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The Evil Eye 29 December 2020 update: Vedsheree says to Chitali that I didnt tell you but I told Shekhar from start about Mohana being my sister, Avi says then why didnt you tell us? Vedsheree says you people would never believe me, I never took her side and you are now doubting me?

Ruby says to Mohana that Vedsheree have broken their trust and now they will not believe her so it will be easier to break them.
Chitali says sorry to Vedsheree and says we got scared for a minute but we can never doubt you, she hugs her. Avi says to Vedsheree that you are like our mother and you can never hurt us, we are sorry if we hurt you. Vedsheree says no dont say sorry, we have to be together to fight this witch. Chitali says that witch can never separate us. They all hug each other.

Mohana says to Ruby that its not easier to break family, I know my sister, I am sure they are plotting against us.

Vedsheree says to family that she will use her powers on Ansh, we have to stop her before she makes Ansh like her on eclipse, we have only one way.. to make Ansh marry Piya. Chitali says Ansh is married to Ruby. Vedsheree says I dont accept that marriage, nobody remembers that wedding, there is no witness for that marriage. Chitali says Mohana will not let Piya marry Ansh. Vedsheree says Mohana could not make Naman marry Piya, I am sure God will make Ansh marry Piya.

Mohana says to Ruby that I will not let Piya marry Ansh.

Kajal says to Ansh that Vedsheree hid a lot of things from us. Ansh says but her love is not a lie. Kajal says what about our real mother who remained away from us?

Piya says to herself that Mohana has caged her mother in a parrot, I would need papa’s help to free her. She calls Sushant and sees it on message.. she says I am your.. your.. Saanvi has taken call. Piya says on call that I am your daughter.. she cries but Saanvi doesnt hear it as Piya has cut call. Piya says I have to find mother, she must be in her room.

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Rishi says to Ansh that I always doubted Ruby, I dont understand when Guru Maa told that Naman tried to kill her then why did Piya agree to marry Naman? after that? Ansh says there must be some reason and I will find out.

Piya is searching Mohana’s room for her mother.
Mohana says to Ruby that Piya come to my room to find her mother so I have created a trap for her.
An evil liquid is following Piya in Mohana’s room. Piya doesnt see it. Ansh is searching for Piya and hears her earring’s noise. Evil water is falling on floor towards Piya, its about to touch her but she moves away. Piya sees sees liquid in tub in Mohana’s room and is stunned. She is about to touch it but falls inside and starts drowning in water, she tries to get up but its a trap and cant get out. Ansh feels something and runs. Piya is drowning. Ansh enters Mohana’s room and looks around. He sees Piya drowning and runs to her. He lifts her out of tub.

Saanvi sees Sushant injured after coming out of evil room, she asks if he is fine? he says dont come here and asks her to leave, se leaves. Sushant brings out a rod from kalash and sees another rod on floor which is moving.

Ansh sees Piya drowning and brings her out. He asks her to wake up but she has fainted. He says please open your eyes.. he screams Piya.. Piya wakes up, he asks if she is fine? She recalls how she drowned when trying to find her mother. Piya jumps and hugs her. Mere Sajan plays, Ansh hugs her.

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Mohana says to Ruby that Piya wont be saved today and I have one more plan to make them hate each other.
Vedsheree says to family that Mohana cant stop Ansh and Piya becoming one.
Ansh asks Piya what she is hiding? why did you agree to marry Naman, she says you have no right to ask me, you dont care. Ansh says I wont let you go till you answer. Piya says you think you can stop a devik? he says you think that you can stop a davansh? Piya says I am going to find my mother. He says I will go with you. Piya says I will go alone. Ansh says whats the truth? She says you wont be able to hear truth. He grabs her and asks her to tell. She says truth is that my mother is in your mother’s cage, she is a liar, a witch who can keep a kid away from her mother cant have motherly love in her heart, she leaves from there.

Sushant sees Piya’s voice message.. He hears it and sees her desperation. He says my baby, he calls her and asks what happened? Piya says I am in danger, save me papa, He says I am coming. Call ends and it shows that it was Mohana, she had used Piya’s hair to use her voice.

Ansh says to Piya that if you are right then I am with you. Piya says you have her blood so I cant trust you, you can only promise but cant fulfill it, I cant trust you as you love your mother. Ansh says please trust me. Piya says no I cant trust a davansh, Ansh says then get out and pushes her. She is about to fall but Sushant comes there and holds her. She recalls how she left him at a young age, he says baby.. she says papa and hugs him. Sushant glares at Ansh and says to Piya that dont worry, your father is with you. She brings out a rope and throws it at Ansh, he grabs him, Piya runs to Ansh but Sushant creates a circle around and says I will handle him alone. Ansh tears his ropes and tries to go to Piya but Sushant beats him. Sushant attacks Ansh with an arrow, he says I knew your animal nature would come out, how dare you touch Piya? Ansh takes out arrow from him, sushant says I will kill you before you come near Piya, he throws him at glass. Piya screams Ansh.. Vedsheree hears it. Mohana comes in lounge and finds Ansh’s blood on floor, she takes it and thinks that when my blood mixes with Ansh then he would get all my evil powers, I have to do it to make Piya against Ansh. She mixes her blood with his, her powers go in Ansh. Mohana says my powers will remain in him till he is injured. She asks Ansh to beat. Ansh gets up and starts beating Sushant. Piya screams and shouts for circle to disappear. Ansh is beating Sushant. Piya tries to stop him but he pushes her away and is beating him. Mohana asks Ansh to throw him from balcony. Ansh throws him from balcony.. he falls from 50th floor. Ansh heals and gets back to himself.

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Prist asks Saanvi where is Sushant? She says I dont know, I got to know that witch can control davansh’s mind and use him to do her work, she can only do it when she mixes her blood with his and she can use him till his injuries are healed. Priest says danger is big.

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