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The heir update Saturday 26th October 2019

Everyone getting shocked seeing Chandar. Amba(Aarti Singh ) asks what are you doing here. Chandar recalls getting the guy hit on the way and taking his place. Amba(Aarti Singh ) says he is not the guy whom I chose for Simran. Nihaal comes to Mohini. They smile. Jagan says these people are acting, they changed the guy. Mohini says Amba(Aarti Singh ) is wasting our time, they have chosen this guy, strange, what do they want, they got married guy first and now him, they are blaming us.

Amba(Aarti Singh ) says why will I get Chandar here when I didn’t let Simran marry him before. Chandar says I told you I m not that Chandar now, tell panchayat I left all that old things, I have ashram now, I give life to ill people, I will make Simran fine after divorce, I have command by Lord to marry this girl and make her fine. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) gets angry and says you did much wrong, it would be good if you killed Simran. Amba(Aarti Singh ) says you are misunderstanding, I didn’t choose him. Mohini says he looks such a good man, I accept this proposal for Simran, its second yes from Bajwas.
Amba(Aarti Singh ) asks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to do something. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I told you not to talk about Simran’s marriage, you did not listen to me. She says when Amba(Aarti Singh ) got proposal for Simran, sarpanch denied as the guy didn’t divorce his first wife, he would have left Simran anytime. Sarpanch says yes, when first wife is there, second marriage doesn’t mean anything. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says then how is Mohini saying she has Bajwas’ right, Amrit is alive and is with Harjeet, when he didn’t give her divorce, how is Mohini his wife and Bajwas, so her yes or no doesn’t affect this relation. Amba(Aarti Singh ) looks on. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says this marriage can’t happen when there is no two approvals. Sarpanch agrees. Raj(Neel Motwani) says if this is the thing, then being Bajwas son, I have one vote, I accept Simran’s marriage. They all get shocked.

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Harjeet gets surprised. Sarpanch says we got Bajwas’ approval, mahurat should be taken from pandit today. Amba(Aarti Singh ) cries. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) recalls Raj(Neel Motwani)’s words. Rohan sees Raj(Neel Motwani) and recalls his words. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) comes home and asks Sakshi where is Raj(Neel Motwani), I will kill him. Sakshi worries.

Jagan and Amba(Aarti Singh ) come home. Jagan says how did this happen, I will not leave Bajwas, they got Chandar, now I will get Simran and Chandar married, and get Simran home, I helped you for a motive. Amba(Aarti Singh ) scolds him. Jagan shouts yes, I m selfish, my state is bad because of you women. I hate Mannu(Farnaz Shetty), I will kill her. Babli comes and asks why are you angry on Mannu(Farnaz Shetty), she is most sensible, women can fool you also. Jagan gets angry and raises hand. Amba(Aarti Singh ) stops him. She signs no and asks her to go. Jagan looks on.

Rohan asks Raj(Neel Motwani) why are you taking revenge, you know meaning of brother, you made me many promises, I was foolish, I forgot you became Papa’s puppet, don’t call me brother now, I just love Simran, you and Papa can’t win over me. He goes.

Jagan thinks of Amba(Aarti Singh ) and says I think this house’s women is framing me in some game. Simran plays and laughs. Chandar comes there and stares at her. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) comes in between and asks Simran to go to her room. Mohini and Nihaal welcome Chandar. Mohini does his aarti. She asks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to show Chandar his room. Her dupatta gets stuck. She gets tensed and turns. She sees Chandar stepping on her dupatta. Chandar says I didn’t think Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) will be such a beauty, where is my rest room. He goes. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) thinks Raj(Neel Motwani) didn’t do well with Simran even after knowing Chandar’s truth, I will not leave you.

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Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) scolding Raj(Neel Motwani) for cheating her. She beats him. He says listen to me, I want to save Simran, not sell her, we know Chandar well, Mohini would have got any other goon, we can try to save Simran, we will save her, when Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) get together, none can fail them. She smiles and says friends’ power. She hugs him. She says we have to do something of mahurat, this marriage shouldn’t be today, Chandar is cheap, he can do anything. He says I have a plan. Pandit gives mahurat to panchayat. Amba(Aarti Singh ) worries and says stop this marriage, how can you do this. Mohini says its Lord’s wish. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) comes and says this is wrong, don’t give Simran to Chandar, he has come here to take revenge from us. Chandar acts good. Raj(Neel Motwani) takes Chandar’s side.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Raj(Neel Motwani) argue. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says Chandar can never change, he is still a creep. Chandar gets angry. Raj(Neel Motwani) defends Chandar. He asks her if she has proof. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I want 10 days to prove Chandar is a creep. Raj(Neel Motwani) says she should get time, as Chandar is big saint. Mohini thinks Preet can take much time, but I can’t let her do this, give her two days time, else Simran and Chandar’s marriage will happen. Amba(Aarti Singh ) worries. Raj(Neel Motwani) signs Mannu(Farnaz Shetty).
Chandar says I want to treat Simran soon, so that she lives a normal life. Sarpanch gives two days to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to prove against Chandar, if he fails, then Chandar will marry Simran. Chandar stares at Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and acts cheap. Mohini asks Raj(Neel Motwani) to come. They leave. Amba(Aarti Singh ) recalls Chandar and worries.

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Jagan recalls Amba(Aarti Singh) and Babli’s words. He acts unwell and calls out Babli. He apologizes to her. She feels sorry to fool him and thinks to tell him truth. He thinks she will tell me truth now. She thinks to tell him everything true. She sees him in mirror and thinks he is acting to make me admit truth, I will teach him a lesson. She says what can I do than praying to Lord, I m very young. He asks don’t you have to say anything. She signs no. He gets up and goes. She laughs.

Rohan beats up Raj(Neel Motwani). Raj(Neel Motwani) asks him to listen, run away with Simran, Mohini and Harjeet will kill you and Simran, what will people say, do you want to repeat what happened with Raman, trust me I m alive and won’t let Simran’s marriage happen. Rohan asks what way do we have. Raj(Neel Motwani) says Preet and I won’t let this marriage happen, none can snatch Simran from you. Raj(Neel Motwani) hugs and promises Rohan. Chandar says I will take you this time, its been 10 years, you will just be mine Simran, I will settle scores and get interest too. He sees Simran and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty)’s pics.

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