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The Evil Eye 2 March 2021 update: Pirate captures Piya and says we will make you a pearl and use your powers. Ansh and Nishant arrive there in another boat. Nishant hits them with an arrow but nothing happens to him.

Pirate says we are souls not bodies so you cant kill us. They all blow air toward Ansh and Nishant so they cant see them. Nishant says they are not humans so we can see them. Piya takes an arrow and attacks one pirate. Other pirate says how could she kill him? it means she is a devik, it would be good to get her powers.

Avi is trying to make Adi eat but Adi vanishes from there. Vedsheree says where did he go? She sees hi walker moving, they go to it but Adi is not there.

Pirate says this mermaid will become weak outside water and it will be easier to sacrifice her.

Nishant says to Ansh that you can save Piya but you have to become like them, you have to leave your half body vanish. Ansh asks how? Nishant gives him powder and says it can make anything vanish but you have to stay away from water otherwise it wont work.

Family is looking around for Adi. They see Adi playing with Ansh and Piya’s photo. Chitali says he is missing them. Vedsheree says they will come soon.

Mayank comes in his room and sees it decorated. Mom and sisters bring Tara there dressed up in revealing saree. Mom says you can forget past and can start new life. Sister says we decorated this room, dont be shy. Mom whispers to Mayank that you only have tonight to get that eagle locket. She leaves them in room. Mayank moves closer to Tara but she moves back and falls on bed.

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Ansh comes in Pirate’s body with half body, he says I am like you, I want her sacrifice to get my body. Pirate says we will sacrifice her. Ansh starts playing dhol. Pirate says who are you? Ansh says I am like you, I have half body, he shows them same lockets as them. Pirate says okay, lets start celebrations of getting her power. They give him wine. Ansh recalls how Nishant asks him to stay from water. Ansh stealthily throws water away. Suddenly a water wave falls on Ansh and he becomes complete body again. Pirate says you are a liar, who are you? I will kill you. He is about to attack Ansh but Ansh jumps to Piya and fights with them. He frees Piya and asks her to run, she says no. Ansh says you have to. Piya jumps in water and jumps on Nishant’s boat. Pirates hit Ansh with their arrows. He falls and faints. Pirate says its time for mermaid. Ansh wakes up and throws away arrows. Pirate says you are not a human? who are you? Ansh says davansh.

Tara asks Mayank to stay away. Mayank pulls her closer and says I wont wait for time. He sees hand print on her arm when he grabbed and applies balm on it. Mayank says you know truth about my mother, you remember everything. Tara says she.. I saw her.. Mayank says you know about something about my mother which scared you but she is not bad, do what you want but dont hurt my mother for my mistakes. He leaves from there. Tara is in tears.

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Scene 1
Pirate asks Ansh who is he? Ansh says Davansh. He glares at them and says like you cant die, you cant kill me. Pirate says but we can make you like us then you will remain in sea for life. They call sea snake. Sea snake gather around their boat. Piya screams for Ansh. Nishant says they have grabbed Ansh to him like them. Snake captures Ansh. Piya asks Nishant to do something. Nishant says he is in sea, we cant do anything. Piya says I can snatch water from them. Nishant says you cant do it alone, you need this. He gives her trishul. Piya says their end is near. She jumps in sea and goes towards their boat. Nishant says fast. Piya uses her powers to break sea in two, Ansh’s boat falls on sea floor and snake vanishes. Ansh jumps to Piya and takes trishul, he sits their boat with trishul and all pirates die.

Mohana is trying to call witch tree and says its not coming, why? Evil crow comes there and says you forgot your promise. I saved you but your forgot your dream, you disrespected bigger power so its coming to take revenge, Cora is coming for you, witch tree vanishes from there. Mohana is scared and says nobody can save me from Cora other than Devik.

Ansh and Nishant comes in house. Vedsheree asks where is Piya? They turn to see Piya in water tank. Adi cries for her. Piya cries for him too.

Tara wakes up in morning and sees Mayank’s clothes lying on sofa. She recalls him saying to not punish his mother. She smiles and hugs his shirt. Tara sees some silhouette outside room.

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Family says someone has to become mermaid to bring Piya out. Ansh says I will become mermaid to free her. Vedsheree says its not a solution. Nishant says Saanvi is searching for solution till then Piya have to remain like this. Ansh brings Adi closer to Piya’s tank. She cries seeing him.

Mayank’s mother says today we will get eagle locket, then this eagle will take me to evil world where I will get mani and after mani I will have everything I need. But her eagle map burns away.

Mohana jumps in house. Piya sees her and thinks why she looks scared?

Saanvi comes to Piya’s house. She gives one jar to Nishant. He brings Makshika fairy out. He asks them to not scare her, we can try to convince her to save Piya, he asks if she can help Piya become free from being mermaid? Naman says its about her life, please.

Mayank’s mom says something is going on, why did eagle map burn? She comes to Tara’s room and sees her sleeping alone. She thinks Mayank didnt consummate his marriage thats why map burned. How come he got guts to deny me? She leaves. Tara opens eyes and looks on.

Makshika starts throwing golden flowers at Piya but suddenly she runs and goes back in jar. Naman asks why she got scared? Nishant says there is an evil power here. They turn to see Mohana standing there. She smirks.

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