The heir update Monday 4 November 2019 Zee World

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The heir update Monday 4 November 2019 Zee World

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The heir update Monday 4th November 2019 Zee Word

Raj(Neel Motwani) refusing to sign on papers. Chandar calls Preet. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) asks Raj(Neel Motwani) to sign. Raj(Neel Motwani) refuses. Chandar says fine, I will end the game. He points gun at Babli’s head. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks Chandar to leave her. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) asks Raj(Neel Motwani) to sign. Raj(Neel Motwani) signs the papers and cries. He asks Chandar to take the papers. Chandar sends Babli to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Chandar says I promised you, you will sign the divorce papers, I have won. Mohini thinks I can’t let Chandar fail my plan, he has to marry Simran. Chandar goes. She goes after him.

Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) smile. Raj(Neel Motwani) says I will tell truth to Amrit and Rohan. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will drop Babli home. Raj(Neel Motwani) recalls their relation is of heart and will never end. Raavi tells Jagan that she has made his fav food, get Babli back, Preet has agreed for marrying Chandar. Jagan gets angry. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) gets Babli home. She calls police and says arrest Jagan for kidnapping Babli. Jagan scolds her. He asks where is the proof. Babli says I m the proof, you have kidnapped me, I m saying it. They get shocked. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) asks Jagan to have dinner in jail for some days. Jagan gets arrested.
Babli hugs Raavi. Amba asks how is Simran. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says she is free from Chandar, he feels I m marry him, Raj(Neel Motwani) also signed on divorce papers. Amba hugs Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and cries. Rohan says this will be your plan, but you know the sign value, you got legally separated. Raj(Neel Motwani) says when did we unite that we will get separated, its fine, we were never together by hearts, I have to make a love bridge that always joins us, none can break us apart, I love her a lot. Amrit cries and says I m with you. Raj(Neel Motwani) says I will bring out Chandar and Mohini’s truth, then I will confess love to Preet and marry her, don’t tell her my feelings.

Raj(Neel Motwani) goes to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and gives a diary. Chandar comes there and why are you here, she is not your wife now. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says he is saying right, go from here, I have to spend time with Chandar. Chandar asks him to shut door. Raj(Neel Motwani) says Preet will always be mine. Chandar asks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) to check the gift, its suhaag chunri. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says you have got this, but….you forgot your promise. She asks him to sign the papers, else what will she show to panchayat.

He says its a small thing and signs on papers. She thinks Simran will be free from him now and cries happily. He pulls her close. She pushes him away and asks him to stop till marriage. He says then marriage will be tomorrow, I can’t wait more. He makes her wear the chunri. He says we will party tonight, my friends are also coming, I heard you dance well. Inspector comes to Chandar and Mohini and tells about some unknown call. He ask them to come for interrogation. They both doubt on each other. Raj(Neel Motwani) says we are playing this game. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says we have to keep an eye on him. Inspector comes to them and they smile. Raj(Neel Motwani) praises his friend’s acting. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says this should end, then I will leave with Simran. Raj(Neel Motwani) thinks I know I have hurt Preet, very soon I will confess my love, then we will always be together, this is my promise. She cries and sees him.

Mohini going and scolding Chandar. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) look on. Mohini says you have no proof against me, you can’t do anything. Chandar says you think I have no proof, have the pendrive as proof, which Simran’s doctor has kept for Raj(Neel Motwani). Raj(Neel Motwani) reminds Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) the pendrive which they tried to check in Nihaal’s laptop, there is some secret which we have to find. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) asks Raj(Neel Motwani) to go and find it, till then she will keep Chandar busy.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) dances in the party on Oye oye…..Gajar ne kiya hai ishara….. Chandar smiles. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Rohan dress as waiters. Raj(Neel Motwani) gets angry. Rohan asks him to calm down. Raj(Neel Motwani) checks Chandar’s room. Chandar goes to dance with Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Rohan gets in between and gives him a drink. Raj(Neel Motwani) gets the pendrive.

Mohini sees the guy who came as inspector in their house.Raj(Neel Motwani) checks the pendrive. Raj(Neel Motwani) hears Simran telling about Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) shooting everyone. Mohini hears the guy telling he has become inspector this time. Chandar dances with Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). She falls down and gets hurt. Chandar smiles.
He asks why did you stop, dance. His friends ask her to dance. Chandar says she is my would be wife. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) thinks where is Raj(Neel Motwani). Raj(Neel Motwani) hears the video and gets shocked. Simran says Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) was shooting goons, she didn’t shoot Raman, Mohini has killed Raman, she will kill me also. Raj(Neel Motwani) looks on and thinks it means Preet was innocent, I was always against her, when she told me she didn’t kill Raman.

Rohan says it means Preet…. Raj(Neel Motwani) says she is innocent, Mohini is the culprit. Mohini hears this and thinks what will happen now, they got to know everything. She makes a vase fall down. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Rohan catch her. Raj(Neel Motwani) says you killed my brother, why did you create misunderstanding between Preet and me, you knew Simran knows this secret, so you didn’t wish her to get fine, I will get your truth out, I have the proof. Rohan says leave her neck, she will die. Raj(Neel Motwani) says I don’t care. Rohan says for Raman’s sake, leave her. Raj(Neel Motwani) leaves her and says now you will go jail along with Chandar.

Amrit comes and asks what’s happening, what is Chandar doing, Preet’s leg got hurt. Raj(Neel Motwani) asks Rohan to keep pendrive safe. Raj(Neel Motwani) and Amrit go. Mohini asks Rohan to save her. She thinks I can’t let my secret come out so soon. Chandar goes to touch Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Raj(Neel Motwani) stops him.

Chandar asks what are you doing here and raises hand. Raj(Neel Motwani) pushes him. Chandar says she is my would be wife. Raj(Neel Motwani) says she is my wife, stay away from her. He warns Chandar. Chandar asks what will you do. Raj(Neel Motwani) beats his friend. Raj(Neel Motwani) holds Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and takes her. Tere sang yaara…..plays….. Raj(Neel Motwani) recalls their moments and smiles. He makes her rest. He cries. She asks what happened, did work get done. He says yes. She gets glad and says we have won, we did it. He says yes, we will win. Rohan comes and asks them to come. She asks where, what happened. Raj(Neel Motwani) thinks some time more, I will prove Preet innocent and confess my love.

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