The Evil Eye update Sunday 7th March 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye 7 March 2021 update: Ansh calls Nishant and tells him that he kept Rahul’s body in fridge.
Shardul’s father says that we are trying to book hotel but all are booked. Chitali says you can stay here with us.

All are tensed. Shekhar thinks that Ansh might have taken Rahul away and says its good if you people stay here, you are our guests and we can setup for marriage together. Shardul’s father says okay we will stay here. Nishant tells Ansh on call to do one thing.

Tara and Sanam searches Panna’s room for bowl and stick. Tara says I couldnt find it here, did she hide it? Sanam says where would she hide it? Tara says lets go for now. They leave but leave some messy things behind.

Ansh is making Adi eat. Piya offers him towel. Ansh looks away. Piya says I am sorry for hiding that from you but I did everything for Adi, I thought my knife wont kill Rahul but it did. Ansh says its okay, it was evil smoke. Piya says I wont hide anything from you anymore. Ansh says I have hid Rahul’s body in fridge, dont tell anybody, you and Mohana knows it. Shardul’s family comes there. Shardul’s mother Shalaka says they have nice baby, mother can kill or die for her baby.

Panna sees things throw in her room and says that girl searched my room? how dare she? She hears Tara saying to Sanam that maybe Panna is not doing all that, maybe Mayank is ill, Sanam says he is in danger, you made him fine, maybe you can save Mayank by coming closer to him? Panna thinks that they are making things easier for me, she leaves. Tara asks Sanam if she heard them? Sanam says yes, we will make her believe all this.

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Shalaka comes to Ansh and asks where is her son Rahul? Ansh is shocked and asks who are you? Shalaka becomes smoke and says I am queen of smoke world, where is Rahul? Vedsheree comes there so she acts nicely and asks Ansh to bring her son, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Panna thinks that soon I will get eagle locket. She hides outside Mayank’s room. Mayank comes in room shirtless. Tara comes out of bathroom in bathrobe. Both shyly look at each other. Jab tak plays. Suddenly electricity goes off. Tara gets scared and hugs him. Mayank says I will go and check.

Avi says to Shekhar that I will make lunch. They come in kitchen. Piya comes there. Shekhar asks her to not worry, Ansh will be fine with you soon. Piya says Rahul’s body is still in house, Avi says guests cant find that. Shalaka and others come there. Vedsheree says Shekhar is making tea for guests. Shalaka says I will learn too. She is about to open fridge for milk but Mohana comes and stops her.

Mayank lights candle and says I am sorry, I shouldnt have behaved like that with you, tears fall from his eyes. He wipes tears from her eyes. Suddenly Sanam comes there crying. Electricity comes back. Sanam asks why are you crying? Sanam says my aunt is ill and she doesnt have anyone. Mayank says we can go with you. Sanam says no you should stay with Tara. Mayank says no she needs us so we will go. Sanam says it will take 7-8 days, Mayank nods and goes to change. Sanam asks Tara how was her acting? Tara is tensed. Sanam says sorry if I came here at wrong time. Panna comes there. Mayank tells her that he is going with Sanam for 7-8 days. Panna is angry to hear that. Tara and Sanam smirks.

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Shalaka is about to open fridge but Mohana comes there and stops her, she says you dont have to work here. Shalaka says its okay, Mohana doesnt let her open fridge and gets milk for her. Piya whispers to Vedsheree that Rahul’s body is in fridge. Vedsheree is stunned and says to Shalaka that dont worry, we will get tea for you, lets go out. Shalaka starts leaving but smirks and Mohana and leaves.

Panna shouts that I wont let Mayank leave this house. She cracks floor and gets her bowl and stick from floor.

Ansh tells Chitali and family about Shalaka being queen of smoke world. Ansh says Rahul was her son too and from smoke world, I am trying to hide his body from her. Shekhar says she is his mother so she has right on his body. Ansh says I know but all guests are here, she can create a scene here. Neha comes there and asks why they look tensed? Vedsheree says everything is fine, dont worry, Neha nods and leaves. Ansh says till we dont find why she is here, we wont tell her about Rahul. Piya says this all happened because of me, a mother can do anything for her son. Ansh says I want to find out what she wants. Shalaka comes there and says me?

Mayank goes to get his car keys. Sanam and Tara spies on Panna. They see Panna moving stick in bowl and hear Mayank crying in pain. Tara says we have stop her. They throw ginger liquid at her but Panna has created a shield around her and cant be hurt. Tara says what about Mayank now?

Vedsheree says to Shalaka that we were just discussing about mehndi tomorrow, you needed anything? Shalaka says Ansh knows what I want, dont worry I will take it myself, she leaves.

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Tara says to Sanam that Mayank is in pain because of us, we have to do something. She goes in Panna’s room. Panna says what are you doing here? Go and help Mayank. Tara tries to go near her but there is a shield around her. Panna says go to Mayank, he is in pain. Tara recalls how she touched using her wrist. She uses her wrist and breaks Panna’s shield, her spell from Mayank ends too.

Shalaka comes in kitchen. Mohana asks if she needs anything? Shalaka takes smoke avatar and opens fridge.

Panna is stunned. Tara tries to take stick from her. Panna says you want to play? okay lets see who wins. Mayank comes there so Tara hides stick. Mayank comes tehre and asks what is all this? Tara says she was doing all this.

Shalaka glares at Mohana as she doesnt find Rahul in fridge, Mohana tries to leave but Shalaka circles around her.

Tara says to Panna that Mayank was doing pooja for you. Panna says I am worried as he is going out. Tara says he is not going. Sanam comes there and says aunt called me, she took medicine and she is fine now. Tara says to Panna that dont worry about Mayank as I am here now. Mayank says yes. Sanam says Tara is with him so nothing can happen to him. Panna glares at Tara.

Tara calls Saanvi and tells her plan. Saanvi says tell me if you have any plan.
Naman says to Saanvi that Mayank can hurt Tara. Saanvi says we will finish creature locket so that power doesnt go to anyone, we have to get something from creature family to destroy spell. She sees Mayank’s mother’s nail and says Tara gave it to me.

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