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The Evil Eye 25 January 2021 update: Ruby in Naman’s body meets her mom in dark and says I will not Mohana get away from us, she will he punished and I will use Ansh to get back to her.

Her mom gives her bracelet. Naman wakes up from dream and finds bracelet on his hand.

Piya comes home. Vedsheree says we got to know about Nishant, we are with you. Ansh says dont worry, I am with you.

Guru Maa hears some noise and smells something. She says why Ruby wanted to go at this time.

Ansh and Piya comes to their room and sees it decorated. Ansh imagines hurting Piya and looks away. Piya calls him back and holds his hand. He kisses her hand. Piya kisses his neck, Tu Zameen.. mein aasma plays.. Piya runs away from him. Ansh grabs her and puts her on bed, he kisses her back. A creepy doll is eyeing them. They consummate their marriage.

Naman comes to Ansh’s house and says I am coming to make life interesting. He hides in house.

Ansh and Piya are sleeping in arms. Naman comes there and glares at them. He takes off his bracelet and throws it at Ansh. Ansh becomes dazed and leaves. Ruby thinks that Piya has to leave now.

Chitali says to Avi that I heard lift noise, someone is in house. Naman hides and thinks that Ansh is gone in sleep, I have to go behind him,

Ansh is walking on road in daze. A car passesby him and gets hit by tree.

Saanvi makes a concoction and sees purple light going out, she says Nishant might find my message now.

In morning, Avi gets complaint that two people died on spot due to accident because of someone walking in middle of road. Avi gets sketch of person walking in middle of road. All are shocked to see that its Ansh’s image. Avi says we have to find truth.

Scene 2
Piya wakes up but doesnt find Ansh on bed, she says where is Ansh? Ansh comes there with breakfast. She acts like sleeping. He smiles at her and says wake up Piya. He shakes her and asks what happened? Piya opens her eyes and laughs. She says you got scared? he looks away. Piya hugs him and says sorry, I was joking. Ansh says dont joke like this, Piya says then I wouldnt know how much I love you. Ansh says my love will keep increasing for you. Chitali comes there. Ansh asks what happened?

In lounge, Avi asks Ansh where were you last night? Piya says he was with me, why? Avi says someone was walking in middle of road last night and three people died because of that person.

Ruby talks to her mom and says I couldnt trap Ansh for the work that we want him to do, I will tell you why I want to trap him but you keep doing it.

Saanvi says to Nishant that you have to tell me where you are otherwise I will stab myself and come to dishank lok. She finds message on floor which says that I am Nishant, I will comeback soon but dont let them sleep till then. Saanvi says who will sleep?

Ansh says to Piya that I dont remember anything but CCTV showed me. Piya says you were with me last night, it cant be true. Ansh says but what about when you slept? man also recognized me who was in accident, this happened because of me.

Vedsheree says to family that Mohana must be trapping Ansh, she made Ansh go out of house at night. Shekhar says Mohana needs Ansh most.

Ruby’s mother says that I need Ansh most because I need him for my gain.
Ruby in Naman’s body comes witch tree, he ties black thread there and says Ansh will be tied to me now. Mohana comes there so Naman hides his thread. Mohana asks what he is doing here? Naman says I just wanted to meet you. Mohana says you know too that they threw me out of house? I dont need your sympathy, get lost, he leaves. Mohana says what he is upto? She doesnt see thread on tree and sees him walking in girl’s clothes.

Ansh is drinking coffee. Piya says you cant remain awake like this. Ansh says that accident can happen again so I am not sleeping. Piya says I promise you wont go anywhere, I have a solution.

Saanvi tells priest that Nishant said that he shouldnt sleep, priest says what he meant?

Piya says to Ansh that I will keep a check on you so its easier for you, we are in this together, marriage means to be with each other in happiness and pain, lets go to sleep.

Saanvi sees Davansh page opened in book and says Nishant was warning me about Ansh? I have to inform Piya.

Piya is sleeping. Witch tree starts burning so Ansh wakes up and is dazed. Piya wakes up and tries to stop Ansh. Saanvi calls Piya and says Nishant messaged that dont let Ansh sleep as evil are waiting for him sawarp lok. Ansh pushes Piya away and ties her to bed. Ansh comes to balcony and is about throw himself from there. Naman sees Ansh standing there and says why he is standing there? He will fall. Ansh jumps from balcony. Piya takes snake avatar and grabs him with her tail and brings him back. She hugs him. Ansh wakes up and says Piya?

Ruby says to her mom that you are trying to kill Ansh? She says that will be revenge against Mohana. Ruby says I am not with you in this, Ansh is my love and I wont let you kill her, she leaves. Her mom says she is a fool, I have to do something.

Scene 2
Priest tells family that Ansh was about to kill himself so its not Mohana who is danger for Ansh as she needs him so there is some other power that is trying to kill Ansh, Nishant sent message to not let Ansh sleep because of swarp lok. Piya says how will we find who is danger for Ansh? Naman comes there and says I know the answers. Avi glares at him and asks him to not come in. Priest says he is.. Naman says dont talk, I want them to recognize me, hello Vedsheree aunty.. nobody recognized me? She says Ansh will recognize me, right Sugarlips? all are stunned. Vedsheree says Ruby? Priest says its Ruby in Naman’s body, its a long story, he tells them and says Ruby is in Naman’s body. Naman says to Piya that you might hate me. Piya says you saved Ansh’s life putting your life at stake, Ansh is alive because of you. Ruby says Ansh is in danger again.

Mohana asks evil powers to tell her which she doesnt know. She holds witch tree and sees flashback of Ruby talking to her mother, she screams and says she cant come back.

Ruby tells family that my mom and Mohana have old animosity, she doesnt want Mohana’s life to increase so she wants to snatch Ansh from her, she can go to any extent for that and even used me, I got to know later that she wants to kill Ansh. All are stunned.


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