The Evil Eye 5 December 2020: Ruby says to Mehdeshwi that Ansh wants to say something, Ansh says Maa, I want to marry.. Piya shouts Ansh.. Ansh comes out of his daze and looks around. Mehdeshwi asks what he wanted to say? Ansh says I went to take Ruby. Mehdeshwi says she is already here. Ansh is confused. Mehdeshwi takes Ruby from there. Ansh thinks what happened to him? Piya asks him to give her phone. Ruby glares at her. Piya tries to take her phone but he moves away, she says its my phone, give it to me, Ansh takes it out from his pocket and give it to her, he feels spark from her.

Avi takes Shekhar from party, Mehdeshwi look on.
Avi brings Shekhar to room, they see turned away feet marks towards window. Shekhar says did someone jump from window? Avi says its 40th floor, it means someone did suicide. Mehdeshwi and Chitali comes there, Mehdeshwi says no one went out, someone came in, Chitali says but why feet marks are going out? they are turned away. Mehdeshwi says its because feet were turned otherside, it means witch is in our house, all are stunned.

Mohit’s body is lying on fan, he falls from there on floor.

Avi says to Mehdeshwi that it might your thought only, Mehdeshwi says no, I kept fresh flowers in this room and now they are stale, it means evil powers came in this room. All get scared. Mehdeshwi says we have to catch her. Shekhar says we cant find her in guests, dont pour ganga jal on guests this time, Mehdeshwi says I wont do that because I have another solution to catch witch. She recalls how Divya gave her a red liquid and said that if witch comes near it then this red liquid will spark and you will be able to find witch, flashback ends. She says I will use this red liquid to catch her, we have to put mustard seeds and flowers on doors and windows so she cant run out of house.

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Ruby comes to Piya and asks why are you alone on first floor? you must not have friends, its difficult to adjust in high society and people dont like to befriend small town girls as they think you guys are backward, listen to me carefully.. stay away from my Ansh, you can become friends with anyone in college but not Ansh, many people tried to become Ansh’s friend but he only gives attention to me, Sugarlips is mine so dont waste time, understood? She turns to leave but Piya says I dont feel so, Ruby says what did you just say? Piya says if that was the case then why are you insecure? you wouldnt ask a small town girl to stay away from Ansh, Ruby asks her to shut up.

Mehdeshwi lights diyas and put red liquid in them. They spark and light up. Mehdeshwi puts mustard seeds and flowers on all doors, windows. All family members start praying. Chitali says these diyas are lighting but how will it reach witch and let us know where she is? Mehdeshwi says it will. She turns off lights of house and says now these diyas will reach witch, she can hurt our Ansh more so we have to find her. They all hold diyas stands in their hands.

In house, light is gone, Piya says I heard light doesnt go in Mumbai then what happened? its so dark. Ruby asks where she is going? Piya says where everyone is. Ruby asks her to go from that way, Piya starts moving towards stairs, Ruby smirks and gets an idea. She puts a string in stairs, Piya falls down from stairs but Ansh comes there ad holds her hand, he saves her from falling, Piya looks at him but he looks away. Piya thanks him, Ansh says cant you not move in darkness? Piya says I cant seem to find living room, please take me down. Ansh looks away but starts showing her path from stairs, she looks at him. He passesby her and is very close to her. Piya feels breathless.

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Ansh says to Piya that why are you on stairs in darkness? she asks him to take her down but he looks away, Piya starts going but stumbles, Ansh asks her to stop. He moves past her, she feels some strange spark. Ansh offers his hand, Sajna plays. Piya gives him her hand. They both feel something, Piya is mesmerized. He brings her in lounge, she tries to thank him but he leaves. Piya says this guy is strange, he doesnt even give chance to thank. Piya is stunned to his hand marks on her arm where he held her hand.

Mohit is hanging on fan, he is not dead. He wakes up and looks around.

Ruby is in party and thinks why did this Piya didnt fall till now? She sees Mehdeshwi and family bringing diyas, she thinks that its divyajot, if its spark falls on me then they will know I am the witch, I have to stay away from these lamps. She sees them bringing diyas in party. She tries to climb the wall using her nails. Mehdeshwi brings all diyas in lounge. Ruby thinks that I have to leave from here. She runs from there but is stopped by mustard seeds on door. She thinks that they have locked all passage ways.

Ruby comes to Ansh’s room to leave from the window but sees mustard seeds there too. She searches all rooms but cant find any exit. She ties veil on her face and goes to lounge.
Mehdeshwi says to family that we have to put these diyas in every corner so we can see witch in the light.

Mohit falls from fan and tries to get up.

Ruby comes to lounge and tries to silently leave from there. Ruby starts getting attracted to diyas, sparks are reaching for her. She gets tensed and looks at diyas. Mehdeshwi recalls how Divya said that when sparks of these diyas fall on a witch, she becomes stoned at her place, she will be stuck and wont be able to move from her place. Ruby is trying to move from her place but she cant. She is getting cracked. Sparks are coming near her. Mohana is watching all that from her mirorr and asks Ruby to try and leave from there. All family members are looking for witch. Mehdeshwi looks at Ruby and sees her eyes blazing, Ruby has veil on her face but Mehdeshwi recognizes her as witch. She stunned and runs towards her but someone switches on lights, all diyas blow off. Ruby’s cracks fill back and her nails take their original size, she runs from there. Mehdeshwi looks around but cant locate her. Mohana smirks and thinks Mehdeshwi lost again. She looks around and cries. Ansh comes to her and asks what happened? Mehdeshwi says she ranaway again. Shekhar says who opened lights back?
Rishi says some idiot switched off lights but I turned them on.
Ansh asks family why did they turn off lights? Mehdeshwi says we lost chance to catch her. Ruby comes there and asks whom were you catching? Mohit comes there in disheveled and says hey you, Ruby thinks that what if he tells everyone that I am witch and I tried to kill him? She smirks and recalls how she had taken off his hair for safety. Ruby thinks I need it. She ties hair around a puppet and hides it behind her back. Avi asks Mohit to come down from stairs. Ruby thinks that whoever comes in my way, I will remove that person. Mohit starts coming down but Ruby twists puppet’s leg, Mohit’s leg twists and it breaks, he screams in pain, all are stunned, Ruby twists other leg, Mohit cries in pain. She keeps twisting puppet’s leg while he cries in agony.


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