The heir update Sunday 27 October 2019 Zee World

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The heir update Sunday 27 October 2019 Zee World

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The heir update Sunday 27th October 2019

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) panicking and saying I will not give Simran to Chandar. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks her to calm down. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will kill him and go jail. Raj(Neel Motwani) stops her and says we won’t let marriage happen. She says I have thought well, I will kill him. Raj(Neel Motwani) gives her a knife and asks her to kill Chandar. She stops. He asks did you realize you are a girl. She asks do you think I m well. He says no, I want to say I like fearless Preet, who knows fighting and winning, we will not lose, we will fight and win, clothes don’t matter, you are always Mannu(Farnaz Shetty), Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) can’t lose, if you got scared after becoming girl. She says I m not scared of anyone, shall I slap you. He smiles.

Sakshi and Rohan come there. Raj(Neel Motwani) says we have to stop Simran’s marriage with Chandar, I want your support. They all join hands. They hear Simran. Chandar and Simran play hide and seek. He sees her and touches. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) comes and takes Simran. She asks Chandar to stay away from Simran. Chandar asks her to calm down. He says Simran will become my wife and you will become my Saali. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Rohan look on. Chandar says we will play more games, when we marry after two days. Simran smiles. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) stops Simran.
Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) calls Rohan. Rohan comes and says I will play with you. Simran goes. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) scolds Chandar. He flirts with Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). She gets angry and holds his collar. She says I will end your game in two days. He asks her not to spoil his game, he will marry Simran and celebrate suhaagraat with her, when he gets done with her, then he will see her. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) gets angry. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Sakshi hide and look on. Chandar goes.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) goes to Raj(Neel Motwani). Raj(Neel Motwani) says its not right time, stop. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will not leave him, I will beat him with a slipper. Raj(Neel Motwani) says fine go, I m with you. Amba comes to Jagan. Jagan thinks they all are fooling him, he has to find out. Amba says just you can stop this marriage. He says its your deeds’ result, you and your daughters solve this problem. She goes. Sukhi says we have to do something, just Simran’s blood can save you. Jagan says its fine, I have called other doctor, I can get blood by anyone, I won’t die so soon. Sukhi gets shocked.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says leave me, I will show Chandar his status. Harjeet and Mohini come to hear. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to calm down. Sakshi and Nihaal hold Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) scolds Mohini too. Harjeet says I will throw you out of this house. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says Chandar is very mean, I would have not left him, I m not scared of panchayat. Raj(Neel Motwani) tells Harjeet that Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) has gone mad like Simran, Chandar came here and he is insulted, shame on Bajwas.

Chandar says Raj(Neel Motwani) is filling Harjeet’s ears, its Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty)’s plan. Mohini says Harjeet doesn’t listen to Raj(Neel Motwani). Harjeet asks Mohini to do stay arrangements for Chandar in guest house. Chandar says Raj(Neel Motwani) is blood, you are an illegitimate second wife, Raj(Neel Motwani) and Preet don’t talk, its not like that, Raj(Neel Motwani) and Preet are one, they think I will leave from here, let them think so. He asks about her daughter and thinks to end Raj(Neel Motwani) and Preet’s game, everyone will know my powers.

Rohan recalling Chandar’s and Mohini’s conversation about someone. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says we have to get this man before marriage. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks how will we know who is this man. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says we can get his number if we get Chandar’s phone. Raj(Neel Motwani) says I will trap him. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says girls have to trap him. Sakshi asks shall I go. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks can you. Sakshi says yes. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will go. Raj(Neel Motwani) says you won’t go, you stay away from that creep. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will make him busy and you take number from his phone. Sakshi looks on.

Raj(Neel Motwani) says we have to be careful Rohan, Chandar is a creep. Sukhi talks to Jagan as doctor. Jagan comes to hospital and catches him red handed. Sukhi gets shocked. Jagan slaps him. Sakshi and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) make Chandar hear them that Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) is going for bath. Chandar smiles and looks on. Chandar thinks to go and see Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Chandar comes there and sees Mannu(Farnaz Shetty)’s dress. He goes to washrom and looks for Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Raj(Neel Motwani) searches for his phone. Chandar gets shocked seeing Rohan. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Sakshi hide and look on. Rohan asks Chandar to take bath as well. He asks Chandar to sing and bath, so that people know someone is inside. He goes. Chandar gets angry and thinks to make joke of Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Simran. He goes. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says don’t know Raj(Neel Motwani) got his number or not.
Jagan comes home and beats Sukhi. He scolds Amba. Babli asks why are you scolding Amba. Jagan scolds her. Raavi says forgive her, how can you beat her. Babli argues. Jagan says I forgot you all have Mannu(Farnaz Shetty), you all cheated me, see what I do now, till Simran gets married, none will come out of the room. He locks Babli and Sukhi in room.

Chandar looks for his phone. He gets the phone at other place and says someone came in my room. Raj(Neel Motwani) gets number and gives to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) thanks him. Sakshi tells how they fooled Chandar. Raj(Neel Motwani) gets worried for Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Sakshi says you care for Preet a lot, it doesn’t look you guys don’t have love in between, Rohan was in bathroom, not Preet. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) calls on someone and says your daughter has life risk from Chandar, trust me, I m sending you an address, meet us fast. She tells Raj(Neel Motwani) that they have to keep that girl safe, this girl will become a witness. Sakshi asks who will take care of Simran if you go, I will go with Raj(Neel Motwani). Rohan says don’t worry for Simran, I will take care of her. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) leave.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Raj(Neel Motwani) meet the man and his daughter. The man asks them to say what’s happening. Mohini asks goons to find them. Mohini tells Chandar that they have run away. He says it means they will meet Raj(Neel Motwani) and Preet, it means Simran is alone, it will be great fun. The girl asks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to save her. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) asks the girl not to get scared. The man asks are you that Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) who was Shah years ago, I heard about you many times, you should have been Shah always. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) see each other. The man asks them are they husband and wife. Goons come there. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Raj(Neel Motwani) ask them to hide fast. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says we have to take them somewhere so that Mohini doesn’t doubt.

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