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The Evil Eye 20 February 2021 update: Ansh says to Piya that Priest was talking to Vedsheree only. Piya says mom was behaving weirdly. Piya sees Adi Munna having hair clip. Ansh says it was with Vedsheree. Ansh says I will give it to her, she says I will give it and takes it from him.

Tara is dancing in rain. Mayank sees mark on her shoulder. She sees him there. She turns to leave but is about to slip. Mayank holds her and pulls her closer. He touches her mark. Tara is tensed. He removes his scratch mark from her shoulder. Tara runs from there.

Piya ties Vedsheree’s hair on nail and says if I hear some noise then there is something wrong. She lights diya in mandir and doesnt hear anything, she says everything is fine. Suddenly Vedsheree starts singing in her room. Piya hears it due to hair on nail, Piya says we can only hear witch using this method, it means Vedsheree has become a witch?

Mayank comes to family and says I am ready to marry but not Koel, I want to marry Tara. Tara comes there and hears it. All are shocked.

Piya brings Ansh to nail and says we can hear Vedsheree’s voice due to this nail. Ansh says its because she is in lounge. He shows her Vedsheree. Piya says no, I am telling you truth. She leaves with him. Vedsheree looks at nail and says she is behind me.

Mayank’s family asks him what are you doing? we dont know much about Tara, your kundli matches with Koel. Mayank says kundli is not of Koel.

Piya sprinkles haldi outside Vedsheree’s room. She comes out and walks. They see foot mark. Ansh says they are not turned away. Vedsheree sees haldi and says what is this? Ansh says it fell mistakenly. Piya brings liquid and throws it on Vedsheree.

Tara’s mom sees kundli and says I mistakenly sent Tara’s kundli. Mayank’s mom says that I matched their kundli and it matches so we want Mayank to marry Tara. Chitali says you cant do that, think about Koel. Mom says what if Mayank and Koel dont remain happy? Tara says I am sorry, I dont want to marry, this proposal came for my sister so I cant say yes to it. She turns to leave but Mayank comes there and glares at her. All look on. Mayank asks her to listen to my mom. Avi says its Tara’s decision and its final. All leave. Tara starts leaving, her hand touches Mayank’s, they both glance at each other. Tara gulps and leaves from there. Mayank’s mom says her kundli matched with Tara and now she said now. Mayank says I will make everything fine.

Scene 2
Vedsheree recalls how she threw ganga jal away and put normal water in bottle. Ansh says sorry, Piya thought you were under evil spell so she threw ganga jal on you. Vedsheree says you both think I am a witch? She cries and leaves. Piya says sorry to Ansh.

Scene 1
Vedsheree says to Piya that you doubted me? I always helped you and you did that? She runs from there.
Vedsheree goes to her room and says she wants to prove me witch? now I will make her a witch.

Tara’s mother cries and says to Avi that what will we tell to relatives. Avi says we will find a good proposal for Koel. Jiji cries and says my daughters dont have happiness in their fate. Tara cries and leaves from there.
Tara is in corridor. Mayank comes there, she what are you doing here? He pins her to wall and says say yes to marriage. Tara is scared. She turns to leave but he grabs her hand and says you will marry me only. Tara says I wont marry you ever, I cant do that to Koel. She pulls her hand back and glares at him, she wipes her tears and leaves. Tere naam plays.

Vedsheree calls witch tree in her room and takes a root from it. She says I will take Piya’s ego away. She puts root in tub.

Saanvi and Naman are in college. They see Tara there. Naman says she is that girl? we should talk to her. They start going behind her but loses her sight. Saanvi asks him to find her. Naman says I cant find her, she has mark on her body, she is atleast alive.

Piya says to Ansh that I am going to take bath. Ansh asks her to make Adi take bath too. Piya is about to put Adi in water tub but sees roots growing in it, one root grabs Adi’s foot, Piya tries to remove it, she cuts it with her knife and says you are safe.

Mayank pulls Tara in a room in college. She says why are you doing all this? Mayank says marry me. Tara says we dont know each other. Mayank tells her about history, likes and dislikes, he says I know a lot about you, tell them you will marry me otherwise I will have to do something, he leaves from there.

Piya sees Adi turning green, she screams for Ansh. Vedsheree comes there and asks what happened? Piya says you have become a witch. Vedsheree says let me go to Adi. She goes towards him but he turns to stone. Vedsheree says I have become a witch, I have to leave. Piya says talk to me. Vedsheree says dont stop me, I loved Adi and now I want to kill Adi, what will I do now? Ruby had put this braid on me, my mother and sister was a witch so I became a witch too, I wanted to teach you a lesson but I hurt my Adi, I am going away, I dont want to be like Mohana. Piya says thats not solution, Vedsheree says you will help me right? you will free me right? Piya looks on.

Scene 2
Nishant asks Naman if you are sure? Naman says we saw her mark. Saanvi says we didnt see creature mark on her. Nishant says it means creature removed it, he didnt do anything else, what is he waiting for her?

Piya says to Vedhseree that we can talk to Nishant. Vedsheree says no, he is a witch hunter and wont spare me, Ansh would hate me, dont tell him. Piya says let me talk to my papa. Vedsheree says promise to free me from this curse. Piya says yes and hugs her. Vedsheree smirks.

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