The Evil Eye 19 December 2020 update: Vedsheree asks Ruby to do aarti if she is not a witch? Ruby cries and says why I have to prove everytime? Vedsheree says she is a witch thats why she is acting like this.

Mohana says this Vedsheree is too much, if she was not my sister and didnt raise my kids then I would have not accepted her irritation.
Ansh stops Vedsheree and says to Ruby that please do aarti for Maa. Chitali says its good for family too. Shekhar asks Ruby to do aarti, Ruby thinks that if I do aarti then they will know my truth.
Mohana says I wont let Vedsheree win at any cost. She telepathically tells Ruby that I will create an invisible wall between you and God idol so nobody can do anything. She uses her powers and creates a black invisible wall infront of idol. Ruby can see it only and smirks. She takes diya and lights it in mandir. Vedsheree is stunned. Mohana bears pain of aarti. Vedsheree thinks what is happening? Mohana says to Ruby that I cant bear pain of using powers to create this wall so end aarti fast. Ruby ends aarti and sadly looks at family. Mohana says Vedsheree lost. Ruby says now you agree that I am devik? Vedsheree says she is a witch, we are in danger. Ansh says you made me marry Ruby for safety against danger and now you are saying that I have threat from Ruby only? you said that she is devik and now she is a witch? Mohana comes there and says I have answer for you. All are stunned, Chitali says this is Mohana? how can she be back? Ansh looks at her and says Maa? He comes to her, Mohana is emotional and says I knew you would recognize me after years. Ansh says where were you all these years? Mohana says I became a stoned for 18 years.. I made my heart stoned to not comeback to you, I went to an asylum as I couldnt bear death of my husband and people taunting me so I left. Ansh says to Vedsheree that you said that she died? Mohana says I told her to lie, if you knew truth then you would have come to me in asylum, I was dead for people, I couldnt bear to breath without my kids, every mother is like that, I was alone and so scared, I know it was difficult to live without a mother but I lost my husband and then they taunted me that I ate my husband, they called me bad omen, nobody thought about my heart, how can a mother eat her own family and kids? I thought I really am a bad omen so I made my heart strong and left my kids, I knew my kids would get motherly love, Vedsheree raised my kids, she says to Vedsheree that I cant thank you, she says to Kajal and Ansh that I used to miss you both so much, I was so in pain, please hug your mother once.. she is about to hug Kajal but Kajal moves away. Mohana says I am your mother, I was forced to leave you, she says to Shekhar that you knew my condition at that time, she asks Vedsheree to tell them that I am their real mother as I gave them birth. Ansh hugs crying Kajal. Mohana says I know I dont have a right to come to your life back but I couldnt stop myself when I heard about your marriage, every mother wants to marry her son lavishly but I couldnt see it, I wanted to bless my son before dying, please forgive your mother.

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Piya gives kadha to a girl for her mother, girl asks how is Guru Maa? Piya says I am trying to bring her back. Girl turns to leave and mistakenly kadha falls in havan. Piya runs and brings kadha bowl out of burning havankund, all are stunned. Girl says your hand was not burned? Piya is stunned to see her hand perfectly fine and thinks what is happening with me?

Mohana says to Ansh and Kajal that I am sorry to remain away from you, please forgive me, she falls to feet and says daughters understand mothers, you can understand how difficult it was for me to leave my kids? please forgive me so I can die easily.. she opens her arms. All family members look on. Kajal says Maa.. she runs and hugs Mohana, all are stunned. Mohana acts and cries hugging Kajal. She wipes Kajal’s tears. Vedsheree looks at Ansh eyeing Mohana. Mohana asks Ansh to hug her, Mohana goes and hugs him, Vedsheree recalls how Ansh hugged her for first time in childhood. She sees Ansh breaking and hugging Mohana. Mohana smirks at Vedsheree. Vedsheree cries and feels dizzy, she is about to fall down but Ansh catches her and says Maa.. Vedsheree cries, Ansh is confused. Mohana glares at her.
Elder family members are in room and tensed, Chitali says how can Mohana comeback? Vedsheree says Guru Maa told us but we didnt listen, Chitali says when you got to know that Ruby is a witch? Vedsheree says I told you people many times but you didnt listen, its not easy to throw witches out as Ansh is Mohana’s son and he can try to protect her when we try to throw her out.
Kajal is crying, Neha says you should be happy that your mother is back. Kajal says I am angry at my family, they knew our real mother was alive, but they never told us, Rishi says Mohana asked them to not tell. Vedsheree hears all that standing on door. Kajal says we had right to know about our mother, she didnt let us know about our real mother, Vedsheree kept us away from our real mother. Vedsheree cries and turns to leave but Ansh says we have only one mother, the one who always took care of us, one who never became real mother for us, the one who raised us and protected us in all conditions and now our real mother is back so you forgot about her work and efforts? Vedsheree cries and says I am their mother and I wont let Mohana do anything.

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Scene 2
Chitali says to Avi that we have to do something, Avi says we can call police. Shekhar says police cant do anything, its about a witch, Mohana is back and Ansh is married to a witch too, we are responsible for all this. Vedsheree says I am responsible for all this, I made Ansh marry Ruby and got to know that she is a witch, I am their mother so I cant be weak, I have to face challenge now, we have to throw Ruby out of Ansh’s life? Mohana comes there and says you want to destroy your son’s life when he just got married? Shekhar asks Vedsheree to calm down. Mohana says you are intelligent, I should have chosen you as my husband. Vedsheree asks her to shut up. Mohana throws them with her hair and says we will have ritual of Ansh and Ruby’s ring finding so you all have to come and if you people dont then I will tell truth to Ansh and Kajal, how you people tried to burn their mother then he would hate you, Vedsheree says you wont do it. Mohana says I can do anything, like Mithun married me, Ruby married Ansh, witches are in this house, you couldnts save Ansh, on next eclipse, Ansh will become a davansh, its a big eclipse so all humanity will leave him and he will become son of a witch completely, she smirks. She asks them to come to ritual which groom’s mother is doing and leaves.

Saanvi looks at video of Piya, She says to Sushant that there is something special in Piya, Ansh and Piya have some connections, they behave weirdly around each other.. what if Piya is devik? Sushant there is only one girl in this world who is devik, Saanvi says what if Piya doesnt know that she is devik? if she is Devik then she can be a weapon against witches and also against davansh Ansh.

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a asks Ansh to eat it, its my first time. Ansh eats her kheer. Vedsheree is tensed.



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