The Inseparables Update Thursday 5 December 2019 Starlife

The Inseparables Update Thursday 5 December 2019 Starlife

Episode begins with Manvi tasting the kheer that she had prepared. She feels disgusted at the taste and begins to cry. She cries asking why everyone ate the kheer and praised it while it wasn’t even tasty or nice. Vandhika consoles her and Swamini Bua too adds in that they know she didn’t know how to prepare kheer and she need not be sad at all. Dadani continues that all of them could taste the love that she added to kheer while making it; and that was enough. Kaddu Chachi adds that Jeevika too had forgotten to add the kheer and poor Viren gulped down everything. Whereas prince Virat was instead forcing Manvi to have it. Manvi gives Virat an angry look and Virat claims “kare koi, bill bhare koi”

After dinner, Swamini is looking at some old things when Dadaji sees her. He inquires what’s going on and a teary eyes Swamini says that she is putting away all the memories that she has saved. She is apparently holding a wedding attire. Dadaji takes it from her and asks her to move on from that phase since she has come a long way and needs to look at her future. Dadaji then asks someone to take the box to the storeroom and never take it out.

Back in Hrishikesh, Madan and Beeji are worried as to how they pay the debts at the bank since they spent every penny they had in their daughters’ wedding. Madan suggest they sell their dukaan (shop) but Beeji refuses since it’s their only source of earning. Dabbu overhears them.

The ladies of the Vadhera house visit the temple and Vanshika introduces their Choti Bahu to the priest, she asks him to bless her and give lots of prashad. Jeevika and Manvi recieve one each but Manvi asks the pandit not to be kanjoos and give more. (Love Manvi!) As they are leaving the mandir, they bump into Mrs. Khanna, she asks why they didn’t invite her to the wedding and why they got their son married to a patient. Swamini Bua rolls her eyes while Vanshika tries to explain that Manvi is absutely fit and fine, but Mrs. Khanna wouldn’t shut up. Jeevika and Manvi are overhearing the conversation, and Manvi feels bad. Swamini Bua finally loses patience, and tells her that Manvi is indeed perfect for Virat. And she should concentrate on getting her son married otherwise his will grow old. (Good one for a change Bua Ji!) Manvi says to herself that this time Bua Ji won her heart!

The ladies return home and Jeevika brings tea for the family while Manvi sits and chats with everyone. Swamini expresses her worry that despite having a younger daughter-in-law, Jeevika is still doing all the work alone. (Dude, it’s just the first day!) Manvi gets up instantly and agrees to help henceforth. Virat is overhearing this conversation and is glad. Swamini Bua says that now Manvi work and Jeevika will take rest. Manvi says she will also do extra outside work if Swamini Bua wants her to. Bua tells Manvi to do what she is told. VirMan are put off by this gesture.

Later, Manvi calls Home and inquires about everyone. Dabbu says that they have gone to the bank and he doesn’t tell her about their financial crisis; he just cries and hangs up. Manvi thinks that he is just missing her too much. She then comes to the kitchen and pushes Jeevika out so that shr can work. Just as she starts, her patidev Virat comes and asks to go out. Manvi says she has too much work but her hugs her from the back and says she shouldn’t as her mehendi will come off. Suddenly Beeji calls, but Virat doesn’t let Manvi answer the phone until she promises to go out for coffee with him.

Beeji tells Manvi that she had been to the bazaar, while Dabbu says bank. Beeji brushes it off and asks Manvi not worry about them and concentrate on her new life. Manvi then walks in to the hall and asks Vanshika not to work while she is around. Vanshika says that she is preparing Virat’s protien shake and he never misses gym. Just then Virat comes and apologises saying that he is going out with Manvi hence no gym. Vanshika looks put off by this gesture but she allows them to go.

On their way back there is a lot of traffic, Jeevika is worried and calls Manvi up- she asks her not to spoil her first impression and reach on time for dinner. Virat promises Manvi to get her home early, but the traffic seems too much. Manvi is really worried.

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