The Evil Eye 23 March 2021 update: Ansh is in day care building parking lot. Mohana hides behind him. Ansh looks at balcony and feels someone’s presence, he says what if Karan is back? He sees time and says I have to get Adi.

Mohana comes there and pushes him from balcony. Ansh falls down but holds another floor’s balcony. He sees Adi coming out from otherside of wall and walking towards balcony. Ansh says leave from here. Teacher comes there and sees Ansh hanging from balcony. She says what are you doing here? She sees Adi sitting on cupboard and is shocked. Teacher calls Piya and says both Adi and Ansh are creating issues here, come here. She says I am coming. Piya says to professor that I have to go for my son. Professor says my mother in law didnt support me too.

Naman wakes up and cries to Guru Maa. He says my wife is a chudail, I thought she was a fairy but.. Saanvi says I knew from before. Naman says I loved her, I wont spare her. Saanvi says she will eat you alive, she doesnt care about you.


Piya says to Nishant and Ansh that thank God nobody saw him jumping on cupboard. Nishant says dont worry about his powers, what if control his powers? Piya says how? He shows her a locket and says it has liquid inside that can stop him from using his powers. He makes Adi wear it. Piya says now he cant use powers in day care. Ansh thinks Mohana was there so Adi cant protect himself. Ansh says Mohana attacked me in day care. Piya says what? why didnt you tell me? Ansh says you have exams. Piya says its not important, she cant hurt Adi, I cant let him go to day care. Ansh says till when we will keep him in shadow? He will have to go to school, I will take care of him. Piya says what about his safety? Nishant shows her a powder and says this sand will help us.

Ansh throws sand outside Adi’s day care gate and says it will protect Adi. He meets teacher and gives Adi to her. She makes him sit inside. Adi tries to use his powers but cant.

Scene 2
Saanvi says to Naman that you have to keep an eye on Sanam, we have to find out what she wants from us, she cant doubt that you are with us.

Ansh is in car. He sees road cracking. HE comes out of car and thinks to jump on otherside of road but Mohana comes there and smirks. He says what do you want? Mohana says I want you to do what Karan said.

Naman comes to Sanam’s room and asks what are you hiding? She says no. Sanam flirts with him and says what do you need? She says answer me something.

Ansh calls Nishant and says Karan said for me to jump with faith, what did he mean? What if it brings Karan back? Nishant says dont think about jumping from height, dont do what Mohana wants. Ansh says Karan said it too. Nishant says I have never heard of such thing, stop thinking all this, dont do something that is not right. Ansh comes in day care and see no one there. He shocked and says where did all go? He stops a peon and ask where did all go? Peon says they all went on picnic with their families. Ansh is shocked.

Ansh sees Mohana in bus with Adi on CCTV footage. He goes to find the bus.

Ansh stands on building roof and sees bus on road. He recalls Karan’s words to jump from height, he says no I have to save Adi.

Ansh runs behind bus. Mohana sees him and thinks I knew he would come behind Adi and I wanted that. Ansh calls Piya and tells her about Mohana, he asks her to come too.

Mohana takes witch avatar in bus, all are scared. She throws driver out of bus and start driving it.

Vedsheree prays in mandir and feels dizzy. Chitali asks what happened? She says I am fine.

Naman comes to Guru Maa and Saanvi and tells them that Dilruba is hiding something. Saanvi says we have to careful.

Mohana smirks and jumps on roof of bus. Bus is running away without driver.

Vedsheree sees wound mark that happened because of Mohana. She says I am fine.

Naman comes in room. Sanam pulls him closer and says I have a surprise for you, he is scared. Sanam asks him to change, she tries to take off his shirt, he says I am going to change.

Shekhar bandages Vedsheree’s wound. She says something else is bothering me, like something big and bad is going to happen.

Saanvi says to Naman that you have to go to Sanam, you are a witch hunter. Naman says I am not going to die, I will ask her to leave. Saanvi asks him to go with her. Sanam comes there and leaves with Naman.

Chitali says to Vedsheree that dont worry. Vedsheree says Mohana will do something. Shekhar asks her to calm down.

Scene 2
Dilruba and Naman comes to a restaurant on romantic date. Saanvi hides. Sanam gifts him archery kit. Saanvi throws arro but Naman moves Sanam away.

Vedsheree’s wound on arm start burning, she screams in pain. All family members are scared. Shekhar brings ganga jal and throws on it, wound stop burning, Vedsheree faints. Avi says we have to do something.

Guru Maa says to Saanvi that why did Naman save Dilruba? Naman comes there with Sanam and says why cant she be my wife? She must be a chudail but I love her. Dilruba tells Guru Maa that I will serve you and take care of you. Naman says she is so pretty and loving. Saanvi says she is using her powers. Naman ignores her and leaves with Sanam.

Nishant meets family and tells them about blood connection between a witch and Vedsheree, they are related by blood and it created rakt relation when Vedsheree used Mohana’s hair. All are shocked. Nishant says yes. Shekhar says what does it mean? Nishant says rakt relation is still there, Mohana can hurt Vedsheree by hurting herself. Sehkhar says is there a way to break it? Nishant says I dont think so as they are related by blood. Chitali says there must be a way. Nishant says I dont know any way, we can pray that Mohana doesnt know about rakt relation as she will use it for her benefit.


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