The Inseparables Monday 13 January 2020 update:

Daboo calls Maanvi, she tells him about how Jeevika is not the killer and the guns are exchanged, daboo asks if Jaiswal has a hand in it as he witnessed the nexus between Jaiswal and Karan, Maanvi curses herself and thanks daboo,,..IC and Viren discuss who could be the killer, Maanvi says she knows who it could be and explains who could benefit with this, Viren asks if it is Jaiswal? Maanvi explains how karan’s failure might have been the reason for his death, they discuss all the past events and confirms Jaiswal’s involvement, but to prove that they need the other gun…and they have just an hour in hand..

In the court corridor, Jeevika was about to go to drink water, the lady cop stops her, Virat argues with the cops for not letting jeevika to drink, Jeevika tries to stop him..Virat says this is the reason why he took the blame on himself, Jeevika asks him if she could see him being punished for no fault of his.,.and says that her life would be a hell to live with that guilt…cops take them into the court room,..

Beeji calls Vadhera house to find out about the case status as Maanvi cannot be reached on herphone.. SB takes the call and is rude with beeji and says she doesn’t want to talk anything about Jeevika and ends the call, Vanshika mom is worried..

Judge asks if Viren got the evidence, Viren says that they are on the look for it and before that he would call an interesting witness into the witness box and calls for Subash Jaiswal. VIren gives a peek into Jaiswal’s criminal past and tells that Jaiswal called Karan twice on Dec 13th. Jaiswal denies it, Viren submits the cell phone records where it clearly shows the 2 call logs .Viren says that Jaiswal also went to Karan’s house, Jaiswal denies it yet again and says that he hardly knew Karan..Viren submits the bank papers, where Jaiswal gave money to Karan to buy the auctioned house in Hrishikesh ,. Viren asks how did he give such a huge amount to a person whom he hardly knew ..The public prosecutor (PP) objects and says why would Jaiswal kill Karan? Viren says “for revenge” Jaiswal denies any revenge or tiffs with Karan..

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Viren argues that Jaiswal is taking revenge from Vadhera family, he first made Karan as a pawn and when things failed he killed Karan to implicate the Vadhera family member., PP objects to it.. Judge asks for evidence, Viren says that the camera did not grab Jaiswal in the crime scene, PP asks for the other gun..Maanvi says this is the other gun.. and submits it in the court and says she went to Jaiswal’s house and found it. Jaiswal says this is impossible as because.. he stops himself.. Viren tries to rile him and provoke him . Jaiswal says that he did not commit the murder and Maanvi is trying to frame per PPs demand the gun is sent for analysis ..

The report says that the gun is a colt gun but the model is different, Jaiswal says that this is Maanvi’s scheme to frame him..PP asks Maanvi to tell about the fake gun, Viren apologizes to the court for choosing the wrong way and providing false evidence to get the truth from Jaiswal..Judge strictly warns both Viren and Maanvi. Maanvi also apologizes..The court is adjourned for another 20 minutes after which there will be a final decision .

Viren, Maanvi and IC discuss the case,. IC says the time is a constraint for them.. Viren says it is better that the case is in a fast track court, whatever the decision is .. it will be made today once for all..

In the court corridor, Virat assure Jeevika that bhai will find a way out of this.. Jeevika agrees to it and says that Virenji will get both of them out of this.. Jaiswal comes there and taunts Jeevika, saying there will not be any way out and she has to be in the jail all her life..Jeevika says that god never hears to people like jaiswal, Jaiswal asks if she has that trust in her husband.. Jeevika says Yes she trust him ..Jaiswal taunts Jeevika and tells her it is time to get separated.. and says he pities Jeevika that she has to spend her youth in jail all by herself, Virat blows a punch across Jaiswal’s face.. Jeevika screams Virat’s name, the cops hold Jaiswal and also Virat, Virat says that his brother’s slap has shook his brain now his slap will balance the very same brain of Jaiswal..Jaiswal says that he will balance everything and settle accounts with both the brothers,.Virat yells at Jaiswal, Jeevika tries to calm him down.. Virat says he would kill him for the words he spoke.. Jeevika warns Virat to stop saying anything..

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@Viren’s chamber..Viren is looking out for clues in the dvd…and wonders how come the culprit did not leave any of the clues in the crime scene…Maanvi asks what would they get just by watching the video..Viren notices something in the video and keeps re-watching it.. IC and Maanvi ask him what he is looking for..Viren repeats the scene where J takes a shot at Karan and says that this is what they have been looking for..and he has a slight smile on his face..

Virat (Kushal Tandon) and Manvi (Nia Sharma) starts with Dadaji telling Vanshika that Jeevika did not kill Karan. Swamini bua tells them that Viren cannot save Jeevika.

Viren shows Karan’s murder video and suddenly stops it on Jeevika’s image.

Viren tells everyone to see Jeevika’s eyes reflection in the video. Everyone is shocked to see that Jaiswal shot at Karan to hide himself behind Jeevika.

Judge orders to arrest Jaiswal in the murder case of Karan and release Virat and Jeevika.

Viren-Jeevika and Virat-Manvi happily hug each other. Beeji family are happy to know that Virat and Jeevika are free from jail.

Vanshika feels happy to see Virat and Jeevika. Viren is surprised to see Swamini bua being unhappy.

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