The Evil Eye Update Wednesday 23rd June 2021

The evil eye 23 June 2021 update: Madhu says I will be back with Shakti ratan. Don’t let anyone come inside. Dadi says please be careful and bring the rattan. She says I will be don’t worry. Madhu says in heart if that rattan comes inside the house I won’t be able to live here. I have to kill Vishala and become aikain by sacrificing Appu on amwasiya.

Some men come with a big gift with Appu’s name on it. He says wow it’s for me. Ma says don’t open it, please. He says di must have gotten it for me. Dadi says please don’t open it He says di said she will get me a gift. Dadi says let me call and ask her. Appu opens the box. Vishala is inside. Appu is shocked. Ma and Dadi aren’t there. He says are you my friend? So I have a friend as a gift. She says I am witch. He says what’s your full name? He says I can call you witch auntie. She shows her nail and braid to him. Everyone tries to call Madhu but she doesn’t pick up. Appu is alone with Vishala. He says are you here to play with me? Hema and Malani comes there. Vishala hides. Appu says where did my friend go? Her name is witch auntie. Hema says he’s calling you a witch. They laugh and leave.

Dadi calls Madhu and says did you send Appu any gift? Hema says he said there’s witch auntie in it. Dadi is scared. Madhu hears it and rushes back home. Dadi runs towards Appu’s room. Vishala throttles Appu and tries to take his life. Dadi throws gangajal on her. Urushi runs towards Appu. He has fainted. Everyone is scared. Dadi says how could she come to the house? Appu’s mom says how will we save her. Dadi says if we don’t get him married she will kill him. This is the only way we have. Palak’s mami says I know a girl. She really needs money. You were giving Sharma’s daughter 2 crores as well. You can give that to her.

Scene 2
Palak says marriage? Mami says yes he is a nice guy. He will give you a lot of money. Uncle says you can do anything for Nanina right? She says yes but.. Kavita says okay if you are not ready I can so no to them.

Dadi places gangajal outside the house. Vishala comes on the door and says you can’t stop me. Hema and Malani scream. She tries to come inside but she can’t. Palak says if they’re so rich why do they want me to marry their son? Kavita says their son is also sick like you. Dadi says Kavita hasn’t told me if that girl has agreed. Vishala tries to break the wall and tries to come inside. Dadi says urushi come here with Appu. Vishala breaks the wall and comes inside. She says I will where would you run. They go inside the elevator.

Kavita gets a call and says right now? She says okay we will get the girl here. She tells the uncle they are asking to bring Palak right now. He says don’t worry we will make her say yes. He stops the doctor.

Scene 3
Everyone is on their way to the temple. Appur screams. Vishala runs after their car. Dadi says don’t worry she can’t do anything to us. The doctor tells Palak arrange 10 lac rupees right now. This is the only way we have. Palak says I beg you. I can’t take him anywhere. He says move her to another hospital. They say pick her. Palak says stop please. Palak screams Naina.

Urushi calls Madhu and says Vishala is after us. We are getting Appu married right now. Madhu says I have to do something. I have to stop this wedding. Palak says I will pay all the amount. Please don’t stop the treatment. She says I am ready to marry that guy. Say yes to them.

Vishala stops the car and comes inside from the sun roof. Madhu comes there as a witch.

Scene 1
Appu can’t breathe. Vishala stops the car. She says come the witch auntie is here to take you. Your game is over. Madhu comes to the other side of the car and throttles Vishala. She takes her to the jungle. Noone caw her. Madhu says no one can save you now. Everyone goes inside the temple. Madhu calls them and says U am bringing the rattan. How can you marry Appu without me. Please stop. The phone disconnects. Dadi says they will bring the girl here.

Palak says so early? Why are they being so hasty. Kavita says their pandit ji said the sooner he gets married the earlier he would be okay medically. There is no good time till a month. The hospital won’t wait for Naina’s treatment for a month. Uncle says if we don’t say them they will stop her treatment. What if something happens to her? Palak says no I can’t let anything happen to her.

Appu says when will we go home? She says soon. Your bride is coming. You will get married right now. Madhu is outside. She says I can’t go inside but stop this wedding. I won’t let the bride go to the temple.. Urushi says we can only sit and wait here.

Palak dresses up as the bride. She comes there in the rally of an idol. Madhu can’t hear anything. She holds her head. Palak walks towards the temple. Madhu goes inside the water. She sees Palak going to the temple. Palak says I have to do this for Naina. Kavita says to dadi don’t worry. This wedding will happen now. Money? Dadi says let them get married first. Kavita says I know you will keep your word. Appu says where is Madhu didi? She says don’t worry. Madhu will come soon. You have to get married.

Palak comes to the temple. The wedding starts. They make each other wear the garland. Pandit ji says strat the rounds. Madhu says this wedding can’t happen. I have to do something to stop this wedding. I can’t face Devi’s power. Palak and Appu are taking the rounds areound the fire. Madhu says I have to send my black powers inside but it would deactivate them for next few days. Madhu throws a fire ball inside. Everyone is worried. Dadi says keep taking the rounds. Don’t stop. Madhu burns thr whole temple. Everyone is scared. Madhu says I have to give up on my powers to become aikain. Dadi says the witch is trying to stop this weding. Please save us God. Please let this wedding happen. Urushi sees Palak’s feet stamps on the floor. Madhu says this storm won’t end. I am sure the girl would run away now.

