The Evil Eye 1 December 2020 Star life: Piya comes to her father’s house. She recalls flashback of her childhood when her father asked her and Divya to leave his house. Piya thinks that Guru Maa asked me to take help from you, I dont know if you will listen to me when you know me.

She goes in house. Her father looks at her and asks what do you want? Piya stammers and says I.. he asks if she wants assistant job? she nods, he gives her application form and asks to get it signed from her father. Piya says you do it. He asks if she lives in hostel? her dad is not here? she nods. He signs on application form and says fill it. She looks on, he asks her to close the door on way out. Piya nods and leaves. She shivers and cries recalling how she left her father’s place in childhood when he kept a baby with him.

Rishi is in pool. Mohit and his friends attack him. Mohit asks what he was doing with Preeti’s photo in jungle? they drown Rishi.
Piya’s father is a professor in college of Ansh. Ansh is in lobby and sees flashes of Rishi drowning in water. He runs towards the pool. He sees Mohit drowning Rishi, he jumps in pool and pushes them away. Rishi jumps out of pool. Ansh grabs Mohit and drowns him in pool. Rishi tries to pull him away. Piya hears that Ansh and Mohit are fighting. She goes to poolside and puts hand on Ansh’s shoulder. Ansh’s eyes ablaze and he sees flashes of witch. He jerks Piya’s hand away from him and throws her in pool. She looks at him and tries to go to him but he leaves from there. Piya sees hand mark on her arm.

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Scene 2
Neha and Rishi comes to Ansh. Neha says you were so angry on Mohit that you were about to kill him, ansh says I dont remember anything.

Piya looks at her wound and says why his touch left mark on me?

Witch says to herself that I will play a game which will make Ansh believe that he killed Preeti then I will pull you towards evil powers.

In morning, Mehdeshwi sees video of Ansh drowning Mohit in pool, she is in mandir and says to Priest that Ansh was not like that, evil powers are pulling him closer, he can have same faith as his father.

Witch leaves a black circle on road. Ansh is coming there. Witch thinks Ansh come to your real mother, Ansh my son put foot in witch circle. Ansh is about to put foot inside witch circle but hears some noise. He looks back and sees Piya standing there. Piya comes infront of him. Piya says listen.. Ruby comes to Ansh and says we can skip class, he says I have some work and leaves.

Priest says to Mehdeshwi that evil eyes are behind your Ansh.

Piya is about to enter the black circle but her father comes there and asks what she is doing outside college? go to hostel. She nods and turns to leave. She sees black circle and says this is witch circle. He asks how does she know? she says people say that in Kanpur. She leaves.

Priest says to Mehdeshwi we have to do something. Mehdeshwi says where we will find girl with Devi’s mark? Piya comes in mandir and passesby Mehdeshwi.

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A new witch is standing in her room. She wipes her eyes and creates an energy. Mohana says that now you know Mehdeshwi can do anything to save Ansh, what I did with Mitul, she wont let it happen with Ansh, you have to pull Ansh to evil side, use Preeti’s body to make Ansh believe that he is evil, Mehdeshwi will try to make Ansh marry a girl with devi’s mark but he has to marry you as when Ansh marries a witch only then I will be able to comeback.

Mehdeshwi is in mandir and says to priest that I am scared. Priest says have faith in Mata, she will show you a way.
Piya is in mandir and says to Mata that I remember when I used to hide in childhood, my mother would always find me, why cant I find her? my mother is missing, please make me find her. Please. Mehdeshwi starts to come in mandir, she prays to make her find the girl for Ansh. Piya and Mehdeshwi both pray. Piya rings bell and turns to leave. Mehdeshwi turns and sees Piya leaving and devi’s mark on her shoulder. She is stunned and runs behind her. Piya gets lost in crowd. Mehdeshwi puts a hand on girl’s shoulder.

Scene 2
Ansh is in college, all are talking about his fight with Mohit. He hears anklet sound and turns to see Piya jerking colors from her dupatta. Sajna plays. Piya jerks color from her dupatta, two girls say what are you doing? Piya says I went to mandir, girls says who follow all those in this age? she says why cant we follow that? girls says whatever and leaves. Piya turns and sees Ansh eyeing her, Sajna plays, he leaves from there.

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Piya’s father professor sees video of Ansh pulling Piya in pool. He recalls how she talked about witch circle too.

Ansh says to Rishi that why didnt you stop me? Rishi says when Piya touched you, you acted like she had current, Ansh says I could have killed her.

Mohit says to his friend that this Piya girl made Ansh leave us, we should befriend her. Mohit comes to Piya, she asks about Bio lab, he tells her, she asks if he is fine now? she nods and leaves. Mohit says now it will be fun.

Neha says to Ansh that you cant hurt anyone. Ansh says I dont look like myself, I was in daze and could kill anyone, I might have killed Preeti. Neha says you didnt kill Preeti, maybe Piya is right and there is a witch in our college, Ansh looks on.

Piya is searching for a bio lab, witch is roaming on first floor. She goes in room.

Mehdeshwi calls Ansh and says I found the girl who has devi’s mark on her body, come home fast and meet the girl whom you will marry. Ansh says you want me to marry a random girl? Mehdeshwi says you know that girl. Ansh says I will talk later and ends call.

Professor asks Mohit to go to lecture room. Mohit was following Piya.

Ansh says to Neha that I wont marry, Neha says if marrying will stop all these problems then marry, Ansh says marriage is a relation, its not a medicine for problems.

A witch is dragging a body, Mohana sees it and is angry.

Piya is in a room, she tries to go out but its locked.

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