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The Evil Eye 2 February 2021 update: Shekhar says to family that I married Mohana and she is my wife. Vedsheree falls down. Avi asks how can he do it? Shekhar says this is my life. Chitali says she might have made you dizzy.

Mohana says I am a witch so I did. Flashback shows how she made Shekhar step in dayan circle. Avi says to Shekhar says that she is a witch. Shekhar says she is my wife so respect her. Mohana says they are not welcoming me. Vedsheree cries. Avi asks Shekhar to come in senses. Mohana says he is my husband so respect him, from now on he will be respected. She says to Ansh that I married your father so you can call me Maa now. Let me meet my daughter in law, she asks Piya to welcome her mother in law. Ansh glares at her and says stay away from Piya. Mohana says are you scared of witch shadow on her? its already on her, all are tensed.

Saanvi and Naman are walking on stairs. They comes to 30th floor. Naman says we could have used lift. They come outside a flat and light stops there.

Vedsheree says to Mohana that I will die but will protect Ansh and Piya. Mohana says I am not alone this time, I have some guests. She takes off her dupatta and takes her snake avatar. All are shocked. Mohana says now I am witch and sarpika. Vedsheree asks Ansh to take Piya from there. Ansh leaves with her.

Vedsheree and family are tensed. Piya says she ate snake but didnt die. Chitali says she must be more powerful now. Ansh says we cant beat her. Piya says if she doesnt need Ansh anymore then why she is here? They all come in lounge and see Mohana doing her garahparvesh. Shekhar holds her hand and brings her in house. Avi says I will call police. Mohana says if people say that he was already married then I will say I didnt know about that and he will go to jail, lets go to our room Shekhar. Vedsheree says stop all this, this is a lie, he is my husband, she tries to remove her sindoor but Shekhar stops her and says she is my wife, dont you dare, he pushes her away. Avi says I wont spare this Mohana. Ansh stops him and says let it be, let them do what they want. Mohana leaves with Shekhar. Ansh says papa is in her daze, we have to bring him back as his life is in danger.

Scene 2
Saanvi sees fire starting outside flat, she blows it off. Woman comes out and says who are they? Girl Ganga comes out and says Saanvi you here? you are in my college. Saanvi says we were looking our sister’s flat. Ganga invites her but Saanvi says we will come later, they leave. Ganga shows blackened name plat from fire to her Maa.

Vedsheree says to family that I have to do something. Ansh says we have to be careful, we dont know how to end witch circle power. Piya says I know.

Saanvi says why didnt you let me go in? Naman says what if evil powers grabbed you? Saanvi says I know Ganga, I think they dont know the danger in in their house. They see a man driving recklessly and ask who is this?

Mohana is dancing vulgarly in her room. Shekhar is eyeing er but family comes there and glares at her.

Vedsheree says to Mohana that we have solution for you. They throw ganga jal at her. Flashback shows that Piya tells family that we can break circle from shekher when she is weak. Mohana smirks and says I have sarpika powers now so you cant beat me with this. She sees witch circle ending around Shekhar but she grabs him and pulls him to her side, she says I have double powers so you cant do anything. Vedsheree asks Shekhar to listen to her. Mohana says he will listen to me only. She asks Shekhar to dance like a girl. All cry seeing that. Avi asks her to leave him alone. Mohana says accept truth, he is my husband now, his body and soul is with us. Vedsheree pushes her away and says why are are you here? this is Piya’s family, my family, I will kill you. Mohana says you people are useless. Piya is tensed. Mohana smirks at Piya and says think about her.

Avi says to Vedsheree that Mohana is here to take revenge. Piya says she is here for our baby, she knows I am going to be mother and she wants baby.

Mohana comes in balcony and says I will kill Ansh’s baby if it can end me later.

Saanvi says we have to know who was in car, she looks in car but doesnt find anyone. She opens trunk and finds some cloth. Naman says lets go.

Scene 2
In morning, Chitali is tensed. They all come in lounge to see Mohana serving breakfast to Shekhar, she asks them to eat it. Shekhar makes Mohana eat with his hands. Vedsheree cries. Mohana says dont cry, she asks Piya to eat, she shouldnt be hungry for long, you people didnt tell me but I know there is new guest coming in house, I am going to be grand mother, I will take care of my son and daughter in law. Vedsheree stands infront of her.

A man on bike stops infront of Saanvi. He takes off helmet and its Naman. Saanvi says what is all this? Naman says I am a hero too.

Shekhar asks Vedsheree to say sorry to my wife for insulting her. She says I wont. Avi says she wont say sorry. Shekhar says if you people dont listen to me then get out of my house.

saanvi comes in college. Naman sees missing person note on board, Saanvi says this girl was wearing same clothes as the cloth in that car.


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