The Evil Eye 16 March 2021 update: Chitali says why Piya didnt remember anything when she touched her earring? Vedsheree says she was behaving weirdly, maybe she is not our real Piya, what if its someone else.

Chitali says who? Avi says only one creature can take her avatar.

Guru Maa comes to Piya and says I know you dont like Naman that way but he is your friend and will understand you, I am doing this for your safety, please marry him and go away from here. Piya says okay, if it gives you happiness then I will marry Naman.


Vedsheree and family comes to Nishant’s house and throws imli at fake Piya. Nishant says what is all this? Fake Piya starts eating imli and takes Dilruba’s avatar. Vedsheree says see Nishant, she is a witch. Dilruba catches everyone with her powerful rope and sits on Nishant’s shoulders, she says I will eat you first and free my Ansh. Nishant says Ansh kept telling me you are fake Piya and I couldnt recognize you. Dilruba is about to eat him but Ansh comes there and says stop Dilruba. He asks her to leave him today, it will be a bad omen. She says why? Ansh says today we will marry. Dilruba says really? I love that. She comes off from Nishant. Ansh says I cant marry without my family so leave them. She says okay and opens their traps. Dilruba says earlier you wanted to kill me and now you want to marry me? Ansh says I realized you are right, I am davansh and you are chudail so we have a perfect couple. Dilruba says I dont want to do a mistake this time so please wear my trap ring, this way you will become mine forever and wont betray me. Ansh hints at Nishant for something and gives his hand to Dilruba. Dilruba is about to make him wear ring but Nishant catches her from behind. Dilruba says you cheated me. Ansh says I have to find Piya. Dilruba says Piya is marrying some Naman today. Ansh is shocked. She says you wont get her now.

Scene 2
Naman and Piya are in mandap. They exchange garlands. Naman says I will protect you like FD, dont worry Piya. They sit together in mandap. Ansh comes there and screams Piya. Piya hears him. Priest asks them to start pheras. Piya stands to take pheras. Ansh is running to venue but gets stopped by Mohana’s protective wall. Mohana says I knew he would try to stop their marriage so I made this wall to stop him. Ansh sees Piya taking pheras with Naman. He uses his powers to break wall, he pushes it inside and breaks it. Ansh falls down and screams Piya.. Piya stops and says I heard someone taking my name. Guru Maa says it must be witch’s work to stop this wedding. Piya says then why he is lying there? He seems in pain. Guru Maa says it must be some evil power thats why it cant come in mandir. Ansh sees Piya taking pheras with Naman and recalls Piya’s promise that he will find her. Ansh gets up and runs to Piya. Naman sees him and says he is here. He asks his guards to stop him. Guards grab Ansh. He screams for Piya. Mohana sees it and thinks Ansh cant meet Piya, I have to stop him. Priest asks Piya to lead pheras now. She looks at Ansh and starts pheras again. Ansh throws off goons away from him and shows Piya her earring. He runs to her and falls down near her. Ansh says this is yours, please touch it once and you will remember everything. Naman says who are you? leave from here. Ansh says please. Naman asks guards to take him away. Ansh throws earring near Piya and pleads her to touch it once.

Ansh throws earring near Piya before guards can take him away. He pleads her to touch it for Adi, please. Piya starts taking pheras with Naman again and step on her earring. She remembers everything, their marriage, their baby, their deaths. She screams Ansh.. Ansh throws guards away. Piya runs to Ansh and hugs him. He asks if she is fine? She nods.

Family sees Adi’s statue gone from house. They see Mohana holding Adi from balcony. Mohana ask them to stop, he has to die, I didnt want Ansh and Piya to meet but they did so before he kills me, I will kill him. Shekhar tries to call Ansh but Mohana throws his phone away and says its useless, you people will remain in past. She jumps from balcony with Adi and future dagger and leaves.
Ansh gets call from family and says what Adi is missing?

Nishant is reading book to know about dagger more.

Piya and Ansh comes to family. Shekhar says she said that will finish him. Ansh says what else did she say? try to remember. Nishant comes there. Piya hugs him. Nishant says everything will be fine, Mohana will try to drown Adi in river, she had dagger right? All nod. Nishant says she will try to drown Adi and take dagger to backward waterfall as only thats the place from where you can go back in present life.

Scene 2
Family comes near river. Nishant says book said to find bridge to find backward waterfall. Ansh and Piya goes to find Mohana and Adi while others go to find waterfall. Nishant sees bridge and says we have to cross it. He says we have to attack that golden rock with dagger only then you people will go back in your present life. Nishant and family comes near bridge. Nishant says let me check if this bridge is safe. He starts crossing bridge, golden stone is beneath bridge. Nishant carefully crosses bridge and ask everyone to come.

Ansh and Piya are looking for Adi in rocky area.

Family is scared but start crossing bridge. They are in middle when Mohana comes there with dagger, she says I will use this now, you are here for Adi? save yourselves first. She cuts rope of bridge. All family members hang from bridge. Mohana laughs.


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