The Good Son Zee World: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

The Good Son Zee World: A father’s hatred for his son and a son who believes in helping others. this is an Indian television series created by Sobo Films Private Limited. It aired on Zee World.

The Good Son Zee World

The Good Son Zee World

Vedant grew up without the love of his father. But, he took inspiration from his grandfather’s wisdom. Can this broken relationship between a father and a son be repaired? #TheGoodSon coming 3 June only on Zee World

The Good Son Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

A Father and Son who just can’t see eye to eye. After constant rejection, how far will a man go to earn his father’s respect. Can he prove himself and become.

The story revolves Vedant- A successful 30-Year-old, who was adopted by Murari Tripathi as an innocent orphan, but was never accepted by Murari’s family. Tragedy struck Vedant when he lost his grandfather. On his death bed Murari took a promise from Vedant to keep his family together. Today, Vedant is the sole bread earner of the family, but still isn’t accepted by the members. Will Vedant be able to keep his promise?

Raja Beta will then show the lead character’s present life. The orphan kid, Vedant, has grown up to be a successful gynaecologist. He is righteous, pro-life, and a committed doctor. Personally, Vedant is a champion of relationships and family values.

As he has never experienced the joy of a blood relationship, his only wish is to become a father one day. The crux of the story will then revolve around how he is the best son, best grandson, best brother, and best nephew… but will he be the best husband?

While time tests him, he finally finds the love of his life, but destiny gives Vedant another jolt on his wedding night. He finds out that his wife is already pregnant! What will Vedant do? Will he be another Dadaji and accept this new Vedant’ in the family or will he disown his wife?


Brief Information and Details on The Good Son Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 2 June 2021
  • Total number of episodes: 214
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Rajaa Betaa
  • Tele Country: Indian


The Good Son Zeeworld Cast & Real names:


  • Rrahul Sudhir / Dishank Arora Acted as ==>> Vedant Tripathi – Poorva’s Husband
    Rrahul Sudhir

    Rrahul Sudhir


  • Fenil Umrigar Acted as ==>> Pankhuri Mishra – Vedant’s Love Interest/ Poorva’s sister
    Fenil Umrigar as Pankhuri Mishra

    Fenil Umrigar as Pankhuri Mishra


  • Ankit Bhardwaj Acted as ==>> Rahul – Poorva’s Boyfriend

    Ankit Bhardwaj as Rahul


  • Shambhabana Mohantey / Pranali Ghogare Acted as ==>> Poorva Tripathi – Vedant’s Wife

    Shambhabana Mohantey

  • Anil Mishra/Sagar Saini Acted as ==>> Ramesh Tripathi
  • Geeta Udeshi Acted as ==>> Dadi


  • Jatin arora Acted as ==>> Sanju Tripathi
  • Mahjabeen Ali Acted as ==>> Sumati Tripathi
  • Reshma Merchant Acted as ==>> Manjula Tripathi
  • Sharan Preet Kaur Acted as ==>> Gomti Tripathi
  • Akansha Bhalla Acted as ==>> Radhika
  • Sarvesh Vyas Acted as ==>> Narendra Tripathi


The Good Son Teasers


The Good Son 2nd may updates

Two friends Urmi and Shanti are taking a selfie. Urmi asks Shanti to smile while she takes a selfie. Pankhudi comes and calls her Nani Mausi. Shanti says she is doing MBBS. Urmi tells that her grandson is also a doctor and tells about Vedant. Pankhudi asks if she is Dr. Vedant Tripati’s Dadi. Urmi says yes. Pankhudi says he is the best gynecologist of Prayagraj. Urmi says he has learned everything from his Dada Ji Vaid Gangadhar Tripathi. Pankhudi asks Urmi to sit that she wishes to do an internship under Vedant. Urmi says she wants tea with ginger to do her work.

Shanti tells Urmi that Vedant is…Urmi says he got matured in childhood itself. A FB is shown, Vedant’s father Ramesh beats him with a stick and takes out his anger saying Dada Ji adopted him and gave it to them. Vedant tells that he came first in class. Ramesh beats him again. Fb ends. Urmi tells that Vedant never cried and became like his Dada ji.

