The Evil Eye 15 March 2021 update: Nishant touches Piya’s earring. Ansh says this is your wife’s earring who gave it to Piya, do you still think I am lying? Priest says I am sure they are not lying. Nishant asks where is Piya?

Ansh says Mohana is behind her. Nishant says she will try to kill her as Adi is vanishing. Ansh rushes to Adi. Nishant says we have to save Piya to save Adi. Vedsheree says where is Piya? Ansh says I know.

Mohana sees Piya freezing and says story will end and Adi will vanish too.


Ansh and Nishant comes to jungle. Ansh leaves fireflies in sky and follow them as they lead them to Piya.

Tree is falling near Piya to save her. Mohana says I wont let it happen, she asks tree to move away, it doesnt. Mohana says I have to teach a lesson. She takes witch avatar and uses her powers to break its roots, she takes it away and throws it from cliff. She sees Piya dying and says nobody can save her.

Nishant and Ansh comes to area where Piya is. Mohana senses them and says someone is here. She hides from there. Nishant sees Piya and says Mohana have tied her with witch tree roots. They try to rush to Piya but Mohana comes infront of them. Nishant points arrow at her and asks Ansh to run and save Piya, Ansh runs to her. Nishant says I will take revenge of my wife and my daughter’s killing, he shoots at arrow her but she jumps away.

Ansh comes to Piya and sees moon about to cast light on her. Ansh says I wont let anything happen to her. He becomes davansh and becomes big. He covers moon so it doesnt fall light on Piya.

Nishant tries to attack Mohana but she punches him and laughs.

Ansh says Nishant told me that I can break spell using metal. He sees his metal ring and touches Piya’s ice covered body, ice breaks and Piya wakes up.

Mohana says to Nishant that you cant beat powerful witch like me now. Nishant throws arrow and ties her to a tree.

Ansh says Piya.. Piya moves back and says who are you? are you with a witch? Ansh says I am your Ansh, you dont remember me. Ansh says wait, he gives her earring and ask her to touch it. She says its mine. She touches it and says I remember everything now. Ansh rushes to her and hugs her, he says I found you, now I just save to Adi. Piya says who Adi? Ansh is stunned and moves back.

Mohana says to Nishant that your daughter is in danger as my son davansh is not safe for her. Nishant leaves from there. Mohana says I have to free myself.

Ansh asks Piya who are you? where is my Piya? Piya says I am your Piya. Flashback shows how Mohana had hid real Piya in casket and made Dilruba lie there. Flashback ends. Ansh grabs her neck and asks where is my Piya? Dilruba laughs evilly. Nishant comes there and points arrow at Ansh, he asks him to leave his daughter.

Ansh grabs fake Piya’s neck and asks where is Piya? Nishant comes there and points arrow at Ansh, he asks him to leave his daughter. Ansh says she is not Piya. Fake Piya acts like dying and says papa save me. Nishant throws arrow at Ansh. Fake Piya rush to him. Ansh says she is not Piya, listen to me please. Nishant throws another arrow at him. Ansh says she is not your daughter, we will lose Piya and Adi. Nishant says I can identify my daughter. Fake Piya says I am scared.

Guru Maa comes to Mohana’s chamber and sees glass pieces on floor. Guru Maa says Mohana left? She must be behind Piya. She calls Piya but Mohana takes call and says she is with me. I will take my revenge, she ends call. Guru Maa says where will I find Piya? I heard certain bird chirping, she is manak area with Piya.

Nishant puts Ansh in a case in dark room. Ansh says she is not real Piya. We have to go from here and find Piya, please trust me. Fake Piya comes there. Case start shouting. Nishant says they are shouting at Ansh, you are evil like all others. He fills his case with green smoke and says it will make you weak and you wont be able to run. He surrounds his case with patal liquid and says if you touch it then it will not spare you. He leaves with fake Piya.

Guru Maa comes to manak site and uses her prayers to break Mohana’s spell from casket. She sees Piya in case. Naman comes there and asks Piya to wake up.
Family sees Adi stop from vanishing. Vedsheree says it means Ansh found Piya.

Mohana sees Naman and Guru Maa leaving with Piya. Mohana sees it and thinks that they will take Piya away from Mumbai and will take her away from Ansh, she doesnt know that Piya is a devik and she doesnt know about Ansh, this Naman is a fool and will do anything to get Piya.

Ansh wakes up and thinks I have to leave from here. He breaks case using his power and sees patal liquid around him.

Guru Maa asks Piya if she is fine now? Piya nods. Guru Maa says your mom caught this witch 20 years back and now she is out for revenge. I have decided that you marry Naman and go far away from Mumbai. Naman says yes I am ready to marry Piya. Piya is tensed and looks on.

Scene 2
Nishant says to fake Piya that I dont know how I came in Ansh’s words. I dont know why he is behind you, he was searching for you and then was attacking you. Piya says I dont know what he wants. Nishant says I have caught him. Dilruba thinks her deal with Mohana and says we cant keep him there? Nishant says I will handle it. Vedsheree comes there and asks where is my son?

Ansh jumps away from patal liquid. He jumps from case to case.

Family asks Nishant where is Ansh? She sees Piya and says you are fine? where is Ansh? Nishant says be away from Piya, she was dying, dont stress her. Vedsheree says we are not bothering her, she is my daughter in law. Nishant says enough, I dont trust you people. Your Ansh was trying to kill Piya. Shekhar says he can never do that. Nishant says I saw him myself. Piya says yes, he attacked me. Vedsheree says he can never do that. Did you touch your earring? Nishant says yes she did but nothing happened, I dont have time for your stories, if you try to harm my daughter then it wont be good, please leave. Vedsheree sees Piya acting weirdly.


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