The Evil Eye 8 December 2020 update: Ansh looks at injured Piya and says you took my arrow on yourself, he wears gloves he looks at her and recalls how he misbehaved with her many times.

He sees an arrow stabbed in his stomach, he pulls it out and caresses the wound, wound heals. Piya is wincing in pain. Ansh jerks the arrow from her shoulder and takes it out. Piya cries in pain and hugs him. Piya murmurs Maa comeback, dont leave me, I waited so long.. Maa.. you couldnt find me but I will find you, your Piya will find you, she is in daze and murmurs it. Ansh is heartbroken to heart it, he hugs her while wearing gloves. He makes Piya lie down and recalls how Piya collected leaves that can heal wounds. He takes them out from her purse and crushes them, he applies that paste on her wound.
Saavi is pointing arrow at Ansh from far but Sushant stops her and says Ansh is not hurting her, he is saving Piya. Saavi says what about people killed by Ansh? Sushant says we dont know if Ansh killed them or he might have done that to protect Piya, she is safe with him, lets go, Saavi is not convinced but leaves with him.

Ansh lifts dizzy Piya in his arms in jungle and leaves. Ruby sees it and says this girl cant come inbetween me and Ansh.

Scene 2
Ansh brings Piya to a room and lies her in bed. He stares at her and cant look away. Sajna plays, he takes off her shoes and puts her locket on table. He turns to leave but Piya holds his hand, Ansh’s eyes blaze, Saiyyan plays. Piya murmurs Ansh.. and leaves his hand.

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Mohana talks to Ruby and says you have to handle that girl Piya, you are a witch and cant lose to her. Ruby says there is something between them, they are coming closer. Mohana says you have to trap Ansh, tonight is eclipse and I trapped Mitul 22 years back at this night and you have to repeat it, I cant be freed if you dont trap Ansh. Mohana attacks Ruby with her powers, Ruby is scared and says give me some time.

Mehdeshwi says to family that 22 years back, Mohana trapped Mitul at eclipse night and today is eclipse night, dont know where Ansh is, its not safe.

Piya wakes up. Ansh asks her to keep lying, he tells her that I have applied herb on your medicine, you will be fine. Piya thanks him, she tries to get up but is about to fall but Ansh pulls her closer and holds her. Piya feels his strong presence, Piya says you are not that bad. He makes lie down and turns to leave, he recalls her crying for her mother and says listen, we will find your mother, you told about your mother, we can be different but we have something in common, we both dont know what mother means, I understand that its difficult for you but you are not alone anymore, we will start finding your mother, Piya is elated and thanks him.

Avi says to Mehdeshwi that Ansh will come back dont worry, Mehdeshwi says he didnt come till now

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Scene 1
Mehdeshwi says to family that we have to prepare before Ansh comes home. Chitali asks what do we have to do? Mehdeshi says we have to make a lakshman line with Tulsi so no witch can enter house durin eclipse.

Ruby crushes a tree and makes it powder, she says I will make witch circle with this powder and trap Ansh and no one will be able to save him.
She makes circle on road. Ansh is driving in car. Ruby sees him and thinks once he enters this circle, he will be in my trap.
In house, Mehdeshwi and others are praying for Ansh.
Ansh is moving towards circle but thunder lit hits circle so he takes turn to other lane just when he is about to enter circle and leaves from there. Ruby is shocked.

Mehdeshwi is waiting for Ansh and says where is he? its about to be eclipse. Ansh enters house. Mehdeshwi asks if he is fine? what happened Ansh? Ansh says at a passage change, thunder light bolted at a lane change so my car swerved. Mehdeshwi thinks that witch makes circle at passage change only. Ansh leaves. Mehdeshwi says to family that God protected Ansh by using thunder bolt. She calls Ansh and asks him to look in olive oil, Ansh looks and his face is reflected, Mehdeshwi says I have to go to mandir to light this oil but remember that Ansh shouldnt leave this house. She makes a line with tulsi on door and says this line cant be passed, dont leave especially till eclipse.

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Ruby thinks she has to do something to trap Ansh.
Mehdeshw comes to mandir and prays that Ansh remains protected till eclipse ends. She comes out of mandir but a car is coming near her. Ruby forces a man to call Ansh. Ansh gets a call from man, man says your mother is injured. He is stunned and tells family. Ansh runs and comes out of house passing the line.
All family members are searching for Mehdeshwi on mandir path. There is witch circle too. Shekhar sees Mehdeshwi on road and goes to her, he asks if she is fine? someone called and said you had an accident. Mehdeshwi is stunned and asks where is Ansh? I told you to not let him come out of house.
Ruby sees witch circle on road and Ansh coming near it, she thinks now he will be trapped. Mehdeshwi comes there and sees Ansh coming near circle, she shouts for Ansh to stop. She runs towards him. Ruby looks at them and says history will repeat, they cant stop him. Ansh comes near circle. Ruby murmurs come on Ansh.. Ansh puts foot inside witch circle.. Suddenly Mohana’s statue in locked room becomes alive. Mehdeshwi sees Ansh in circle and is shocked. All family members are scared.
In casket, Mohana becomes alive and sees her braid in a separate casket.

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