The Evil Eye update Monday 1st March 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye 1 March 2021 update: Piya stands near the waters. She sees her child and is in tears. Piya runs and jumps n the water. She turns into a mermaid. Piiya comes out fo water.

Tara tries calling Sawi. Sawi says Tara.. We have been waiting for your call. Sawi says did you get my voice message? Tara says I didn’t get any voice message. Sawi says why would you call then? She says weird things are happening with me. I don’t know why. SAwi says your husband Mayank is.. Sawi’s voice disrupts. Tara says I can’t hear anything. Sawi says keep ginger and black pepper with you to protect yourself. Tara says I can’t hear. Mayank cuts the wire. He says who were you talking to?

Piya recalls spending time with her child and Ansh. She says they must be looking for me. A pirates’ boat sees her. He says she is a mermaid. Their tears make pearls. They are expensive. We will sell her for an expensive price. They sail towards her.

Tara takes out ginger. Mayak’s sister says are you adding it in tea? Mayank doesn’t like it. Mayak comes and takes the bottle of black pepper from her.
The pirates are about to shove an arrow but Piya jumps in the water. They sail after her. They try to shoot her. Piya goes deep in the water. The head pirate says she can’t hide for me. He says find her. Piya is hidden behind their boat.

Ansh says how will we find her in this big sea? Shekhar says we are with you. They see pearls on a stone. Shekhar says these pearls are made from her tears. Seh was here. Ansh picks them in tears. He says wherever you are I will find you.

Tara gives tea to Mayank with gigner. He drinks it.
Mohhana is with Piya’s child. She touches him and he becomes of stone. He has mohana’s comb. She leaves and he is released. Mohana comes back again. He freezes again. She says you’re playing with me? I will see.

Tara sees black pepper in her hand. It makes a smoke and goes in a lady in black saree. Tara recalls the same lady attacked her. The black pepper burns her skin. Tara says you drank that tea? Mayank didn’t? She is about take her ghunghat off but she disappears her.

Chitali is making Piya’s child eat. She goes to door. Mohana comes and mixes something in it. She is about to make him eat it. Chitali says you can’t do this. She says I will make him eat. The child throws it on her face. Chitali laughs. Mohana says are you laughing? She throttles Chitali.

Scene 1
Ansh and Nishant are in boat in river. Nishant asks him to throw Piya’s tears in river. Ansh does, it becomes pearl and pulls Ansh in river.

Piya is hiding in water. Some pirates are attacking mermaids. They attack one and takes her pearl. Pirate says half work is done, I have to get another mermaid.

Tara tries to touch woman in veil but woman vanishes.
Evil woman comes out of house, her veil goes off and its Mayank’s mother only. Flashback shows how Mayank brought tea for his mom and she had something mixed in it.

Piya is hiding but pirate sees her and attacks with an arrow but she swims away. They follow her.

Mayank’s mom comes to Tara. She cries and hugs her. Mom asks what happened? Tara says there was a woman in veil and I saw her in tea but.. Mom asks if she saw some bad dream? what garlic tea? tree pulling.. what? Tara recalls how Mayank pulled tree earlier and thinks I never told her that but how does she know? Tara says she had horse feet. Mom asks like these and shows her feet which are horse feet. Tara is stunned.

Chitali cries for help. Vedsheree comes there and asks Mohana to leave her. Mohana says she forces me to become old Mohana. Chitali asks Adi to help her. Adi becomes red and burns Mohana’s braid. Mohana leaves Chitali and glares at Adi. She leaves from there.

Pirate is searching for mermaid. They see her swimming in water and attacks her but Piya hides in water.

Mayank’s mom grabs Tara. Tara is scared and says let me go, I wont tell anyone, mom says you cant. She removes her memory and says we need you so I cant punish you, once my son and you consummate your marriage and we get what we want then we dont need you. Tara is confused and says I dont remember what I was looking for, mom asks her to go and takes rest. Tara recalls how Mayank had earlier erased her memory.

Ansh sees Piya in water and swims to her. They lovingly look at each other. Ansh hugs her. Suddenly Piya starts moving away. Ansh looks around but doesnt see her.

Scene 2
Tara comes to her room and recalls Mayank’s mom’s words and how she tried to erase her memory, Tara says I remember everything, I didnt forget anything, it means Mayank and his mom are together in this, what do they want from me? I should leave, they are scary but if I leave then I wont know anything about my father’s death and they will find me anywhere, what should I do? She falls down and cries.

Chitali is trying to make Adi eat but he looks away. Chitali says he doesnt listen. Avi laughs, Chitali asks him to make him eat if you think its that easy.. They turn to see Adi gone.
Mom says to Mayank that you still couldnt that eagle mark from her? She is not innocent, she got to know about my truth, I erased her memory, get me that eagle locket till tomorrow morning, you have this night only.

Avi and Chitali come to room and see him sitting on cupboard. Avi says we found you, if you eat this food then we will go to eat ice-cream. He tries to bring him down but cant reach him. Chitali asks him to come down. Vedsheree comes there and says we have one way to make him eat.

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