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The Evil Eye 28 January 2021 update: Dola is about to take rice but all stop her. Dola asks what happened? why did you people scream? Vedsheree says dont eat these rice. Dola asks why? Chitali says dont eat, they make you fat, it will destroy your figure.

Shekhar says thats why I dont let Vedsheree eat it too. Dola says dont worry. Ansh says they are simple rice, eat something else. Ruby says they are right, you have put on weight. Dola says you mean to say I am fat? Chitali says no you are slim. Ruby says dont lie. Dola says Ruby you are wrong. Ruby says then dont listen to me, I will make you eat these rice only. Dola says leave it, I will eat something else.

Nishant asks Saanvi to bring glassy things from room. Saanvi goes to bring them. Nishant says its going to be morning soon, why didnt they bring seed with things till now?

Dola sit down to eat. She goes to wash hands.

Family members bring flower to Nishant. It lights up. Dola is passingby room and sees light. Ruby says its nothing. lets go.

Nishant says how will we bring it infront of Dola? Chitali says lets make it something. Nishant says we have to wait for sometime. Chitali makes laddos to hide flower inside.

Dola sees Mohana’s casket broken. Ruby says I mistakenly threw my heels on it.

Ansh and Piya ties ropes near balcony.
Dola sees light again and says its from swarp seed. She comes to balcony. All family members hide arrows behind their backs with swarp lok flower laddos on end. Sunlight comes up. Nishant hangs mirror on ropes. They all turn arrows to her. Dola says you all cheated me. She does mantra and makes mirror move down, light goes back. Nishant says we have to do something, we have to make it back up again. Dola says to Vedsheree that you cheated me. She grabs Vedsheree and Chitali and starts eating their lives. Ansh sees mirror being held by witch tree. He punches it and throws it back. All family members take their positions and throws arrows at Dola. She starts becoming of dust. Piya says now see my family power. Dola becomes into bubbles.

Mohana wakes up and is in casket.

Piya washes her face. Ansh comes there and says you saved us. He pulls her closer and romances with her. Rishi comes there and says lock your door, family is calling you both, he leaves.

Nishant puts Dola in jar. Ansh says Mohana helped us today. Piya says but she did it as Dola was her enemy and wanted her dead, she did this for herself not for you or us, she didnt change, she is still a danger for you. Nishant says yes, she thinks about herself only. Vedsheree says she is my sister too but I know her too well, listen to Nishant. Mohana comes there and claps. All are stunned. Mohana says you people keep provoking my son, I helped you all to save from Dola, I am not a fool like Dola, just see what I do. Mohana grabs Dola’s jar and says you people cheated me and Dola so you will have to bear consequences, she leaves. Nishant says we have to stop her before she frees Dola.

Mohana pours Dola’s liquid from jar on rood of Ansh’s house. Dola becomes alive again. Mohana eyes her.
All family members are searching for Mohana.
Dola says to Mohana that you saved me? Mohana says you got lost to humans? Dola says you took their side, what is your gain in all this? what you want? Mohana says do me a favor as I helped you, you have to make my mission complete. Dola laughs. Mohana says game has changed, think about it. Dola says I am not helping you. Mohana shows her braid and smirks.

Ansh and Piya are in house. Piya hears some lion noise.

Mohana says I took your braid so you have no power, you are not a dayan without it. Mohana says help me become dukayan and get your powers back. Dola agrees. Mohana ties her braid again. Mohana says you have to finish sarpika. Dola says its not easy to kill her. Mohana says what if she doesnt remain sarpika? Ansh comes on roof and sees them. They grab Ansh. Piya comes there. She asks Mohana to leave Ansh. Mohana says now I am with Dukayan, we dont need eclipse night, we can eat Ansh and fulfill our mission. They start eating Ansh’s life. Piya cries and says what to do. She looks at the ring her mother gave her. Piya thinks that if I give my powers to Ansh then he will become sarpika, Maa gave me this ring because she wanted me to continue our generation but if I give it to Ansh then it wont happen but I have to save him. She throws her sarpika ring to Ansh. Snake poison goes in Ansh. Mohana and Dola stop eating his life. Vedsheree comes there and screams for Ansh. Ansh sees Mohana and Dola gone. Piya faints and is about to fall down from balcony but Ansh grabs her and pulls her back.

Ansh tells family that Dola and Mohana ranaway, they were scared of something. Vedsheree says they must have got scared of Davansh and Sarpika together.

Mohana says to Dola that we did good acting. Dola says they might think we are scared of them, Mohana says they will think we wont comeback.

Vedsheree says to family that everything is fine, lets pray to lord.

Mohana says to Dola that Piya doesnt have sarpika powers and our mission is to kill her.

Ansh asks Piya what is happening? Piya says I have no powers now. Ansh says your power is your trust, we are together and can fight anything. Piya hugs him.

Mohana and Dola gets more powers from witch tree.

Ansh and family leaves for mandir while Piya rests in house.

Scene 2
Nishant says to Saanvi that I think Mohana and Dola are upto something. He sees witch tree in jungle and says this cant happen.

All family members come in mandir. Vedsheree asks Ansh to light diya.

Mohana and Dola comes to Ansh’s house. Piya sees them and is tensed. Mohana says you were proud of being a wife but now you dont have any power. Dola says she is not even sarpika. Mohana says lets see how you save your life. Piya runs from there.

All family members are praying in mandir.
Piya is running house. Mohana and Dola come infront of her. They throw kerosene on her. Piya falls down. They create fire circle around her. Piya screams for help. Mohana says no devi will come to save you. Piya recalls how Ansh said her power is her faith. She prays. Devi’s lion comes there. Mohana and Dola are scared. Piya takes devi’s avatar.

Nishant says Mohana and Saanvi took powers from witch tree, they made Piya give her powers to Ansh so they can attack her, lets go. Saanvi touches tree and gets trapped.

All family comes in house and are stunned to see lion. They see Piya in devi’s avatar and fold hands. Vedsheree sees Dola and Mohana and says they were here to kill Piya but Piya’s devik powers are back. Piya says to dayans that you wont be saved from me. Mohana asks Ansh to save them. Dola says you are a human, how can you kill your mother in law? Piya says you people didnt spare anyone, get ready to be killed. She brings her trishul and is about to kill them but Ansh says dont do anything. Vedsheree says they tried to kill Piya. Ansh says I dont want my wife to kill my mother. Mohana says I knew my son will save me. Ansh says good people dont let bad happen. He grabs Mohana’s hand and says I dont want Piya to kill her, I will do it. He says to Mohana that you crossed all lines, you could have killed me but you tried to attack my Piya, I cant trust you anymore. He makes Mohana of stone. Vedsheree cries and says die Mohana, its better for you. Dola tries to run from there.

Saanvi is getting trapped by tree. Nishant tries to find a way.

Dola is running. Ansh runs behind her but Piya comes infront of her and throws her back. Piya grabs Dola in her hand. Dola says dont kill me. Piya makes her of stone too. Vedsheree and all pray to Devi and fold hands infront of Piya.

Nishant gives patal liquid to Saanvi and asks her to drink it but tree eats her. Nishant says dont know if Saanvi listened to me. Saanvi comes back from tree.

Piya says to Nishant that now Ansh have davansh and sarpika powers, Nishant says we dont know how dangerous this combination is, you have to keep an eye on Ansh.


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