The Inseparables update Monday 13 January 2020: Swamini went to her room and cries to Remembers Karan, All of them Enjoying on the ,,viren Looking sad to see that SB feel upset

Virat says that we should tries to comeout her from the Trauma

Virat and Viren goes to SB’s Room and tries to cansole her…SB crying to remember Karan

Viren ask her to take some food But SB refuses it..Viren replies that if you does not taking food then they will also dont take it…SB agrees and Viren feed her bite of food and hugs her

Virat and Manvi on her room and virat remember and share his Movement which was he did in the Jail

Virat says that he was remembers Manvi and all each and Everytime when he was in the Jail..He cant forget all the Memories….manvi crying and hugs her..

Inder chachu and Kadambari sharing their cute movement in the kitchen

Dadaji comes to SB room and also tries to cansole her..SB replies that she want to take some time to Passes in her Life

Jevika feeling guilty about SB and tells Viren that may be she was the reason of Karan’s Murder if she does not did it but may be she was want to do it and realty is that she was shooted him if she missed her target..Viren hugs Jevika and tries to comfort Her.

Viren advices jevika to don’t says to SB about Karan’s reality may be she cant handle it after knew the whole truth of Karan.

VirMan room..Virat is getting ready and Maanvi tells him about her dream which she had in the early morning . that Virat was in his jail dress, standing in que for food and breaking stones,., Virat visualizes it and tells Maanvi to not make such fun.. Maanvi asks if Virat baby is scared .. Virat takes Maanvi in his arms and tells no he is not and is happy to be back with her..Maanvi shares how frightened she was after the dream..and asks him never to leave her .. Virat assures her that he would never leave her and these are just dreams and not to worry and he shares with Maanvi that he is worried for SB and he wants to bring happiness in her life…Maanvi leans on his shoulder

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@Hrishikesh- daboo is in the market, he notices a beautiful girl and is lost in her, “tumhe maine jo dekha (from Main hoon na ..) is played in the background.. a fruit slips from her hands, daboo helps her and is lost in her. her brother with some goons arrive and holds his collar and asks if he is the guy who is planning to elope with his sister.. dabboo defends himself but the guy doesn’t believe nor the girl speaks up

@Vadhera house lunch time, . dadaji asks for Viren, Viren comes with SB, everyone are happy.. they start having lunch.. SB remembers Karan’s and walks away saying she cannot take all this…Jeevika stops her and says if Maanvi and herself are the reason for her despair..Maanvi also comes near bua…Jeevika says they would like to go to Hrishikesh for few days but they can’t see her despair…Maanvi says they can endure anything but not bua’s tears and asks her to punish them whichever way she wants to .. Bua tells them that when they are not guilty in the eyes of law how can they be guilty for her…

@ Hrishikesh- daboo is beaten ruthlessly by the girl’s bhai and his goons..and they take him in their jeep..Hrishikesh house…beeji is lost in some thoughts, phone is ringing, Madan chachu just walks in and asks beeji why did’nt she take the call..beeji comes out of her trance .. Madan chachu assures her that Virat and Jeevika are fine.. V-mom calls beeji and apologizes on SB’s behalf..beeji tells her not to worry and she understands SB;s words and she was not wrong when she said those words and asks her how SB is ?? V-mom says she is still not fine .. beeji tells her to take care of SB.. V-mom says that beeji did not even ask about Jeevika and Maanvi and says that they both are fine and the atmosphere in the house is much better .. beeji says she need not worry about her girls when Vanshika is there as their mom… they end the call…

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beeji shares with Madan that like SB even she lost her son and blamed the girls back then and SB would need some time.. Pink chachi is worried for daboo as he is not reached over his phone..

@Vadhera study, DDji tells Viren and IC that he talked to justice choudhary and Jaiswal is going to be imprisoned next week,,and he praises them for winning the case..and tells them to be ever alert..
Jeeivka gets tea for the three of them.. DDji says that he is proud of Jeevika..first for saving Maanvi and then savingVirat by speaking the truth. Jeevika says Virat is valiant among them as he went to sacrifice his life for her..Dadaji asks where is the sher (tiger) Jeevika says that he is in his room and since the time he is back . he is just confined to his room .. Viren says that they would do something for him and also for badi maa who is still in shock after one month of Karan’s death…all of them are thinking how to cheer up Virat and SB

@Hrishikesh, pinky chachi is worried for daboo.,..beeji consoles her. madan chachu says he will go and search for him.. Daboo’s hands and feet are tied up in a room and he screams and yells for help,,

@VirMan room, Virat is pacing his room annoyed, Viren asks why is he confined to his room..Virat tells it’s nothing..Viren talks about how the court proceedings and jail might have effected Virat, he changes the topic and says if he had composed any songs for the music album. Virat says how can he compose music in such a mood.. right then Jeevika and Maanvi also walk in ..

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Maanvi says how can virat’s mood be changed to musical mood.. may be a short vacation where he can get a new inspiration ..Viren agrees to it..Viren asks Virat where he wants to go ?? Virat denies saying that he doesn’t want to go anywhere.. Jeevika says that a change of place will change his mood as well..Maanvi says only then he will be able tocompose music for his album.. all three almost jump at Virat and request and plead him.. he agrees saying that the 3 experts (Viren, Jeevika and Maanvi) have convinced him so he has to go on a vacation Maanvi squels in happiness and clings on his side while viren is on the other side.

Maanvi calls V-mom who is passing by the door..Maanvi tells V-mom that Virat agreed to do his music album..V-mom is very happy and blesses all of them to be happy for ever and reminds them of SB’s birthday, which is the next day.. all are pleasantly surprised..Maanvi is excited and says that they have to do something memorable.. Virat says no party sharty .. all are shocked..Viren is thoughtful


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