The Evil Eye update Saturday 9th January 2021 Star life

The Evil Eye 9 January 2021 update: Dilruba says to Ansh that you can leave your house for me? Ansh says I can do anything for you. Chitali says only this chudail will leave after dancing. Dilruba slaps her. Vedsheree stops Ansh and says I have always listened to you, I took you as my son, if you are happy with Dilruba then I accept that too but dont leave the house. Ansh says then bless her.

Family is about to do Dilruba’s aarti. She doesnt let Chitali do aarti. Vedsheree takes aarti plate from her. Dilruba says you are happ now? you like me? Chitali brings jewelry. Dilruba says I like them a lot, Dilruba says I dont like the necklace, she looks at Vedsheree’s mangalsutra and says I like this, Vedsheree says I cant give that, she leaves from there, Dilruba tries to follow her, Ansh tries to stop her but Dilruba attacks him and leaves.
Vedsheree comes to her room and finds Mohana in bath tub and says you are scared of Dilruba now? you people are doing drama to save Piya but now you are stuck. Dilruba is finding Vedsheree.

Ansh’s hand is bleeding as Dilruba hurt him. Dilruba comes there and grabs Chitali.
Vedsheree asks Mohana to help them, Ansh still trusts you, he still thinks that you have goodness in your. Mohana says you want me to help Devik? Vedsheree says its about your son.
Dilruba asks to call Vedsheree, she starts to attack Chitali but Ansh pushes her away. Dilruba says you are taking your family’s side? you dont love me? you were doing drama? Vedshree comes there and says you people are fighting even before wedding? She says I went to bring mangalsutra, its new. Dilruba says I like it a lot, she asks Ansh to make her wear it now. Vedsheree says no you will wear it when your wedding happens. Dilruba says lets do wedding now only, we are all ready. Chitali says you have to call your family too. Dilruba says I ate them all, I have no one, I will create mandap. She creates mandap using her powers, all are stunned. She asks Ansh to come and marry her, what are you thinking about? Vedsheree says but.. Dilruba says dont talk in middle. She says if you move back then my heart will break and then I will be very angry. Ansh recalls how Nishat said to keep chudail happy. He thinks that I cant put Piya’s life in danger, he says okay and holds her hand. All are stunned. Ansh starts taking pheras with Dilruba but Mohana comes there and says stop!

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Scene 2
Naman says to Ruby that I asked you to find the special room. Ruby says we are in place where room can be as Divya was last seen here. Ruby shows key to a key maker, he says its very old, I made its duplicate, my wife knows about that woman, he goes to ask her. Naman says you are clever. They hear the noise and goes to key maker, they see snake have biten him, Naman asks where is your wife? but key maker dies.

Scene 1
Sushant says to Vedsheree that we have to catch Dilruba, we have to make her go crazy about imli then she will move in circle, she shouldnt come out of that circle, only then we will be able to catch her.

All family members spread imli in house. Dilruba wakes up and glares at them, she says you people played a game with me and now I wont spare you. Sushant sees some imli out of circle, he asks family to complete circle. Dilruba smirks seeing imli.

Piya is in jungle, she sees an arrow tied to tree and says baba came here to find me? She finds a pouch tied to arrow, she opens it and it turns to panch weapon.

Dilruba sees imli circle around her, she starts eating it. Chitali says where is Mohana? she can help us. Sushant says Mohana doesnt want to help us. Ansh says she made Dilruba dance, she helped us. Sushant thinks where is Mohana right now?

Mohana attacks Piya in jungle and takes her weapon, she says I helped that family for my gain.

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Ansh says to family that I will go and bring Piya. Sushant says we are all worried for Piya but your family needs you, Mohana is not here too. Vedsheree says where is Mohana? Avi says she is eating imli very fast, she will break circle soon, attack her with arrow. Sushant sees arrow near mandir. Ansh runs to bring it but steps on circle and breaks it, all are stunned. Dilruba glares at everyone. Ansh gets arrow from mandir.
Mohana comes to house with casket and start climbing on wall.
Dilruba says to Ansh that you deceived me so I will eat you first, she runs to him. Ansh throws arrow towards Sushant. Sushant says I hope this arrow can stop chudail as its broken. He is about to attack her but Dilruba shortens herself and fools Sushant, she burns arrow and says what you will do now?

Mohana brings casket on balcony and smirks. She looks at Piya’s arrow.
Dilruba says to family that I fell in love after many years but you people betrayed me. Ansh says have to find a way to stop her. Sushant brings out a rope and tries to catch Dilruba but she keeps running around. Sushant finally catches her. Ansh says what to do now? Sushant says its not easy to catch her. Dilruba eats rope and says nobody can stop her. Sushant says only panch weapon can stop her. Mohana says its here and brings it in lounge, all are surprised. Sushant says how you got it? Mohana says I am against chudail so I have weapon against her. Ansh says we have to attack her, Mohana gives him weapon. Sushant asks Ansh to do it.. Dilruba takes Piya’s avatar, Ansh stops. Sushant says she is fooling you, kill her. Ansh is about to attack her but lights go off. Sushant says dont attack without light. Mohana brings casket and smirks.

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Ruby and Naman goes in basement, its all dark there. Ruby turns on light. Naman looks around. Ruby says no one is here, lets go. Naman says we should look around a little more. He sees roots there.

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