The Evil Eye 29 November 2020 Star life: Mehdeshwi sees coconut burning black. Priest says some evil powers are near. Mehdeshwi says it means witch is in house, she tries to wipe the black circle from around Ansh, she asks Ansh if something happened with him that never happened before?

He recalls how he had treated his wounds, he thinks that I have to lie for my mother, he says I am fine. Mehdeshwi pours sacred water on all guests to shoo away the witch. Ansh hugs her and makes her calm down. Shekhar says sorry to guests, they leave. She cries and sees a woman leaving with guests who have long hair, she runs behind her, sees her burning eyes and is shocked, witch takes the lift and runs away. Mehdeshwi faints, Ansh runs to her.

Shekhar gives water to Mehdeshwi, she is shaking in fear. She says I am fine. Shekhar says what were you trying to tell the guests? we cant let them to know what happened 16 years back. Mehdeshwi says witch has reached the house, she wants Ansh, she was challenging us that we can do the pooja but we cant stop her from going to Ansh, she reached our house when Ansh’s dangerous time is starting, she can take Ansh from us, I saw her in the lift, I saw her shining eyes like the witch of 16 years back. Chitali says she has died. Mehdeshwi says you all have to trust me, we cant tell Ansh that his mother was witch but we can tell him that witch is behind him.


Ansh says to Neha and Rishi that I dont know what to tell Maa, I dont know how I did it, Neha says what if Maa is right that you are in danger? Ansh says I feel like I am the danger.

Mehdeshwi says to family that Mitul used to listen to us but after that witch came in his life, we had to face such a big loss in business then we got project of a school and Mitul promised to make the deal in low budget. Flashback shows 18 years back Mitul going for the deal, Mehdeshwi gives him lunch and sweets for the traveling, Mitul left them. Witch makes an evil circle and Mitul mistakenly entered that circle, witch eyes him and smirks.
Mitul is staying at a house, witch comes to his house, he is mesmerized by her. Mitul stops contacting his family and witch made him to weird poojas and prayers for success in business. One day, Mitul comes back home in a big car with witch and his baby. All are happy to see Mitul and the baby, witch smirks at them. Witch Mohana enters their house. One day Amma sees her real face when sees her feet turned wrongly and her long hair killing all the birds of tree. Amma gets shocked to see her witch avatar.. Mohana sees their Amma and kills her with her stone. Then family sees Amma’s deadbody and stone in her hand, they take stone from her hand and sees a hole in her hand. They didnt realize that Mohana was doing it, they were happy about the money and successful, she kept making him rich but also his health started declining. Mehdeshwi and family tried to search Mohana’s background and her family, they found a burned house in her neighboring village. One woman priest Divya tells them that this house was burned because of evil eye, she looks at Mohana’s picture and says it doesnt have shadow, Chitali says she is a soul? priest Divya says no she is a dayan(witch) and is 200 years old, she eats the house where she lives.
Then Mohana finishes Mitul, family is devastated with his death, Mohana’s hair increases. Divya told family that witch’s powers are in her hair and if we cut it then she is useless, Divya comes to their house, she throws gangajal on Moahana, Mohana takes her real avatar of witch and climbs up the wall, she grows her hair long, Shekhar and Avi tries to stop her but she beats them. Divya washes knife with gangajal and throws it at her hair, her braid is cut in the middle, witch cries and falls down, all are scared.

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Mehdeshwi says we didnt want to kill Mohana but a witch doesnt leave her own family too, she would have killed Kajal and Ansh too so we had to do that for them. Flashback shows Mohana running from the family but Divya grabs her and ties her to a tree, whole village joins to see her end. Mehdeshwi takes fire torch and cries. Mohana glares at her. Mehdeshwi lights her alive, Mohana takes her real avatar of an old witch of 200 years old, she says you people cant get rid of me, I am a dayan and if a dayan casts an eye on any house then she never leaves there, you people can go anywhere but I will follow you, Mohana becomes a stone statue instead of burning and falls down.
Divya puts her stone statue in a casket, family leaves from there. Divya locks the place in which Mohana’s statue and hair are. Divya tells them they are free from witch, she has tied this room’s door with her mantras, Mehdeshwi thanks her, flashback ends. Shekhar says Divya told us that we are free from the witch, Mehdeshwi says even Divya has been missing, we tried to find her but we couldnt, we have this money and luxuries because of Mohana. Shekhar says we worked hard for all of this. Mehdeshwi says we left Kanpur but witch is still around and Ansh will become a way to bring her here, only that girl who have devi’s mark on her body can save Ansh, she can change our lives, that girl has to come in our life.

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A girl with devi’s mark gives her food to some beggar in mandir. Old lady says you give your food to others since childhood, girl says how do you find out? old lady is blind and asks she is leaving without meeting her? Girl cries, old says dont worry about me not seeing, I see what others cant see. Girl says I have lost so many people in life that I didnt want to say goodbye to you. Flashback shows that girl’s mother is Divya who left her in childhood and never cameback, flashback ends. Old lady blesses her. Girl prays that Divya maa you couldnt find me but I am coming to find you.

Scene 2
Mehdeshwi comes in Ansh’s room and sees Mohana sitting on his bed and he asleep. Mohana smirks at her and says I will snatch Ansh from you at any cost, she laughs evilly and attacks Ansh.. it is all Mehdeshwi’s dream. She wakes up crying.

Ansh comes to a party, his girlfriend Ruby calls him, she asks why did you not come to yoga session yesterday? He says my family kept a jagrata. She tells him to come to her on right side. He starts to go to her but passesby the heroine, he hears her sniffing and stops. He sees Devi’s mark on her neck, he goes near her, she has back to him. Sajna plays, he puts hand on her shoulder but gets burned with blazing eyes, he looks away. Girl’s mark lights up too, she shivers and looks at him but he has turned away from her.

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Mehdeshwi and family comes to the den where they had locked witch’s statue. Mehdeshwi says we have to find out if she has ruaway or not. Old lady comes there and says you people are back? you are the family who made dayan leave this world but even if dayan leaves, she leaves her evil cast behind but where there is evil, there is devi and only she can save you from the witch.

Girl tries to put hand on Ansh’s shoulder but he leaves.
Ansh comes to Ruby, she hugs him and says I missed you, he smiles.

Mehdeshwi says to old lady that my son is in danger, I couldnt find the girl with devi’s mark on it and I feel like witch is out in world again. Avi says this door is still locked in its place. Chitali says lets open the door and find out.


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