer for Tunnu’s gambling habits. Suman discovers shopping bags hidden inside the locker of Tunnu. Abeer announces that the he donated Rs 20,000 to Tunnu.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Episode 47

Tunnu is concerned, as he has lost the entire amount. Shyam discusses his plan with Tillu to take over Meher’s house. Madhavi meets Suman. Shyam talks to Kuber about his plans to segregate Meher as well as Abeer. Tillu requests Tunnu to obtain Meher’s name on the blank piece of paper.

Episode 48

Devki has a question for Suman about seeing Madhavi at home. Madhavi as well as Suman are thrilled to be able to see Abeer as well as Meher together. Tunnu cannot get Meher’s signature. Abeer and Meher discover that Suman had sent them apology cards! Abeer and Shyam have a disagreement. Tillu is asked by Tunnu to clarify the signings.

Monday 20 December 2021

Episode 49

A jagrata in Meher’s place starts. Meher prevents Shyam from shaming Suman. Abeer also does the same. Shyam incorporates broken glass fragments in the dal that is cooked by Devki and then sends Abeer away from the home. Meher cut her foot.

Episode 50

Abeer and Madhavi scuffle with Devki and Madhavi, spotting the broken glass fragment inside the dal. Suman is unconscious after Madhavi brings Abeer to her home. Shyam is annoyed by the bond of Meher with Abeer’s parents. Madhavi later apologizes to Suman. Meher insists Suman to join the jagrata.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Episode 51

Madhavi and Devki apologize to one another. Tunnu gets Meher’s signature in the stamped papers. Tillu transfers the papers for transfer of property to the buyer, and then receives the sum of the sum of Rs 60 lakhs. Tunnu gets a cut of the cash after playing. Tillu informs Shyam she believes that Tunnu has fled.

Episode 52

Abeer contacts Tunnu’s friend to inquire about Tunnu’s friend. Tillu says to Abeer the truth that Tunnu has lost all of his money on gambling. Abeer is able to find Tunnu in the vicinity of railway tracks. Tunnu says to Abeer that he’s placed their home on mortgage! Abeer isn’t able to inform Meher about the deeds of Tunnu. Meher is tied to a rakhi Tunnu.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Episode 53

In a state of regret, Tunnu tells Suman about his error. Abeer is listening in on their conversation and assures Suman that she will handle the situation, but she doesn’t want his advice. Abeer arranges for Rs 60 lakhs to Suman and retrieves the papers for property transfer to protect the house.

Episode 54

Suman is pleased to have the papers for his property. Tunnu acknowledges Abeer for his assistance. Abeer offers to invite Rati to the celebration. Nisar informs Rati she must attend to Abeer will manage his shows once he returns. Kuber discovers the news that Abeer has sold shares of his business. Abeer, Meher, Tunnu, Nisar and Rati dance at the celebration.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Episode 55

Kuber is furious with Shyam for not following through with his plan. Abeer engages in an disagreement with Meher and informs her that his house is empty. Kuber phone calls Meher late at night and requests her to meet Kuber at his house. Devki takes Meher to Kuber’s residence. Kuber critiques Meher and demands an amount of Rs 60 lakhs.

Episode 56

Meher and Devki discover details regarding Tunnu through Kuber. Meher is injured and is transported to a medical facility by Devki as well as Abeer’s Aunt. Abeer’s aunt phone Meher and informs him of Meher’s accident.

Friday 24 December 2021

Episode 57

Devki hits Tunnu for his error. Tunnu pleads for forgiveness. Devki prohibits Abeer from meeting Meher. Suman is slapped Abeer for not telling the truth about the cash. Suman prays for Meher’s health. While, Nisar comforts Abeer.

Episode 58

Abeer is a scolding of Kuber. Tunnu asks Suman for forgiveness. Abeer’s aunt reassures Kuber to be calm and calm regarding the incident. In the meantime, Abeer pleads with Devki to let him meet Meher. Abeer experiences a flashback to his relationship with Meher.

Saturday 25 December 2021

Episode 59

Abeer remembers the time that he shared with Meher. Meher’s condition worsens. Abeer is terrified about losing Meher. In the meantime, Kuber along with Abeer’s Aunt have been elated with Meher’s state. Kuber remembers a few events that happened in the past.

