The Inseparables 3 January 2020: Episode Started After yesterdays scene Karan Talking with Jaiswal and Jevika Over heard his conversation..Jaiswal tells Karan that to Take revenge from Viren is main Aim of his Life. Karan replies that he will Attack on Viren soon and Invite Him of His Banglow…Jevika Gets shocked to see that Viren will gets Tribulation soon..Karan went and jevika make hide himself from Karan..
On the car Manu tells everything to Virat and tries to convince him and ask him what will she do to show Karan true face in front of all…Virat replies to take help with madan chachu but manu refuses it and says that she cant involve her family in that matter even she don’t knew jaiswal was real or a fake one..Virat give another Idea to convince Vadera Family but Manu again refuse it and says that may be whole family not agree with them and will tells Him’ Joru ka Gulam’ Virat smiles with naughtiness to hear it.. both comes to vadera house ..manvi gets surprise to not see jevika there and tries to search her

Other Side Jevika Chase Karan and just take a call of Manu..jevika told Manu everything about Karan which was she heard and says that she is outside on Karan’s house…Mona gets shocked to think that maybe Jevika getting terrible’ she also went to help her..

Virat searching manvi everywhere but not found her..he ask mad about Jevika and manvi and just manvi calling Him..she tells him that she is going to Karan’s house and jevika also there..virat gets shocked..


Jaiswal sees jevika outside of Karan’s house and inform to Karan about it..Jevika enter the Karan’ house with angry look..Karan tries to show fake smile but jevika told him that she knew his true face and his truth reveal in front of her..she comes there to do the end of his plan…just Karan Brust with an evil smile and Laughing’ Karan threaten to jevika ..manu also comes there and record in video camera of his whole conversation with jevika..Karan reveal the truth to jevika that he was comes there to destroy whole vadera Khandaan..just Karan caches manvi when she recorded all things..Karan holds manvi’s Hands and in Scrimmage manvi’s Camera goes on the Plants..

Jaiswal calling Viren and tells him to invite to see Live Desolation of his house ..he told him that at Karan house his Life would be gets the end..Viren gets shocked..Karan Calling jevika but Karan don’t take call her then Viren calling Manu but again Karan does not take menu to receive the call..Viren Gets Worried..
Karan Looking Dangerous at that time and tries to Tauch jevika..Manvi warn him to stay away from jevika but Karan not assume it and touches jevika Desolation just Manu gets angry and slapped him..

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Karan getting angry after manvi reaction and Holds Manvi’s Chin tightly..Jevika tries to Unchain Manvi from Karan but don’t success’ he Concuss jevika and she falling down on the floor..
Karan Pull the gun on Manvi with holds with one hands her Chin tightly’jevika gets shock to see it and tries to Unchain manvi..between Scrimmage Take Karan’s Gun and pulls On Karan and warn him to Unchain Manvi..Karan don’t take her warning and showing smirk Laughing..

Manvi getting dizziness during Karan holds her chin tightly..Jevika again warn her and when Karan not agrees jevika Shoot out him and Karan Plump on the floor’
Jevika and Manvi gets shocked after sees dead Karan’ Manvi and Jevika hugs each other .. jevika still in shocking condition after shoot Karan..manvi tries to convince her and tells her to leaves the place and go home ..manvi tries to convince jevika that she would be take the blame but jevika does not agree..just Virat enter the house and shocked to see all things

Virat calls Jeevika bhabhi, all JeeMan are shocked, Virat looks around and is shocked seeing Karan lying on the floor in a pool of blood and with the pistol in Maanvi’s hand..Viren is driving and trying to call Jeevika..Virat stood there trying to figure out things..Maanvi comes to Virat and tells Jeevika accidentaly pulled the trigger off, while saving her and that she would not let anything happen to her di as she is gonna take the blame.. Virat tells Maanvi to take Jeevika and go home.. Jeevika tells that she committed the murder and she won’t let anyone take the blame, Maanvi comes to Virat and tells him to take di and go home. Virat tells Maanvi to shut up and go home and he will handle everything… Maanvi tells that no one will believe him as Maanvi has always dushmani with Karan and everyone will believe her

She further tells Virat that she would inform the police that she killed karan, Virat tries to explain her.. but she says that she has open war with karan and she killed him because he was attacking her di and every woman has right to protect herself..and she will come out of jail as well.. Virat cups her face and tells her, that a murder charge is very dangerous and the life of the person will be devastating for years until the case is solved and says that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Maanvi and Jeevika ..Viren is still driving and calls comissioner rathore ..

