The Evil Eye update Wednesday 3rd March 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye 3 March 2021 update: All look at Mohana in house. Ansh says to Makshika that you helped us earlier, please dont change your decision, help Piya, she is innocent, please. Mohana comes in lounge and says I can make Piya fine. Nishant asks her to stay away.

Mohana says I am ready to make her fine then why you need her help? Vedsheree says we dont need your help. Mohana breaks fairy’s jar. Makshika runs away. Vedshree says what did you do? Mohana says I am ready to help, tell me Ansh do you need my help? Ansh says how do I trust you? Mohana says I am changed. Vedsheree says Piya is in this condition because of you. Mohana says I am not in danger so I can help you all. Nishant says I will try to talk to Makshika again, he leaves. Ansh asks Piya to not be scared.

Mayank’s mom says how did my son become good? He is from evil land and wants to do good deeds? I have to do something. Tara hides and thinks why she is doing all this?

Mohana tells family that they will have to come to her for help.

Mayank’s mom takes out dagger and thinks that Mayank did a mistake by not listening to me so I have to punish. She hears someone and turns to see but Tara is gone.

Chitali tells Vedsheree that my mom is coming here, if she sees all these creatures here, she will bring a storm. Avi sees her parents coming. Chitali hugs them. All family members cover Piya’s tank. Chitali’s father asks why they are standing like that? Chitali says they are all disciplined. Vedsheree takes them from there. Ansh sadly looks at Piya.

Vedsheree sees Mohana in corridor. Chitali’s father sees her and says was that Vitul’s wife? Vedsheree says no she died 20 years back. Chitali’s mother says that his eyesight is weak.

Mohana comes on terrace and sees black shadow there, it says that tonight will end her deadline. Mohana says if Piya doesnt help me then I am gone, what to do?

Vedsheree makes Adi sit in water tub. She goes to bring soap. Mohana comes there and says lets have fun. She says some mantras on ice and throws it in water. Adi starts crying. Mohana hides. Vedsheree comes and sees water very cold. She takes Adi out and leaves.

Scene 2
Piya says to Ansh that I cant sleep without you and Adi. Ansh says I am here. Piya says but I cant touch you. Ansh jumps in her tank and holds her hand, he asks if its okay now? I am near you. Piya hugs him and cries. They hear Adi’s cries. Piya says please go and check why he woke up.

Ansh comes to Vedsheree and asks why he is crying? Vedsheree says he has fever, I gave him medicine but its not going down, I think he is missing Piya.

Nishant says witch doesnt help anyone then why she is ready to help Piya? Naman says I changed and she can too. Nishant says you are human and you can improve but witch’s nature never changes. There is some motive behind all this, if Ansh and Piya dont take her help then she will force them to take it.

Scene 1
Piya hears Adi crying and says what happened to him? Mohana comes there and says he will get more ill. Piya says what did you do with him? you want to deal? Mohana says you are clever. Piya says what you want? Mohana says I will free you, you can make Adi fine then you have to do my work.

Nishant calls Ansh and tells him to not take Mohana’s help at all, he ends call and says we have to make Piya fine soon. Naman says Makshika didnt help so what can we do? Nishant says we have to find a way.

Mohana says to Piya that your baby has fever and you dont care about him? accept my deal. Ansh comes there and says we dont need your help. He says to Piya that we are taking care of Adi. Chitali comes there and asks him to come.. Adi. Piya asks what happened to Adi?
Ansh comes to Adi’s room and sees him blue. Adi is crying. Vedsheree says no doctor is picking up call.

Mohana says to Piya that Adi will keep getting more ill, you dont care about him?

Ansh tries Piya’s herbs but its not working and his fever is increasing. Vedsheree says we should take him to Piya. They come in lounge but sees Piya gone.

Mohana brings Piya on terrace and says you did right by taking my help. She shows her fairy powder and says I stole it from Makshika, it used to get powers from others. She makes a circle around Piya using powder. Piya is raises from water tank and starts spinning.. She loses her mermaid’s powers and pearl falls from her head.
All family members are searching for Piya. Chitali sees her parents and ask them to sit in lounge only.
Ansh comes on terrace and sees Piya falling but he holds her. Piya says Adi.. where is he?

Scene 2
Nishant says Mohana forced Piya to take her help, she cant change, there must be something her motive, we have to keep an eye on her so we know what her motive is. Saanvi says there was a fog near their house. Nishant says we have to find out what it is.

Piya says thank God Adi is fine. Ansh asks what deal did you have with Mohana? She cant help without asking for something in return. Flashback shows how Mohana told Piya that she will have to do her work later but she cant tell anyone otherwise Adi will be in trouble, flashback ends. Piya hugs Ansh and says I want to forget everything.

Mohana is waiting for evil power to come. She says I dont even know him, how will I recognize him?

Shekhar comes home. All hug him. Vedsheree says you surprised us. Chitali’s parents say we should start leaving. They turn to see a kid coming inside. Avi asks who is he? Shekhar says he is my friend’s nephew. He has come to study here. Chitali’s parents leave. Chitali sees fog in house. Avi says why its coming in house? Mohana sees fog in house and says evil power is here. She sees kid’s eyes blazing. Family is confused. Avi asks Ansh to close windows. Piya sees sunlight outside. Vedsheree says it means its in our house only, its evil. Kid holds Mohana’s hand and says its time to leave. Ansh takes kid Rahul from there but Rahul evilly glares at Mohana. She is scared.

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