The Inseparables Monday update 6 January 2020:Jeevika is in her room regretting and blaming herself on Karan’s death.

She goes out to tell everyone the truth but Maanvi stops her and explains that Virat had pride in his eyes about what he is doing for his family and asks Jeevika not to put this pride to waste.Chaudary’s are discussing about Virat murdering a good person like Karan. Dabbu says that Karan wasn’t a good person. He tells them that he saw Karan with Jaiswal and Karan told him to keep quiet for the sake of Maanvi. The Chaudary’s are shocked after finding out Karan’s truth.Viren and Inder are trying to get the truth and detail out of Virat about the murder so they can defend him in court. Virat says all he knows that he has done the murder. Viren gets a call from Jaiswal who says that he has won and Virat will now rot in jail for 14 years now.The entire family is gathered in front of Karan’s photo; sad over his death. The Chaudarys enter the house and say that they are with the Vadheras in times of need. Virat enters with policemen for the ritual. He meets eyes with a teary Maanvi. Virat tries to explain the situation to SB but she gets irritated and tells him to leave the house. Vanshika tries to talk to Virat but it seems as if he doesn’t have the courage to confront her. Virat sees Maanvi’s face before leaving once more. Jeevika tries to tell everyone the truth but Maanvi stops her yet again. Dabbu brings food for Maanvi. She refuses to eat. Dabbu says he thinks there’s something very big behind Karan’s murder. Maanvi gets anxious and refuses to talk about it. Dabbu convinces Maanvi to eat something before he leaves Hrishikesh. Vanshika is in the kitchen in deep thought and Kadambari comes in seeing how upset he is and says she will handle all the work. Vanshika refuses. Kadambari says she understands the dilemma Vanshika is in and Vanshika says she has a feeling after looking in Virat’s eyes that he hasn’t committed the crime and he will get out of jail soon. She hugs Kadambari and Kadambari assures her everything will be okay. Jeevika overhears this conversation.

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Viren comes to talk to Virat, Virat asks him about everyone.., Viren tells, he is his lawyer and he wants to know every single detail of what happened at the crime scene..Virat says he told whatever he has to and he has nothing more to say.. Viren is furious and frustrated and says that he will stay in jail for life, if he keeps things to himself and he cannot defend him in the court..

just then Jeevika, Maanvi come there, Jeevika tells Viren not to scold Virat,..Viren tells Jeevika to convince Virat to speak up else he will rot in jail for the rest of his life and walks out furiously. Jeevika and Maanvi, are still there.. Jeevika tells Virat that she won’t let him go through all this and she will go and tell the family everything.. Virat gives his KASAM to Jeevika.. (Virat quick learner.. copying his wife..he knows only Kasam works on his bhabhi lol)

Virat, tells her, Maanvi, Bhai and everyone in the family needs her and she should not tell the truth .Jeevika tries to convince Virat, Virat tells her not to make him emotional, he tells Maanvi to take bhabhi home, Maanvi, with great anguish in her eyes, walks away..(separation and dard bhara eyelock of 4-5 seconds..was very subtle and poignant).. Virat immediately calls her as “PARTNER”, Maanvi stops in her steps..and turns around happily and runs and holds his hands curled around the bars.. he thanks her and tells her that he has always been proud of her,, but now with the way she is supporting him in this, her importance in his life is manifold, and if she is with him like this ..he is ready to endure any punsihment with a smile on his face and tells her to be happy, she asks if he is telling all this is to make her happy.. and she cries holding the bars…she says that she promised herself, that she would never cry before him and tires to control her tear, Virat wraps his fingers around her hands and blinks back his tears.. Jeevika smiles..and finally Maanvi walks away from Virat (ufff,, very emotional scene, tugs your heart.. but i loved it .. beautiful scene ) Virat apologizes to Maanvi..

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Viren, Dadaji and IC in the study.. DDj says that he never expected a member of the family of lawyers would be a murderer..he says how Virat is the reason for defamation of Khandaan ki Izzat (lol they are so obsessed with KKI. .. Khandaan ki Izzat.. that they are not worried about the person sitting in the jail) Viren says that his heart doesn’t agree that Virat is the culprit .Viren wonders why Virat is silent .. and whose blame is he owning and whom is he saving ..IC says it’s very tough as they don’t have any proof to save Virat.. Jeevika listens to their conversation Viren says he will go and apply for bail..(finally trying for bail)

SB is staring at Karan’s picture.. (miss maa VOLDY ) Viren comes to seek her blessings for the case,.SB says, she wants truth to win and hopes to see the culprit punished and vents how her son did not get the due respect when he was alive.. atleast the culprit should be punished to pay the homage to her demised son.. and tells Viren that she knows all his efforts would be only to save Virat.. Dadaji says it is the time to stand by the family member and support him in this hour of need after all he is the kid of the family.. SB asks who is karan to the family ..? Viren ;leaves..Dadaji tells SB to understand the situation ..

Beeji is praying and asking god to set things right .Madan chachu doubts even if god will be able to save them from this and if Virat is punished what will happen to Maanvi and the rest of them ..Beeji panicks.. Badi beeji tells that she wouldn;t even trust God, if he says against Virat and tells nothing will happen to the kids..(Badi beeji ..i get lot of positive vibes from her)

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Viren and IC, at magistrates office, where the magistrate rejects the bail plea, saying that the culprit has confessed himself.. so nothing can be done..some lawyer comes and taunts Viren and IC saying how come there is a criminal in the vadhera family know for lawyers..Viren retorts ..and later leaves..

Viren comes home, Jeeivka asks what happened to the bail plea.. Viren angrily tells her the bail plea was rejected..Jeevika asks what would be the punishment if he is proved guilty..Viren, very frustrated and sheerly annoyed tells he would be punished for life..and he can’t even defend him if Virat chose to keep silent..Viren is helpless and is frustrated.. he says he is just a lawyer and not bhagwan to do a miracle and save him (KT is brilliant in the scene..) Jeevika tells nothing will happen to Virat.. Viren says he has handled so many complicated cases ..but here the complication is Virat’s silence ..

Viren vents out that Virat never hid anything from him and he shared everything with him right from childhood about his bunking school or music or Maanvi…Viren is crying as why Virat is hiding things from him when he wants to help him out .. he is crying and is helpless.. Jeevika hugs a shattered Viren..

Maanvi comes to IC in the study and asks if Virat’s bail is granted.. IC says it’s rejected..IC says that Viren is most effected and he is very shattered as he wants to save Virat by all means.. Maanvi thinks.. that her di might confess seeing her jiju’s shattered state.. and runs ..

Jeevika says that she has to talk with Viren.. Maanvi is shown running down the stairs and across the hall…precap scene,.. Viren says he will try to save Virat by all means.. Jeevika says his koshish will be fulfilled,.Viren asks how can she be so sure.. Jeevika tells that she knows Virat is not the killer.. and Virat is innocent and she is the real culprit..Viren says “TUM” ? Maanvi runs in .. Jeevika tells she is Karan’s killer ..Viren shocked

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