The Inseparables 30 December 2019 Written update On Star life

The show begins with Jeevika talking to a worried Beeji over the phone. Beeji enquires about the newspaper article on Viraat and Maanvi.Jeevika informs that it was a sheer misunderstanding and there is no truth behind it. Karan is sitting with Viraat in the verandah like area in Vadhera house. He tells Viraat that the audience will shower all their sympathy on Maanvi and moreover, with her cancer illness being revealed she is in a more advantantageous position than Viraat. Viraat is definitely more talented than Maanvi is and that he should win Sur-Sartaaj as judgement should be only on the basis of talent. Further, Karan adds fuel to the fire sayaing that nothing is more hurting than a feeling that a non earning husband is sitting at home ant the wife is going outside-earning money and fame.Jeevika overhears the Karan-Viraat conversation and interrupts them saying that Viraat has beeen called by Maa for some urgent work.E tensed Jeevika goes to her room where Viren is getting ready to leave for court. He asks Jeevika to get his coat. Jeevika, without paying much attention hands Viren tha coat. Next, Viren asks Jeevika to give him his perfume.Jeevika gives that too unattentively. Viren, next asks her to give him the lipstick.Jeevika does not pay attention and is about to give him the lipstick. A surprised Viren asks Jeevika about her anxiety. Jeevika tells her about the brewing problem between Viraat and Maanvi.Viren calms her down saying that the competition will not affect the relationship. Worried Jeevika tells him that heart ties are quite delicate and even the least bit of misunderstanding can cause a rift. Viren reassures her saying that heart ties re not only as delicate as glass but it is as strong as rock and that it can withstand any force against it.Jeevika kind of gets composure and after Viren leaves she thimks to herself that Viraat and Maanvi are not as matured as Viren and herself.Next morning, Jeevika sees Sundar taking the two glasses filled with juice from Viraat and Maanvi’s room. Jeevika asks Sundar that why is he taking the glasse of juice away. Sundar informs that they refused to take the juice. Jeevika goes to their room and sees Viraat looking outside the window and Maanvi sitting. Jeevika asks why are they in different corners of the room. Viraat informs that he has to leave for the promotion and leaves. She looks at Maanvi and asks her that doesn’t she have to go for the promotions. maanvi informs that she too has to go for the promotions. Jeevika asks her to go with Viraat. Maanvi tells her that it isn’t possible because she has to go with her mentor Sujit Sir and Viraat would have to go with Radha Maam.Maanvi too leaves.Scene Shift, Sujit and Radha watches the preparations for The Grand Finale of the event. Radha insist on creating a tiff between Viraat and Maanvi as that would raise the TRP of the show.Viraat is with Radha Maam.Radha tells her that he should win the audience in order to get their votes. Sujit too asks Maanvi to create an emotional bond with the audience. Virat and Maanvi are initially uneager but with the respecting coaxing they agree reluctantly.Swamini, angry as always barges into her room saying that she would talk to the reporter right away for publishing such nonsense. Karan, tells her that it is not the reporter’s fault. They have published what Maanvi had asked them to. Swamini refuses to believe but with Karan manages to convince her and Swamini feels that Maanvi who is considered the life of the house can go down to such level just to win a mere competition. Viren who overhears this conversation cannot understand why Karan is lying about Maanvi to Swamini

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Virat arguing with the judge Radha, that Manvi will definitely not be acting and really must be unwell after fainting. Despite Radha trying to stop him, he immediately leaves while all his fans shout out and Radha looks on in disappointment.

He returns back home to the Vadhera Mansion, only to see Manvi playing around with Shlok, and running all over the house. She doesn’t notice him and he keeps looking at her and leaves. He sits in his room and wonders why Manvi did that. Soon, Manvi comes to the room and asks when he arrived? He keeps silent. She then tells him to come along, since dinner is ready. Virat gets mad and shouts that he is not hungry, and she go ahead alone! Manvi feels bad and walks off.


At the dining table, everyone is having dinner, but Manvi is just playing around with the food. Jeevika feels sorry for Manvi. Vanshika notices Manvi’s despair towards the food and asks her what’s wrong? Manvi shoves it off saying the food is hot and she’s waiting for it to cool down. Of course, Vanshika understands that its not the reason, and asks Manvi whether Virat really wasn’t hungry? Manvi nods her head, and looks away. Everyone in the family exchange looks.

After dinner is done, Jeevika is in the kitchen setting two plates of food. Manvi enters and asks Jeevika to give her some work if she needs help! Jeevika quickly agrees and hands her the tray with food to take to Virat. Manvi gets hesitant and says that she knows Virat won’t eat since he is not hungry, and he is talking to her either, why will he even eat if she gives him food? Jeevika retorts that although it is not good for a third person to intervene between a husband-wife argument, she suggests that since Manvi is Virat’s wife, it’s her responsibility to serve Virat and convince him even if he is angry. Manvi then asks for the reason of having two plates, and Jeevika says she knows her behna hasn’t eaten either. She then hands Manvi the tray of food and forces her out.

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Manvi comes to the room, and asks Virat to have dinner. Virat is really depressed, he ignores her and walks off to the bed and sleeps. Manvi feels bad. She keeps the tray on the table and walks over to the bed. She keeps looking at him, cries, and turns the light off. Virat too, turns to look at Manvi, but sees her facing the opposite side, hence he goes back to sleep.

In VirIka’s room, Jeevika is wondering about two people who would never keep quiet in each other’s company, and were always in love, aren’t talking to each other today. Viren agrees, and informs Jeevika about Karan saying that Manvi personally told the journalists that she wanted to separate from Virat. Jeevika asks Viren if he too thinks that Manvi would ever say that about Virat?Viren quickly responds that even if Manvi was unconscious she wouldn’t think of leaving Virat

Both of them wonder why Karan is poisoning Swamini’s mind against Virat. Jeevika then prays to God, in order for Manvi to get some maturity and understanding in her relationship with Virat. Viren asks her to pray for her Devar Virat too. Viren is worried while Jeevika suggests a plan that they can coordinate to make Virat and Manvi overcome their misunderstanding.

Next morning, Viren and Jeevika enter VirMan’s room, and as soon as they see Manvi, they begin arguing and quarreling. Manvi intervenes and asks what’s going on? Jeevika informs her that they are arguing over who to vote for. Manvi or Virat. Manvi is taken aback when she hears this. She tells them that she cannot give any suggestions, and they can vote for whoever they like.

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Jeevika comes to Manvi and confirms that she will only vote for her, since she is her sister. Viren to says that Manvi is his sail aadhi gharwali and he too will vote for her. He has also informed everyone in Hrishikesh to only vote for Manvi.

Manvi argues how both of them can do this? She tells Viren that Virat is her brother, and before she came in to his life, Virat was his brother. Hence he should vote for Virat. She also tells both of them that she doesn’t know the basics of music while Virat is a pro, hence they should not ask anyone to vote for her, because Virat is more deserving.

Viren and Jeevika seem happy with the progress of their plan. Jeevika asks Manvi that if she were in their place, who would she vote for? Her Di or her Jiju? Manvi is thoughtful.



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