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The Evil Eye 17 February 2021 update: Saanvi says where did that girl go? Creature throws table near pool. Nishant says where is that creature? Creature is lying in pool and hiding. Nishant leaves from there. Creature comes out, his face is shown for first time. He jumps out of pool and takes of his shirt.

He makes everyone freeze there.
Nishant says I told that girl to leave if she feels danger near her. Saanvi says I forgot my phone, lets go back. They comeback and see all frozen. Nishant says it means girl and creature was here, Saanvi says where did they go?

Ruby says to Piya that only Ansh have to feed me and then I will become super witch, she asks her to give braid to Ansh. She gives it to Ansh. Ansh tries to make her wear it. Naman asks her to bow down. Ruby gets down from Ansh and asks him to attach braid to her. Ansh nods at family. They all throw holy water on her. Avi says we are ready to fight you. Ruby jumps up on wall and glares at them. They all throw more water at her. Ruby grabs Kajal with her braid and says I will kill her if you people try to do anything. Piya tries to attack her, Ruby throws Kajal but Ansh holds her and saves her. Ruby says I wont spare you people, witch’s eye is evil and dont leave you until she gets what she wants, she vanishes. Chitali says good that she is gone.

Creature has girl frozen in his room. He tries to make her normal but cant do it. His mother comes there so hides girl. She says Mayank why your hand is blue? He says nothing, she goes to get food for him.

Piya asks Ansh where is braid? did Ruby take it? Ansh says she wont get anyone to put braid on her. Suddenly Shekhar falls down, they all put him on bed. Vedsheree asks him to wake up. Chitali says take him to doctor. Ansh says I can give my energy to him, Piya says you have to be careful. Ansh says I am davansh and can help my family. She starts giving his powers to Shekhar. Chitali says Ansh is getting weak and nothing is happening to Shekhar. Suddenly Shekhar wakes up. All are happy. Ansh faints as Shekhar wakes up. All rush to him. Piya asks him to wake up.

Scene 2
Mayank sees girl still frozen. His sister Ganga comes there and sees mannequins there, she says I have to take these to my room, I need it for my project. Mayank says I will put it there. He makes girl stick to roof so his sister cant see her.

Piya sees Ansh’s heart not beating and says please do something, wake up. Piya says there is one way, I will bring herbs that can make him. She makes herbs and applies it on his chest but nothing is happening. Vedsheree says we have to do something.

Scene 1
Piya brings herbs and applies it on Ansh. Vedsheree says nothing is happening. Piya says Munna can help us. She brings Munna and asks him to save his father. She makes Munna go on bed. Munna goes and touches herbs. They light up and make Ansh open his eyes. All are surprised and gather around him. Ansh asks Shekhar if he is fine? He thanks Ansh.

Mayank tries to melt frozen girl. He melts her. She falls in his arms, he sees mark on her.

All family members are ready to celebrate Munna’s birthday. Ansh and Piya are taking Munna downstairs. Ansh pulls her closer, she says what are you doing? Ansh says I am loving my wife. She blushes. They try to cross their room and come in lounge but Munna become of stone. Vedsheree says is there danger here? Shekhar says maybe he is scared. Suddenly Munna becomes fine.

Nishant, Naman and Saanvi are searching for girl. Naman says are you sure creature took girl? Nishant says we have to find out.

Mayank asks girl to open her eyes. She sees her mark wiping away and says what is happening?

Vedsheree comes near mandir and feels some power. She tries to take aarti plate. Flashback shows how Ruby had put braid in her hair when she left.

Mayank hides girl from his family. He sees Nishant coming to his house from window and says I have to hide girl.

Vedsheree brings aarti plate, it catches fire and burns out. Vedsheree throws it.

Mayank goes to balcony and freezes glass wall. He leaves with girl. His mother comes there and sees wall frozen.

Piya says to family that Ruby said her evil eye wont leave us, evil eye is still even if Ruby left. Vedsheree says we have to find out about it.

Nishant comes in building. Mayank comes infront of him. He says excuse me and leaves. Nishant doesnt recognize him. Some men are taking boxes out of building. Mayank goes with them.

Priest says to family that there is a way to find out evil power in this house. He uses haldi to make a ball. They all follow it.


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