Madhu says I lost all my powers to stop this wedding yet it happened. How could I fail in stopping Appu’s wedding? Punema is tonight. I will get my powers back tonight only. I will see how this girl enters our house and Appu’s life. I will get my powers tonight only.

Palak and Appu enter the house. Palak’s greh parvesh is done.

Madhu gets fits. She says no not right now. The moon hides in the clouds. Madhu says I won’t get my powers back until the moon shows up. She came to this house. But I can always separate them.

Urushi says I won’t keep anyone in dark. I want to tell you all about my son. Hema and Malani say we are decorating your room for Bhabhi. He says her name is Bhabhi? She says no idiot. She is your wife. He says if our dadi and ma are some. Our Bhabhi is same too.

Urushi says to Palak did you know about Appu’s condition before marrying right? We know it happened in a hurry. We can’t give you answers right now. We did it for Appu’s life. Sarika did you tell everything to Palak? Urusshi says let us take you to your room.

She says yes we told her everything. Kavita says yes she has no issues with it. Right, Palak? Urushi says okay then. Urusshi says let us take you to your room. Madhu says wait. I have to see my Bhabhi, I couldn’t be there at the wedding but it’s my right to give you a gift. She gives Palak a bangle and says wear it. Uncle takes it and says I will keep it safe. Urushi says no it’s her shagun. Madhu says my brother is lucky that he married you. Did you talk to hum? Do you like him? I will tell you all about Appu. He is a very nice guy. His condition isn’t normal. Your family must have told you. Did you marry even after knowing everything? Palak says every family faces problems. But if your love for family is strong you can face everything. Mami told me you’re all very nice. We will all face everything together. Madhu says in heart I think she doesn’t know about Appu’s condition.

Madhu comes to Appu. He says where you? She says you married without me? He says a witch came to kill me. So mummy said I need to marry otherwise the witch would kill me. But I would always be in your room. She would be my friend if I become a good boy. MAdhu says true friendships are not based on the conditions. If she likes you for who you are only then she is your friend. He says should I change? These clothes are irritating. Madhu says yes wear something fun.

Urushi brings Palak to the room. Madhu says this would be fun. Palak comes inside the room. Appu is there in a suit. He walks towards her. He says I had been waiting for you. Finally you are here. Palak says I was downstairs. He says don’t say anything. I know everything about you. Palak says what? He says why are you doing all this. Palak says it’s not what you think. My sister.. He says don’t say anything. Nothing is hidden from me. He laughs and says I scared you yayyy.

Scene 1
Appu laughs and says I scared the wife. He laughs. Palak is dazed. She says what? He says you’re scared. She recalls Sarika said he is sick and Madhu asked you would marry him even after knowing everything? Palak is in shock state. She runs downstairs and runs out of the house. Madhu says this marriage didn’t even last for 5 minutes. Urushi says Palak please stop. Madhu says don’t need to. Dadi says she is our DIL. Madhu says she should know that too. Palak comes to the elevator and cries. Madhu says she ran away from the house? Dadi says Appu must have done somethig. He needs her. Madhu says she ran in five minutes and you think she would take care of Appu for life? Dadi says there is something special about her. The witch’s powers didn’t work on her. She couldn’t stop the wedding. Dadi says marriage isn’t a game. Madhu says she won’t come back now. Urushi says we have to bring her back. I will even beg to her. Madhu says she left with her will and she can come back if she wants.

Scene 2
Palak comes to her mami’s place and says you didn’t tell me he is mentally unstable. Mami says we told you he’s sick and we did it all for Naina’s treatment.
Madhu says we don’t need that girl. I have the rattan. Dadi says it can’t heal him He will only be normal after the marriage. Urushi says he needs Palak. Give me the rattan. Urushi comes to Palak’s house. She says Sarika always knew about Appu’s condition. She didn’t tell you? Palak says she must have missed you. Urushi says you didn’t know it/ Any girl would react this way. He wasn’t like this always. He was normal and educated. He managed everyting after his father died. He managed the house and business too. Then one day he met an accident and that changed his life. Everything was ruined.

Dadi says we know you didn’t know about his condition but you married him. We consider you our DIL. My heart knows you can fix him.But we won’t force you to keep this marriage. You can decide whatever you want. Here is the money you needed. No matter what your decision is, this money is yours. Her uncle says you’re all really great. Mohana says in a while these clouds would go away and I will get my powers back.

Mohana says in heart I have to make this Appu sleep. Appu says let me get ou parathas. Madhu says I am not hungry. Take this Strawberry milkshake and sleep. Sarika says to her husband I thought we lost the money but we didn’t. It’s here. Palak thinks about what happened. She says I don’t know what to do? Please show me a way God. Palak prays. Palak sees something in her eyes.

Palak comes running out to Urushi. She says please stop. I want to tell you something. I thought mami told you. But I am sure you don’t know like I didn’t. I am sick. I have a hole in my heart. You have many hopes from me. I don’t have the time you need to fix your son. I don’t know how many breaths I have left. I don’t want to keep you in dark. I told you my truth. The decision is in your hand now. I needed money for my sister’s treatment. But I realized I made such a big mistake. I can’t use you for my sister. Please take your money back. Urushi says what about your sister? Palak says thank you for everything. God will heal her. I will pray that you find the girl who can fix Appu. Urushi says you are that girl Palak.

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