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Virat tells Jeevika and Maanvi to go and the secret should remain between the three of them.. he takes gun from maanvi.. Maanvi is crying profusely, Jeevika is in a trance state.. Virat lets the girls out Viren calls Virat …Maanvi and Virat look at each in despair..Virat takes the call, and asks Viren to come to karan’s house and he can’t tell everything on phone..Viren is totally frustrated ..

Viren comes to karan’s house and is shocked to see Karan’s body in pool of blood and Virat sitting there with the gun in his hand..he asks Virat who killed Karan. Virat says he killed as he had an argument and he was talking non-sense about their family so he killed him Viren is mad and angry at Virat and asks how could he kill a person over an argument.. Police come in, at the same time and arrest him and take the gun… Viren calls someone

Vadhera Mansion, IC, KC, dadaji and Vanshika mom are having some lighter moments..IC receiives Viren’s call.. Viren says there is a bad news.. and explains everything and IC is shocked.. Virat is taken by the police..Viren follows the police van..

IC breaks the news that Virat killed Karan, all are shocked and rooted to their spots..JeeMan reach home, SB is shattered she hold IC and dadaji and tells this is false and she spoke to karan and finally breaks down .. Vanshika mom tells there is some misunderstanding . Dadaji also aks the same.. IC says Virat accepted his crime.. and police took the custody of the gun..

SB is crying relentlessly, Maanvi goes to console her. SB tells Maanvi should be happy and she should celebrate, as this what she wanted..and now why is she fake crying .. Maanvi moves back.,.IC comes to Jeevika and asks her if she knows anything about it..Jeevika is still shocked,..Dadaji defends Jeeman saying, had they known anything they would have informed the family about it..

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Jeevika walks to dadaji and was about to confess, dadaji tells her not to say anything .Maanvi who is standing behind Jeeivka, gestures her not to tell anything.. Dadaji goes and consoles SB..IC says he will go to police station .. as Viren is also there ,.dadaji tells to get the formalities done asap to get Karan’s body.Maanvi tells she would come with chachu as she wants to meet Virat …IC denies .. Maanvi doesn’t heed to him . Dadaji tells her to go..

Police are taking Virat’s fingerprints..and then they take him into the cell. Viren tells everything will be fine and not to worry just then Maanvi and IC walks in ..IC is talking to Virat..Maanvi says she wants to talk to Virat alone for couple of minutes

Maanvi asks why is he doing this.. It’s her di and this doesn’t come into his account..Virat tells that they both are one and he reminds her of the wedding vows .which he took, to be by her keep her happy and never let any problem befall on her. Maanvi is crying and tells that during the phere even she took the vows…that she would be the one to face the problem before it reaches him.. and says that her di did a lot for her..and she will do it for her di.. Virat says that di did a lot not for her, but for them..He tells babhi sacrificed their baby to save not his life and not Maanvi’s life.. (omg .. my hands are shivering typing this…) He says he is doing all this for his bhai.. his family and for everyone..Maanvi is crying profusely, in despair..Virat tells Karan was evi and we are right…and further tells her to stop crying if she loves him and says “If we have conquered death, we will win this battle of life”

Virat tells her that he got her after a lot of struggle and how can he let her into the jail..and tells her to smile..and be happy… (grrr..bad editing ..) he tells her to be a good girl and be strong..Maanvi says she will be strong and she will not cry..Virat smiles ..Maanvi leaves.. Virat thinks.. that he knows if Maanvi is outside,,she will surely get him out of this jail and has a confident look with a slight smile on his face



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