The Inseparables 31 December 2019 Written update

– Chaudhary’s are discussing about Dabbu’s party for VirMan after they complete their singing competition.

– Radha asks Virat to tell the media about Manvi being a cancer patient before, and how she can be a proper singer, having not recovered properly yet. Virat doesn’t agree to do so, and says that he cannot involve such things just to win the competition.

– Manvi comes to Sujeet, and asks him to call the media over again, so that can clear the air about her relationship with Virat and their separation rumors. However, Sujeet doesn’t agree and says that this will ruin their handwork of making her more popular compared to other contestants including Virat. Manvi is put off at Sujeet’s thoughts.


– Later at home, Viren calls Virat for a brotherly talk. He discusses about how Virat was the one forcing Manvi to join the singing competition so that she can showcase her talent to the world, and now when the world is appreciating her, a little more than him, then why is not liking it? He should in fact be happy that his wife is getting so much love and fame! Viren continues that despite them loving each other, the producers and sponsors of their show are playing with their emotions in order to make more money out the show and why aren’t both of them understanding this? Virat is thoughtful.

– Late at night, Manvi is sitting alone in the lawn. Jeevika brings a blanket and asks Manvi what she’s up to so late at night? Manvi brushes it off by saying that she is just about to go to sleep. Jeevika stops her and asks whether is thinking about Virat? Manvi doesn’t respond. Jeevika goes on that despite she doesn’t want to say much on this matter, she will only say that Manvi should let her relationship with Virat get destroyed because of their ego. Because those who have ego can never love truly, and and even if their love is true, then it soon fades away and turns in hatred. Jeevika tells Manvi to save her relationship, because she knows that Manvi loves Virat a lot and they cannot let a small competition destroy their lives. Jeevika is about to leave, when Manvi calls out to her.

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– She rushes and hugs Jeevika, both have tears in their eyes. Manvi says that even after not saying anything, Jeevika said a lot, and having her as a guide, Manvi can never go astray! Both sister happily hug once again.

– Next day Vanshika is doing the Aarti of Virat and Manvi, she wishes both of them. Shlok and Jeevika too, wish them the best of luck for the competition. Virat goes and hugs Viren. Viren then asks Manvi if she doesn’t want good wishes from her Jiju?

– Manvi comes and hugs Viren. Viren explains to VirMan that it doesn’t matter whoever wins, and that the overall victory will be of them, as a family, as the Vadhera’s. Everyone smiles. VirMan take the blessings of Dadaji and Swamini Bua too. She tells that despite today only one will emerge as winner, there will no loser either. Both Virat and Manvi look at each other and leave.

– Karan calls someone and tells him to have special bulletings with the media regarding Manvi’s cancer, since the audience always makes the most emotional contestant win. He further asks him to talk about Manvi’s childhood, how she didn’t have money to eat and go to school. As he turns while talking, he spots Viren, who is looking at Karan in anger!



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