Episode 60

The aunt of Abeer’s informs Kuber about the benefits that marrying an girl who comes from an impoverished family. Then, she fires their maid for slandering her. Meher and Abeer show their love for one another. Madhavi and Abeer are delighted to welcome Suman and Devki Abeer’s aunt is stunned to be able to see Devki. She remembers the car crash.

Sunday 26 December 2021

Episode 61

Aunt Abeer learns of Suman’s divorce of her spouse. She accepts the proposal to marry. She divulges Kuber Kuber her plan to humiliate Meher’s family. Suman and Devki have financial difficulties to meet the list of engagements.

Episode 62

Abeer’s aunt is rude to Suman. Abeer and Meher get engaged. Meher is worried when she notices Suman angry. Suman displays Abeer’s aunt’s second listing to Devki. Devki decides to inform Meher about it. Suman is able to stop her.
Monday 27 December 2021

Episode 63

Meher informs Abeer about the demands of his family and the fact that their family can’t afford to pay for the demands. In the meantime, Abeer’s aunt promises Kuber that she will not interfere with the wedding. Madhavi is stunned when Abeer discusses postponing the wedding. Sasha informs Meher about the accident that Abeer was involved in.

Episode 64

Meher, her family , and Madhavi are reunited with Abeer after learning of the accident. But, Abeer surprises them with his proposal to marry Meher in an ancient temple. Meher and Abeer will be married. Kuber is furious having Abeer dressed in wedding attire. Abeer attempts to persuade his aunt to accept.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Episode 65

Abeer apologizes for his mother. His aunt requests Kuber to greet Meher. Later, she gives an ornament to Meher. She informs Kuber about her plans of breaking up Abeer and Meher’s love affair. The aunt of Abeer destroys the wedding gifts she gave her for the wedding.

Episode 66

Abeer’s aunt is said to be caring for Meher. She observes Abeer’s conversation with Meher. Then Madhavi informs Abeer’s aunt Meher has taken good care of her. Abeer informs the aunt Meher will carry on her work. Abeer’s aunt hands over the keys to her house to Meher. Meher is determined to ruin Meher’s life.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 67

Meher apologizes for her apology to the aunt of Abeer. Abeer’s aunt requests her to keep away from Abeer until they perform the puja. Meher informs Abeer about this and demands that he stop their honeymoon. Nisar is determined to help Abeer to realize what he did. Abeer apologizes to Meher.

Episode 68

Abeer’s aunt spots him in Meher’s bedroom. Meher accepts to stay in the room of Abeer’s aunt over the course of seven consecutive days. Meher is the one who sweeps the glass broke by her aunt. The aunt of Abeer keeps an item of glass, and then rebukes Meher after Abeer is able to cut the soles of his feet. Meher engages in a video conversation with Abeer.

Thursday 30 December 2021

Episode 69

Abeer’s aunt informs Kuber about her plans to split Abeer as well as Meher. When Kuber discovers Abeer’s illness He tries to convince him a contract. After notifying Meher, Abeer leaves the home. In the meantime, Abeer’s aunt is performing an oath at the temple.

Episode 70

Abeer’s aunt found him with his pen inside the temple. Abeer and Meher have a few intimate moments with each other. Kuber Reprimands Abeer for not doing his job. Aunt Abeer tells Kuber about her plan to making use of Nisar to create a separation between Abeer as well as Meher. Kuber removes Nisar from his position. Nisar refuses to assist Kuber.

Friday 31 December 2021

Episode 71

Abeer’s aunt advises Kuber to make use of Nisar in the process of separating Meher from Abeer. Kuber demands Nisar to accept a resignation in accordance with his plan to split Meher from Abeer. Meher is trying to be a calming influence for Abeer. Kuber says to Nisar to break up Abeer and Meher so that he can remain in his position.

Episode 72

Meher is shocked to see Suman and Devaki apologize to the aunt of Abeer. Meher expresses her displeasure to Abeer and apologizes to her. Suman as well as Devaki are delighted to meet Abeer. Meher decides to donate the money she has saved to Suman for the purpose of paying the installments of her loan for education.

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