The Evil Eye 28 November 2020 Star life: A man at railway station of Bandap gets down from a train. He sees a girl sitting on station alone. He tries to go away but stops and asks what she is doing alone at night here? this place is not fine, I will drop you outside.

Woman starts walking with her and asks what happens here? Man says people say that there is a witch that lives here, she has big nails, she eats people to remain young and have feet wrong side. Woman smirks and asks if they are like these? she shows her wrong side feet to him, he gets scared. Her nails and hair grow, she hits him her hair and smirks. Man is afraid and runs away from her.
Man is running away from the witch but witch climbs on tree and grabs his neck with her hair, she tie him to tree and laughs. He starts reciting hanuman chalisa, witch gets agitated and close her ears. He tries to run from there but she grabs him with her long hair, she strangles him and takes away all his youth, man becomes a skeleton of old age. She smirks and leaves from there.

After sometime, a woman comes to her husband and says we have to do havan for Ansh fast, I am worried for him, we have to find a woman who have devi’s mark on her body and get her married to Ansh. Man says Ansh is not even 21. She says I am worried about Ansh, I am waiting for him. He says Ansh have a function in his college, he might get late. Man says where is my brother Avinash? Avi’s Chitali says he has got a case of some girl missing.

Avinash comes to a jungle with his police force. A witch is following them.

Priest says to Shekhar that we have to do aarti before good time passes. Shekhar says to his wife that lets do aarti. She lights diya, it falls down but Ansh comes there and holds diya in his hands. His mother says your hand can get burned. He says my mother shouldnt be hurt, he brings flowers for her and says I knew you wanted those, she asks him to do aarti with those.

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In jungle, Avi’s dogs sees the witch and runs behind her.
Shekhar is doing pooja with family. They sing bhajan of Mahakali.
Witch goes up the tree. Dogs lose her. Avi looks around.

Ansh’s mother prays for Ansh’s safety to Devi.

Avi finds the deadbody on tree and is shocked. Officer says Preeti was a young girl then how her deadbody is old? Avi is stunned.

Ansh’s sister comes to Ansh and says Mohit and Risha had a fight, Mohit have challenged him for the race, you come out, she leaves. Ansh leaves too.

Ansh comes to racer. Mohit says to Ansh that you will lose today and you will shine our shoes. Ansh glares at them. He sits in his car. His brother asks him to not be angry, you know what happens to you when you get angry. Race starts.

Avi says to Ansh’s mom that a girl Preeti is from Ansh’s college, she was a young girl but her deadbody is old. Mom looks at photos and gets worried. She says I am worried about Ansh, we all know who can death like this. Avi says we cant say anything till report. Mother says I dont believe in all that. Kajal coughs, mom asks her to leave. Mom says we know what happens there because we have seen with our eyes. Shekhar says its an old things, 18 years passed so she will not return. His wife says that there can be another like her, the witch, you remember what she said when she died? Flashback shows witch getting burned but she said that they can kill her but cant finish her, she will return and she will keep an eye on them anywhere thet go, flashback ends. Suddenly a nail from wall falls down. Mom gets worried.

Mohit and Ansh are racing underground. Mohit’s car comes infront of Ansh.

Mom says that this nail was put on this wall by priest but why did it fall down? she says to Shekhar that priest said that Ansh’s bad time is going to start in 4 weeks, the way that girl died in jungle shows that witch has come and she will attract Ansh to her.

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Ansh’s car strikes with the biker and loses balance. It hits the building glass wall and hangs on the building floor. Ansh is unconscious and injured.

Mom says to Shekhar that I still remember the day when they came in our lives. Flashback shows two orphaned kids coming to her, she hugged them, they accepted her and hugged her back. Flashback ends. Shekhar says to his wife Mehdeshwi that you loved them as a true mom, you didnt become a mother so they dont feel less loved. Mehdeshwi says I became their mom, they are more than kids for me. Shekhar says they my brother’s blood. Avi says they have Mritun’s blood but also blood of that woman who was a witch. Chitali says I have heard that witch’s first baby is half human and half witch.

Ansh is injured but he opens his eyes and his eyes are same like witch, he wipes his injuries easily.

Chitali says to Mehdeshwi that what if Ansh is half witch? Mehdeshwi says we have to find the girl who has devi’s mark on her body, she has to come in my Ansh’s life at any cost. Chitali says how we will recognize her? She says we will find her by devi mark.

A girl with devi’s mark on her neck is shown praying to mata.
Ansh treats his wounds from accident and pulls his car back.

Function starts, Mehdeshwi is looking at arrangements. She sees a black cat with burning eyes sitting there. Chitali says she is crying which is a bad omen. Suddenly bulb blasts. Chitali says what is happening? she says danger is coming near us.

Ansh comes infront of Mohit and wins the race.

Mehdeshwi is praying and says witch cursed my Ansh. Shekhar prays with her. Mehdeshwi says what happened with Mitul brother, I wont let it happen with my son, I wont let a witch enter this house.


Witch is shown going to Ansh’s house.

Ansh comes back his home with his siblings. He asks his sister to not tell anything to Maa. Mehdeshwi asks Ansh where you went? he says I had a function in college. Shekhar ask them to go and get ready. Mehdeshwi asks what happened Ansh? Ansh recalls how he treated his wounds with his hands. He says nothing. Mehdeshwi asks did something happen? He says no, dont worry, he leaves. Mehdeshwi sees a dog entering house.
Witch is trying to enter the house but diya burns her feet. She enters from another door.
Dog runs to a room. Mehdeshwi asks her daughter Kajal to take her dog Chiku from there.

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Ansh asks Neha his sister if she told anything to Kajal? Neha says I am not stupid like Rishi, she wont be able to handle the stress. Rishi says you should tell everything to Maa. Ansh says what to tell her that I got super powers? that I could heal my wounds? I dont know what is happening with me. Neha says you wont tell Maa? Ansh says I wont be able to hide from her so I will tell her after the pooja. Neha asks him to get ready and leaves with Rishi. Ansh looks at his firefly and asks if you know why this is happening with me? Witch is hiding outside his room. Ansh looks out of the window but doesnt see her, he leaves.

Scene 2
Ansh, Rishi, Neha and Kajal comes to pooja. Mehdeshwi blesses them.

Witch opens Ansh’s room window and enters it.

Mehdeshwi says to Ansh that I kept this pooja for you. She prays to mata to give her strength to fight the evils. Kajal coughs due to havan smoke. Neha takes her from there. They all sing bhajan. Witch is burning all diyas in house. Mehdeshwi takes coconut for Ansh. Witch comes there and curses it. Mehdeshwi pours coconut water around Ansh but she sees that water is turned black and its all burned. She drops it, a black circle is made around Ansh. Priest says this is a bad omen and seems like a bad power is around. Mehdeshwi says it means witch is in our house?

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