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This month August on the beneficiary, Bebe is killed by Sushilla, Amba loses her memory and doesn’t perceive Mannu while Jaggan attempts to get her offered…

Zee World The Heir August Teasers 2019

A short Snippet of what will happen coming August on The Heir. Official Teasers will be refreshed soon, check back.

Jai is a new entrant in the show, a man that Mannu becomes friends with. However he was the one who caused an accident that nearly killed Bheeru, Mannu’s uncle. Jai checks CD and sees recording of Yuvraaj and Sushila killing Bebe. He says this proof will end Sushila’s leela, don’t worry partner, I m coming. He asks doctor to treat Bheeru, I will get money. He gets a call. Lady asks what are you doing, all money ended in account. Jai says don’t worry, I m spending money on right thing. Amba loses her memory due to an accident caused by Jaggan and Jagganuses the opportunity to get rid of her… But Mannu is right on time to save her

Jagan gets Amba to Lala. Lala comes there in warehouse. Mannu runs and reaches there. Lala welcomes Jagan and asks is she the one. Jagan nods. Lala sees Amba. Mannu hides and looks on. Lala’s men get the money. Mannu thinks how to save Amba. Amba says I will not stay here. Jagan stops her and says Lala is your owner from today, I have sold you. Amba gets shocked. Mannu successfully rescues Amba but she doesn’t recognize him again. Mannu says mummy, everything got fine. Amba says would be mummy, not mummy, I did not marry your Papa yet. Jai looks on. Mannu says no, I m your son Mannu. He removes the wig and says look at me, identify me, I m your Mannu. Amba gets some flashes.

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She says you are an orphan kid. Mannu says no, I m your Mannu, you are my mummy. Amba says no, I did not get married. Mannu worries. She says Jai saved me and my respect, but I don’t know what’s happening here, you got Mannu, you said she is a daughter, now Mannu is saying he is my son, how can this happen, my head is aching. She gets memory flashes and says I don’t understand what’s happening. Amba goes.

Mannu sits crying and recalls Amba. Jai comes. Mannu says I did not know my mum will forget me. Jai praises him and asks him not to get sad. Mannu worries for Bheeru. Jai thinks how to tell him about my mistake. Mannu asks how did you get proof. Jai says you told me where Bheeru went, so I have found out, I got Bheeru in hospital. Mannu worries and asks is he fine. Jai says don’t worry, he is fine, I got proof from his bag. Mannu asks why did you not tell me before, I know you would have thought I will worry. Jai hugs Mannu and thinks seeing your goodness, even goodness is coming in my heart.

At home, Jaggan goes to confront Sushilla for killing his mother Deena

Jagan comes to her. She asks him to see her Leela. She says Mannu got caught, you will become Shah. He stares at her angrily. She laughs. He slaps her. She gets shocked and shouts. He says shut up, I told you nothing should happen to my Bebe, you killed my Bebe, inspector arrest her.

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Jai gives the proof against Sushila. Mannu says now you go to jail. Sushila says this did not happen right, I will keep a secret with me, Jagan you did not do right, I wanted to give you a surprise, you will know it yourself. Raavi worries. Sushila laughs. They take Sushila and leave. Jaggan confronts his wife, Raavi says when I knew, I was going to police, but.

He asks did you know, why did you not tell me. He pushes her on bed. He says Sushila is gone now, I will become Shah, I will get Amba married before her memory comes back, I will kill her and Mannu. Raavi worries. Mannu brings Jai to their house but Jaggan gets another idea. Jagan drinks. Jai comes. Jagan says if you stayed here, it means you want to marry Amba, come have a drink. Jai says stop your drama, I m not marrying. Jagan says marriage will happen, you will get Amba very far from here, you keep her or sell her, its your wish, don’t let her come back here. He blackmails Jai about Bheeru and laughs. He says if Mannu knows Jai has done Bheeru’s accident, what will happen. Jai worries.

Will Jai marry Amba to save face, will Amba’s memory ever return?

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