The Inseparables Update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife

The Inseparables Update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife


The Inseparables Update Wednesday 13th November 2019 Starlife

Viren asking Jeevika how can she talk to abort their baby. Jeevika tells Viren that she is the only one who can become bone marrow donor for her.Viren is shocked to hear Jeevika. He tells her that no mother can think to abort their baby. Jeevika tells Viren that Manvi is also her child. But Viren refuses and leaves Jeevika alone.
Viren recalls all happy moments of Manvi and him. Manvi tells Viren that she is upset because Jeevika is not taking care of her and baby. But Jeevika is very possessive for her. Manvi further tells Viren that Jeevika cannot see her (Manvi) in a problem.
Manvi tells Viren that there are a few days left in her life. So he will have to take care of Jeevika after her death.
Viren breaks down to hear Manvi’s words and tells Manvi that no one fill her place in Jeevika’s life. Keep reading update on Zee biggest Fan. Viren consoles Manvi that they will soon find a bone marrow donor for her.
Swamini bua stops Jeevika to eat papaya because it is harmful during pregnancy. Viren avoids Jeevika but Jeevika tells Viren that they will have to take a decision fast because Manvi’s breath can stop any time. Viren refuses to accept Jeevika’s words and he went to the temple.

In Hrishikesh, Badi Beeji, Beeji and everyone else are missing Manvi. They decide to call her. Manvi answers and everyone is glad to hear her voice and inquire if she is taking care of her health or not. Manvi asks them not to worry as she is totally fine and perfect! Just then she starts coughing and breathing stiffness. The entire family gets worried and begin asking zillion questions. Manvi later responds that she is okay and it’s not that big a deal! They ask her to just take care of herself. After hanging up, the elders decide to fast for a whole without eating/
drinking anything in order to keep Manvi healthy.
Back in Vadhera Mansion, Viren goes searching for Manvi. He sees a video made by Manvi for her Jeevika Di. He begins watching all their lovely moments spent together; he witnesses the care and affection of both sisters towards each other, how they are just attached from the soul. How Jeevika treats Manvi like her own daughter. Viren is touched and teary-eyed. He feel guilty for not having understood Jeevika’s plight.
He goes back to his room and waits for Jeevika. Viren then tells Jeevika I’m Sorry Jeevika looks on at him with sad eyes, he gets hold of her hands and says he is sorry for not understanding her that such decisions are made from the heart not practically. And he now understands that their baby will come in their life again, but they can never another Manvi (something like that) Jeevika says that the situation they are facing today is probably the hardest one any parents have ever faced. And she prays to God that no parents should ever have to reach such a situation of either do or die. Both break down crying.
Jeevika finally concludes that she will HAVE to abort her child in order to save Manvi. Because there is no other option left. Just then we see Manvi standing outside their door having overheard the conversation. She barges in shouting no! Viren and Jeevika stand up instantly. Episode ends on Manvi’s teary face.

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