A milkman thanks Vedant for getting his wife’s test in his hospital for free. Ramesh scolds Vedant for making his hospital a charitable hospital. Vedant tells that he is following Dada Ji’s rules. Ramesh takes out his anger and tells that doesn’t know where is Manjula and tells that Babita called and said that she is not coming. Vedant says he will make tea for him and tells that Maa is sleeping as he gave her tablets. He goes to the kitchen and makes tea for Ramesh. He comes to Dada Ji’s pic and says good morning. He then comes to Manjula and checks her fever. He gives tea to Ramesh. Vedant is in the kitchen and making breakfast.

He talks to his assistant Rashmi and asks about his patients. He asks her to take care of Patients. Mrs. Pandey comes to the hospital in labor pains. Dr. Rashmi asks Vedant to come to the hospital and says it is an emergency. Vedant sits on his bike and reaches Jeevan Rekha (lifeline) hospital. He asks Nurse for Mrs. Pandey’s file. Dr. Rashmi gives him an ultrasound report and says, baby….The senior doctor tells Vedant that he has checked the patient. Vedant says he wants to check her Pulse. Doctors tell that they are the senior doctors. Vedant checks her pulse and says the baby is alive, breath is slow, but breathing still. He asks the Nurse to prepare for the Operation. Senior Doctor tells Vedant that the baby is dead if he operates on Mrs. Patel that she will not survive. He reminds me that the hospital name is on his Dada Ji. Vedant says I know. He delivers the baby. The nurse tells that the baby is not crying and informs senior doctors.

Vedant checks the baby and brings him back to life. He brings the baby to Mrs. Patel and shows her baby. Ramesh calls him and thinks why is he not picking the call and gets furious. Vedant recalls Ramesh’s taunt that his own mum left him and they were forced to give their name to him. He gets emotional. Mrs. Patel thanks him. Vedant kisses the baby. Rashmi asks if he likes kids as he gets emotional seeing them. Vedant comes out and tells Senior Doctors that what is important is what test is needed.

He says ultrasound was not clear and says tests should be done which is necessary and says he would have done foetal monitor to catch the baby’s heartbeat. He says Dada ji taught that that hope and try shall not be left. Mr. Patel comes there and asks about his wife and baby. Vedant says both are fine and waiting to meet you. He gives the credit to senior doctors for saving them. Mr. Patel thanks the senior doctor Chaturvedi. Vedant walks away and comes to his cabin. He keeps one more baby toy in the showcase and says you are welcome. He talks to Dada ji’s pic and says today we have saved one more baby. He says I heard your voice asking me to try. Urmi tells Shanti that Vedant is like Ram and his Dada ji is his disciple.

Purva comes and gives salary to Shanti. Urmi says so you are Purva. Purva says there can’t be any Ram in this era. Urmi says he will not ask his Sita to give Agnipariksha. Purva says she will not give Agni pariksha for her husband. Urmi says she is like me and takes Selfie with her. Purva gets her friend’s call and leaves. Shanti tells that she is always worried for her and asks Urmi about Vedant’s marriage.

Dr. Vedant collides with Purva in the hospital. Purva says she wants to talk to the senior doctor. Vedant tells Purva that he can’t do her friend’s abortion. Purva asks if he wants money under the table. Vedant says everyone has the right to come into this world and asks her to leave. Purva says you are not the only Doctor in this world. Her friend asks Purva to understand. Purva tells Vedant that her friend tried to commit suicide. Vedant asks her not to come again. Purva asks him to make his ethics status and stick to his cabin.

The Good Son Wednesday 2nd June 2021 Update Zee world: Dr. Rashmi asks if she commits suicide. Vedant says she will not commit suicide and tells that her friend’s pregnancy is more than 4 months and they can’t do her abortion. Vedant tells that God doesn’t make him meet her again. He plays the flute. Purva is going on her bike. Vedant comes home. Urmi comes from behind the door and pulls his ears. She says who enters home like a thief. Vedant says he doesn’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep as he is late. He lies down on the bed. Urmi asks him to get up and freshen up.

She asks him to have chocolate flavor ice cream. Vedant asks what is the work? Urmi tells that today she met her friend Shanti, who has some problem so she said that Vedant will solve it. Vedant asks what? Urmi shows her Purva’s pic. Vedant sees her pic. Urmi says she..and says you found this girl for me. Urmi says she has searched the guy and is getting married in two days, but the arrangements are not done so I told Vedant is there to help. She asks him to freshen up and goes to bring food for him. Vedant looks at Purva’s pic and thinks toofan mail got the guy too.

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