The Evil Eye 9 December 2020 update: Mehdeshwi sees Ansh is witch circle. She asks him to come out. Ansh tries to cross it but fire burns around.. suddenly circle starts cracking and ground is going down, Chitali says what is happening?

Ansh sees cicle burning around him. Mehdeshwi and family starts chanting bhajan. Ruby is trying to her magic. Mohana is lying in casket and doing mantras too. Mehdeshwi prays to God. Mehdeshwi sees circle closing in on Ansh, she jumps in and ties mandir chunri on Ansh’s hand. Ruby and Mohana’s mantras stop by it and circle fills back up and vanishes. Mehdeshwi hugs Ansh and cries. All rush to Ansh.
Mohana thinks that Mehdeshwi thinks that she saved Ansh but Ansh have put foot in witch circle and he is trapped, he will do what we want.

In house, Mehdeshwi says to Ansh that you saw what happened tonight? you were trapped by witch. Shekhar says I kept thinking that it was her doubt only but today we saw witch trying to trap you, you should get married, all ask him to say yes. Ansh is tensed. Mohana sends her powers to him, he gets influenced by her and says to Mehdeshwi okay if you want that then I am ready to marry.. all are happy and hugs him. Mohana thinks that once Ansh and Ruby gets engaged, I will be free from this cascket.

Scene 2
Piya comes to Ansh’s house and sees it decorated. Mehdeshwi comes there and says Ansh must have called you for engagement. Piya says whose engagement? Ansh comes there and says its my engagement today.. Ruby comes there and says with me.. Piya is stunned. Ansh says today is my and Ruby’s engagement. Piya recalls her moments with him, how he promised to find her mother. Piya thinks why I feel hurt about Ansh’s engagement? Mehdeshwi says Ruby is our bride to be. Ruby says she seems shocked? Piya says congrats, Ruby hugs her and murmurs that I told you Ansh is mine. Ruby thinks that Ansh is in my control now, I will show Ansh’s different side to Piya. She whispers to Ansh that show Piya her place. Mehdeshwi leaves. Piya says to Ansh that you didnt tell me about your engagement. Ansh says I dont have to tell you everything, I didnt invite you. Piya says I came to discuss about my mother. Ansh says I said that as a fleeting thought but you came here? I didnt call anyone here so you should leave too, he rudely leaves. Piya is hurt.

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Piya says to Mehdeshwi that I should leave. Mehdeshwi says I feel like you are our own, stay for some time, wait till engagement. Piya looks on.

Mehdeshwi does Ansh and Ruby’s aarti. Ansh sees Piya coming there. Mehdeshwi blesses them. She applies tilak on Ansh, she applies on Ruby’s forehead. Ruby hides her nails. Mehdeshwi pours rice on her. Ruby tries to control herself and says I cant beat this tilak, what to do?

Mehdeshwi applies tilak to Ruby. Mohana says that I know this is difficult but you have to remain calm and cant show your real face. In engagement, Ansh looks at sad Piya. All start dancing. Ruby wipes tilak and thinks that now we will exchange rings, I have waited a lot for this. Ruby sees her hair becoming white, she thinks that Mehdeshwi put tulsi in tilak and its affecting me, I am coming in my real avatar. She covers head with dupatta, Ansh asks what happened? she says all guests are here so I want to be respectful. They pull Ansh and Ruby to dance. Ruby is tensed.
Shekhar says to Mehdeshwi that are you happy now? She sees Ansh and Ruby dancing and nods, Shekhar makes her eat sweets. Ruby sees her hair becoming white and leaves from there. She goes to first floor and hides in a room. Piya sees her going and thinks where did she go?

Ruby sees her hair becoming white and says I have to make them black again.
In party, Piya and Ansh looks at each other, they get tensed and look away.

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Mehdeshwi says to Chitali that we should start engagement, where is Ruby? Piya says I saw her going first floor.
In room, Ruby finds kajal and thinks that I will use my powers to create black cloud with this kajal and then my hair will become black. She created black cloud and is trying to turn her hair white but Mehdeshwi comes there and is stunned, she sees Ruby’s white hair and long nails, she sees her witch avatar. Ruby thinks that she saw me, I have to trap her. She throws her powers at Mehdeshwi and makes her dizzy. She takes black ink from her cloud.
In party, all are searching for Mehdeshwi and Ruby. Avi comes outside room and asks if Mehdeshwi is inside? they all come outside room and asks her to open the door. Inside room, Mehdeshwi is looking at Ruby in daze. Avi starts breaking door. Ruby makes her hair black. Avi and others come inside room. They see Mehdeshwi bringing Ruby from washroom. Ansh asks if she is fine? Mehdeshwi says yes, Ruby says I was not feeling well so she brought me to bathroom, we didnt hear you guys knocking.

In party, Mehdeshwi tells priest that Ansh had put foot in witch circle, I saved him with devi chunri but I am tensed. Priest says till girl with devi’s mark is in his life then he is safe. Mehdeshwi says we are lucky that she came in our lives herself. Piya comes behind her. Ansh is passingby and his hand touches Piya’s hand, they both feel something. Ansh says Piya are you fine? Piya glares at him.

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