The Evil Eye 6 December 2020: Mohit’s friend Bobby which Ruby tried to kill comes to first floor and says you.. all in party looks at his injured state, Ruby jerks his puppet in hand, Bobby falls from first floor, all rush to him, Bobby points at Ansh and says witch.. Ansh.. behind him.

Mehdeshwi and all are stunned. Ruby twists puppet’s neck, Bobby’s neck twists and he faints, all are shocked and scared. Ruby smirks. Mehdeshwi is in shock.

In morning, Avi comes home. Shekhar asks how is Bobby? Avi says he is still unconscious, he is in coma. Chitali says Bobby fell like.. Shekhar says dont start, they look around see Mehdeshwi printing her palm on all walls. She says what happened with Bobby was because of Bobby, he said that witch is behind Ansh and I saw witch in party. Avi says we understand you, Mehdeshwi says its time to do something. Shekhar says we are doing all we can. Mehdeshwi says we have to do what we can, she prints her palms with ashes on walls.


Ruby is getting jittery, her powers are leaving her body because of diyas last night. She looks at servant and thinks to eat her life to get powers back.

Ansh comes to his room and sees Piya’s earring there, she recalls moments with her. He recalls how Piya said that these earrings were given by her mother.

Piya looks in mirror and says dont know where other earring went.

Ruby comes to servant and makes her dizzy, she eats her life and gets her powers back. Servant dies as an old lady. Ruby smirks and says I have to find permanent solution, I have to marry Ansh.

In college, Rishi says to Ansh that you have to come to college camp, Ansh says I am not interested. Rishi says you have to.

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Piya’s father says to his daughter Saavi if she is sure? Saavi says yes I asked all students who went to party, they all said Bobby behaved like someone was controlling his body and we know who can do that. Father says a witch. Saavi says dont say loudly otherwise all will know that we are witch hunters.

Piya comes to canteen and asks about dishes rates. She says so expansive? Ansh comes there and sees her arguing over food prices. Piya only takes water from canteen.

Father says to Saavi that whatever happened with Bobby, happened in Ansh’s house, there is something abnormal with Ansh, we have to keep an eye on him. Saavi says if you doubt him then we can hunt him, she takes out her hunter.

Ansh buys food and sees Piya drinking water only.
Ruby is searching for Ansh in college.
Ansh sits to have lunch but cant look away from Piya sadly drinking water. He cant eat his lunch.

Father says to Saavi that we cant do anything till we dont have proofs, I know a way to find out.

Piya gets a call from investigator, he says we dont start case without cost. Piya says I know you cant start investigation without money but I dont have money right now, I am here to find my mother, I will arrange your fees, please help me to find my mother, investigator ends call without listening to her. Piya sobs. Ansh is worried seeing her cry. He takes out her earring and recalls how she said it was her mother’s gift for her. He comes to her. She tries to compose herself.

Scene 1
Ansh comes to sad Piya, she asks what is it? He hides her earring and says I.. Um.. uh.. I.. she says when you remember it then tell me. She turns to leave, he hears her earring making noise and try to not focus on it, he puts hands on his ears. Piya looks at him and says is this a man or rocket science? he doesnt talk even when he wants to, she leaves. Ruby sees all this and glares at Piya, she thinks I have to do something before she comes near Ansh.

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Ruby comes behind Piya and makes her dizzy. She smirks and says go away Piya.. Piya says why? Ruby thinks why her powers are not working on her? she asks if nothing happened to her? Piya says what? Ruby thinks why my powers are not working on her? She sees her necklace and asks what is this? Piya says its protective necklace against evil eye, they cant come near me, Ruby runs from there. Piya says she is weird. A student says to Piya that Principal Sushant(her father) is calling her.

Piya comes to Sushant’s room and says you called me sir? he says yes, you wanted job? she nods. He says you have to follow two rules, one to do what I want and never ask me a question. She says what I have to do? he says dont question me, he gives her envelope and says you have to keep an eye on this boy, where he goes, what he does, whats his routine, I want to know everything and if you find anything out of ordinary then tell me. Piya sees its Ansh’s photo and says I have to keep an eye on him? he nods. She says okay.

Piya calls Guru Maa and tells her about her job of spying, she says its has decent pay. Ruby is hanging on tree behind her and thinks that I have to cut her protective necklace. She raises her knife and is about to cut it. Piya sees Ansh going from there, she ends call and runs from there. Ruby glares at her. Ruby gets Mehdeshwi’s call and says you have to do my work.

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Scene 2
Piya is following Ansh. Ansh feels someone’s eye on him. Piya hides from him. Ansh leaves. Piya keeps up with him. He stops and looks around but doesnt see her. Ansh suddenly vanishes and comes behind her, he pins Piya to wall. Piya says you here? She gets tensed. Ansh leans in closer to her. She says I.. she looks down. Ansh says why are you following me? tell me. Piya says I.. I wanted to ask you were about to say something in canteen, did you want to say something? Ansh recalls her earring and says I was.. um.. he gets call and leaves from there. Piya says thank God I am saved.

Ansh gets Mehdeshwi’s call and says what? I am coming, he leaves.

Saavi says to Sushant that I dont think this Piya can do it, she gets scared easily. Sushant says every human have weakness and strength, he recalls Piya recognizing witch circle and says she knows more than she shows.

Ansh comes home and asks Mehdeshwi if everything is fine? Mehdeshwi smiles and calls everyone. Ruby is there too with her family. Ansh thinks what is all this? Mehdeshwi says Ruby’s parents are here to meet you. Ansh says you lied to me. Mehdeshwi says danger is near you, you have to marry Ruby. Ansh says you know I do everything with my will and now you want me to marry like that? He asks Shekhar that you think its my age to marry? Avi says you have to marry sometime so do it today. Ansh says I dont want to marry. Ruby looks on.

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