The Inseparables Wednesday update 8th January 2020

The Inseparables 8 January 2020: EPISODE BEGINS swamini telling inder dat she will make sure dat virat gets punished for what he did.

jeevika coming down da stairs tells dat virat is innocent nd he did not kill karan. after a few questions she reveals dat she killed karan.

SCENE SHIFT (OUTSIDE KARAN’S HOME) viren nd maanvi are sitting in the car nd viewing the video on the camera. viren is shocked and fumes and closes the videocam. he then blames himself for not being a good husband as he was not able to understand how much jeevika was going through all these days.

SCENE SHIFT (VADHERA MANSION) sb, chachu, chachi, vanshika, dadaji nd jeevika r standing. Everyone knows dat jeevika is da culprit. dadaji asking jeevika dat how can she do dis (jis ki ghar mein oonchi awaaz tak nae nikalti us mein goli chalane ki himat kahan say aagayi??). jeevika tells dat she was quiet because of virat but now she cant let virat suffer for her sin. sb asks whether jeevika is trying to save someone else like virat is trying to save her (she points out maanvi) nd jeevika tells dat maanvi too is innocent nd she is da real culprit. everyone asks why jeevika did this nd jeevika is all quiet. just den viren and maanvi enter and viren says dat he will tell da reason. he places da videocam on da table nd goes near jeevika nd is about to tell the reason when jeevika holds his hand tightly and shakes her head dat viren should not tell the truth (she know dat nobody will be able to hear the truth nd everyone will be shattered). viren said she did dis to save the respect of her family. dadji nd sb asks for da main reason nd jeevika again tightens her grip on viren’s hand nd viren says dat dey will not be able to hear the truth nd takes jeevika with him to their room. as dey were leaving sawmini was yelling behind something (i cant remember what … some bakwass 😛 lol) everyone leaves except dadaji nd inder and suddenly inder sees da camera on the table nd he nd dadji see da video nd get to know da truth.

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SCENE SHIFT (VIRIKA’S ROOM) viren was sitting on the sofa and jeevika on the floor holding viren’s leg with her head on viren’s knee and viren’s hand was on her head. jeevika was crying really hard and viren realizes and holds and hugs her and tells her that she has gained more respect in his eyes today and assures her dat he will not let anything happen to her. viren was also crying (awww hate to see him cry )

SCENE SHIFT (MORNING IN VIREN’S OFFICE) viren and inder were viewing the video nd just den inder says dat by this video it will be proved dat virat is innocent and jeevika killed karan. Just den viren realizes the bitter truth nd gets tensed and almost have tears in his eyes

SCENE SHIFT (VADHERA MANSION) jeevika standing in mandir nd viren and inder enter da house nd dadji asks viren about what happened and viren is all quiet and looks at jeevika who is crying and they share an eyelock. he tells dadaji dat he is tired nd dadaji tells him and inder to come to the study room after some time. Inder and dadji go. viren again looks at jeevika who is still crying and day again share a painful eyelock. jeevika looks down and viren leaves.

SCENE SHIFT (VIRIKA’S ROOM) viren is standing leaning against da wall. He is upset. Jeevika enters da room and tries to control her tears and asks viren to fresh up while she sets up dinner. viren replies with a hmmm. jeevika tells viren dat she has made his favourite dishes today so come fast. Viran again replies with a hmmm. Den jeevika starts crying not able to control anymore and tells viren dat today she wants to feed da food to viren herself as she might not get a chance in future. viren’s back was facing jeevika. After listening dis he is all shattered and feared and turns around to face jeevika. he asks her dat what did she just say nd tells her not to say or even think like dat in future. Den jeevika says dat anything can happen in future and just wanted to tell dat no matter where dey are or how far destiny takes dem from eachother, she will always remain in his heart and there love will always be there which would not let them separate. Jeevika is crying badly. Den viren tells her dat even destiny cannot bring them apart and assures her dat he will keep his promise and not let anything happen to her love (jeevika). Viren then engulfs Jeevika in a really tight hug.

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Beeji getting shocked when Jeevika tells her that she killed Karan and now Virat. Dadaji thinks about Karan’s misbehavior with jeevika and Manvi.Viren stops Inder when he tries to tell Karan’s reality to Swamini. They discuss that video clip can save Virat but Jeevika will land up in the jail.Virat feels bad when Manvi reveals him that Jeevika told the truth to everyone. Virat request Jeevika to not to tell anything to the court but Jeevika refuses.Manvi tells Viren to find a way to save both Jeevika and Virat. Vanshika pleads Viren to save Virat which makes Jeevika and Manvi to cry.

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