The Evil Eye 30 November 2020 Star life: Shekhar breaks the lock of witch’s room. Ruby says to Ansh that those who wish together on this night, stays together so lets wish together.

Family goes in witch’s room, they are tensed and scared. They start approaching witch’s casket recalling how she became statue and they locked it in casket.

Divya’s daughter floats her lantern in air and says people ask to fulfill their dreams but I want my family from you, I didnt have father from start and now my mom is missing too, please get my mother back, I am alone and everyone needs family.. and dont think that I am saying please so you will shoe ego. Ansh is standing behind her and hears her prayers, he mutters rubbish. He floats his lantern with Ruby. Divya’s daughter smiles looking at lanterns in air.

Mehdeshwi says her statue is missing. Shekhar wipes dust off the casket and sees statue inside, he says she is still inside, she cant comeback. Divya’s mother says if not this witch then another witch can be behind you too, Chitali says she is right.


Ansh is mesmerized by Divya’s daughter in the party, he keeps looking at her, Ruby takes him from there.

Mehdeshwi says why all are witches are behind my Ansh? what do they want from him? They leave from there. Witch’s braid which is in casket too keeps moving inside.

Ansh, Rishi, Neha and Kajal comes to college. Neha comes there and says I got to know something. Ruby comes there on hoverboard. She greets them and says to Ansh that can you drop me to gym sugarlips? Ansh leaves wit her. Neha says look at her! Kajal says she is nice.

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Scene 2
Mehdeshwi says what does this witch wants from us? Chitali says she wants to kill Ansh to remain younger. Shekhar says maybe there is some other reason? some very big reason? there are many boys in this world then why Ansh? Mehdeshwi says if you are right then she will want to marry Ansh like Mohana married Mitul, God keep my Ansh safe. Avi says girl with devi’s mark can save Ansh. Mehdeshwi says what if witch marries him before we find her? we have to find that girl.

A black cat enters Ansh’s house, she takes witch’s avatar and leaves house.

Divya’s daughter is studying and recalls how her mark burned when Ansh touched it.

Neha shows Preeti’s photo after death, Ansh says how could she become old? Neha says she was old when she was killed. Ansh says who can make her old when they killed her? Divya’s daughter comes there and says witch, my mother used to say that witch eats your age when she kills you. They all laugh except Ansh. Ansh is mesmerized by her. Rishia says who believes in all that? Divya’s daughter says I told what I know. Ansh eyes her and feels something, he tries to stop himself. She stretches her hand and says hi, Ansh ignores her and leaves.

Neha asks Ansh why he left? Ansh says I dont know what I feel, first my eyes shining then things that happened in race and then Preeti dying, maybe I killed her unconsciously. Neha says you didnt kill her, we can only know killed Preeti by talking to her. Rishi says but she is dead, its not possible. Neha says its possible.

Neha, Kajal, Risha and Ansh comes in jungle where Preeti was killed. Its night, Mehdeshwi calls Ansh and asks where is he? they sees police have cordoned off the area where Neha was killed. They sit there, Neha puts their hands on a chit and says Preeti will answer our questions. Preeti please come, are you here? Witch comes behind them and Neha’s board pointer moves towards ‘yes’.

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Neha and others are in jungle, she asks Preeti’s soul her boyfriend’s name? Witch uses power to write ‘Mohit’ on board. Neha says its correct. She asks Preeti who killed you? Rishis is scared and says we should leave. He tries to raise finger from the board but Neha says when we have three fingers on board then its more stronger. Ansh sits near the board. Witch is watching them, she enters in a black cat. Ansh puts finger on board, all lights turn off. Neha says we cant leave in middle, she asks Kajal to light candles. Kajal does it. Neha asks Preeti who killed you? Rishi sees a black cat running towards them with burning eyes. They move away and are scared from board. Rishi says it was just a cat. Suddenly board starts moving, they all runaaway from there. Ansh stops Kajal, Kajal says I am very scared. They turn and see board on fire and cat sitting near it. They leave from there. Mohit comes to jungle and says I know who did that with Preeti and they will have to pay for it.

Witch comes to a morgue. she looks around.

In house, Kajal shows Preeti’s forensic reports on media.

Witch opens a morgue and finds Preeti’s body inside. She is about to take it but nurse and doctors come there.

Neha says Preeti’s murder was weird, forensic reports will be created where deadbody was found. Kajal says we went to jungle last night so we will be jailed as they will think we killed her? Neha says no we didnt kill her, police will find no motive for us to kill her.

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Nurse and doctor comes in morgue and sees Preeti’s body in a casket, they leave from there. Witch is hiding on roof and comes down.

Scene 2
Mehdeshwi comes to kids and asks where they went last night? they get tensed. Ansh brings a sacred moli and says you called for it, she says how did you know? he says I read your heart. She ties moli on his hand and says God will protect you, you will find the girl with Devi’s mark on it. Neha says girls do tattoo these days. Mehdeshwi says Ansh you are in danger. Ansh says we are always in danger, I have your blessings, I dont need anyone else. He hugs her and goes to college. Mehdeshwi prays and asks to send that girl in their lives.

Divya’s daughter is on call with old lady and says I am in hostel room, there is some girl sharing this room with me but she is not here yet, she sees some fire fighting kits on that girl’s side. Old lady says dont forget your mission, Divya’s daughter Piya says my mission is to find my mother. Old lady Amma says to her that you should search for your father, he can take you to your mother, he has same blood so he will not deny you. Piya says I didnt meet him after childhood, I dont know.

Doctors come in morgue and sees Preeti’s deadbody missing.

Mehdeshwi prays that I hope that Devi girl reaches Ansh herself.


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