The Good Son update Friday 14 June 2021

The Good Son 14 June 2021: Purva telling Vedant that everyone is making her believe that whatever happening in the house is because of her. Vedant says I think you will not be affected by their thoughts. Purva says she is neither selfish nor foolish and asks him to say what his ethics say, what she shall do in this situation. Vedant says when the problem is big then there is only one way and asks her to forget everything. He asks her to eat kachori brought from outside and says he will order it for her. Purva smiles. He says he is getting late for hospital. Purva asks if he will faint again and stops him from going to hospital. She says it is not good to ruin own health. She asks him to rest and then think of an idea to solve house problem. Sanju asks his sister not to call purva as bhabhi else papa will get angry. He says he is going to have chowmein at Bhandari shop. She asks from where you will get money? Sanju says Dadi says Vedant haina. Sumiti asks her husband, how many days one can be alive without having food. He says he doesn’t know. She asks him to ask Vedant. Her husband tells that Ramesh will get angry. She asks him to ask Sanju. Her husband tells that Sanju gave him wrong medicine last time.

Sanju and Radhika come to Vedant and take money from him. He tells his sister that they have no relation with Purva. Dadi is playing game happily. Sumithi and Gomti ask her to do something. Dadi asks them to break the lock. Manjula says then Ramesh will get angry. Gomti says she will drag Purva out of the room. Dadi says Purva is right and Ramesh is wrong. Ramesh says you are blinded and says that girl have to bend down infront of him. Vedant comes and says Purva will not bend. Ramesh says you have seen my stubbornness, now see my madness. He says if I don’t make her apologize then my name is not Ramesh Gangadhar Tripathi. He says he can accept death, but not defeat from that girl. He locks himself.

Pankhudi comes to Vedant’s hospital and says her result came and she became Dr. Pankhudi today. Vedan says Sanju’s result must have come. Pankhudi tells him that she wants to do internship in his hospital as he is the best gynaec. Vedant agrees. She offers him sweet. He says I can’t eat. She asks why? Manjula tells Dadi that she should have made Vedant understand. Gomti taunts Vedant and Purva and says she had trapped and planned to control them. Purva says Vedant has married her with his wish. Dadi says she can’t hear anything against her. Gomti asks if she wants to blow some mantra on her. Purva goes. Vedant calls Sanju. Sanju tells his sister Radhika that what to tell Vedant that you are gold medalist in Gynaecology and I have failed. Radhika asks why did you take that subject. Sanju says what I will tell to Papa, his only dream is to replace Vedant in the hospital. Vedant asks Dr. Rashmi to distribute the sweets to everyone in the hospital. Dr. Rashmi asks what happened and tells that you didn’t have coffee too. Vedant says he is taking care of himself.

Purva calls him and asks where is he? Vedant says he is doing his karma and tells about Gita. Purva says everyone made me villain in the house and asks when he will handle. Vedant asks him to have patience. Dr. Rashmi hears him. Peon comes and gives the stuff to Vedant which he asked him to bring. Dr. Rashmi tells that there are no more in patients. Vedant goes. Gopal asks Sumiti to have water and says it is life. Sumiti says then why did you make us do the work. Sumiti smells the food and comes outside. She gets happy seeing samosa, kachori etc. Purva asks what is it? Vedant says solution. Sumiti says she can’t stop now. Purva says Dadi is hungry too. Vedant says I will bring her. Dadi talks to Dada’s pic and says she wants to see Ramesh accepting Vedant and wants his dream to be fulfilled. He comes to her room and says a thief has entered your room. They have a talk. He gives her kachori.

Dadi tells that who eats kachori without chutney. Purva hears her and goes to get chutney for her. Dadi tells Vedant that everyone will eat except Manjula. She comes out and scolds Sumiti and Gopal for eating first. Sumiti says she was checking if it is fresh or not. Dadi tastes it and asks Purva to eat. Purva says she will have it later. Dadi asks vedant to click her pic with Purva. Vedant click their pic. Vedant asks her to make one plate for Maa. Purva serves kachori and chutney in the plate. Vedant brings the food plate to manjula. Manjula asks if Purva made this food. Vedant says Purva will not agree Bau ji’s condition and says I got this food from outside. Manjula says you know his stubbornness. Vedant says everyone is eating except Bau ji. Vedant promises that he will make Bau ji also have food. She asks if he had food. Vedant says he had much food. Manjula says you are lying. She says she will not have food until Ramesh have food. Ramesh comes out and sees them having food. He is about to slap Manjula. Vedant holds his hand.

Radhika coming home and calling Sanju. She asks if he came back home. Ramesh asks why she is asking when she went with him. Radhika tells him that Sanju went somewhere just as he comes to know that he failed in the exam. Ramesh is shocked and tells that he had promised that he will pass in the exams. Radhika says he failed in just one subject gynaecology and obstetrics. Ramesh blames Vedant and tells that he made Sanju failed. Pankhudi comes there and expresses her happiness. Purva tries to stop her and asks her to go. Pankhudi tells that she got internship in Dr. Vedant’s hospital. Ramesh gets angry and goes to his room. He thinks he has lost from vedant. Vedant comes there and says I can understand what you are going through. Ramesh asks can you think what I am going through and says you can’t as you are neither anyone’s son nor anyone’s father. Vedant tells that it was Sanju’s first attempt and he will pass in next attempt and asks him to have food. Ramesh scolds him for bringing outside food. Vedant tells that he will do deal with him which he has been doing since childhood. He says he will teach Sanju and he will pass in the next exam. He asks him to have food. Ramesh says if you don’t succeed then I will open stone and gems shop. Vedant agrees.

Ramesh is about to open kitchen door. Gomti says that girl didn’t agree to your condition or apologized to you, then why did you agree. She calls Purva and says that girl made my brother lose. Vedant asks her not to blame her. Ramesh asks Gomti to be quiet, and tells that he did a deal with Vedant. Dadi asks what did he do this time. Ramesh tells about their deal. Dadi tells that gems and stone shop will not be opened in the hospital and takes the kitchen keys and goes. Ramesh gets angry on Manjula. Vedant asks him to take out his anger on him and not on Maa. Purva hears him. Vedant goes to talk to Dadi and asks her to agree. Dadi tells that she will not give keys. She says you would have asked Purva to apologize to Ramesh and says it would have been easy. Dadi asks why can’t he tell? Vedant tells that he can’t ask Purva as he promised her that she can live her life, the way she wanted. Purva gets a call and goes. Dadi asks what is he hiding? Vedant looks on. Pankhudi calls Purva and asks about the situation. Purva tells that Dadi made the situation worse. Nani takes the call and asks her to apologize to Ramesh. Purbva says she will not bend down infront of anyone.

Ramesh is happy thinking he will open stones and gems shop. Vedant tries to make Dadi smile. Dadi says she thought to dance forgetting her age on his marriage, but this was a forced marriage. She apologizes to him. Vedant cheers her. Dadi asks him to let Purva go and tells that she believes in today, but you believes in today to change the future. Vedant tells that he felt pain when she was kidnapped and then when he found her, he realized that he can’t live without her, and wanted to hug her. Dadi says you love her so much. Vedant says yes. Dadi asks if Purva knows? Vedant says I trust my love and I hope that my heart will make her realize her love. Dadi says God listens to old people and says she will pray. She gives him kitchen keys and asks him not to compromise with Dada ji’s principles. Vedant promises her. He brings keys and gives to Ramesh. Ramesh asks Manjula to open the kitchen. Vedant smiles. Purva gets upset. Vedant comes there. purva tells that they have accused her. She tells that when her patience limit crosses, she will leave.

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