The Evil Eye 14 December 2020 update:  Vedsheree steps in witch circle. Guru Maa says I am sorry, we have to save devik at this time as only she can kill a witch, she leaves.

Piya is stuck in Mohana’s casket and Vedsheree ges influenced by Mohana.
Priest comes to Vedsheree and says I have brought a weapon that can kill witch. Priest asks to bring Ruby somewhere alone, nobody should know and doubt. Vedsheree turns and smirks. Mohana asks Vedsheree to get Ansh and Ruby married. Vedsheree says to Shekhar that we cant delay their wedding, lets start pheras. Priest is stunned and calls Sushant. Chitali says we should do aarti first. Priest thinks that Ruby will go away in aarti and I will get a chance to finish her.

Ruby is tensed as aarti is about to start, Ruby acts like fainting. Chitali says she must be tired, Vedsheree says I will take her to room. She takes her from there. Ruby thinks why Vedsheree is delaying marriage?
Neha says to Ansh that wedding keeps getting delayed, its a sign, stop this wedding.

In room, Vedsheree asks Ruby to come inside. Ruby see her foot marks and thinks that Vedsheree got to know about my truth?

Priest opens power trishul box and holds it. He recalls how Sushant that when you attack witch with it, attack on her heart only then she will die.

Ruby goes towards Vedsheree and locks door. She smirks.

Officer comes to wedding, he comes to Avi and says I want to discuss it.
Mohana makes Vedsheree talk to Ruby. Vedsheree says wedding is delayed but we have to do it fast. Ruby takes off her dupatta and shows her long hair.

Officer shows his daughter’s diary and says she used to study in Dehradun, he shows her picture of college in which Ruby is there too, he says Ruby in Dehradun? Officer says if she did graduation in 2016 in Dehradun then why she is in Ansh’s college? something is fishy.

Ruby grabs Vedsheree by hair. Mohana is stunned and says what is Ruby doing? Vedsheree is struggling and says to Ruby that I am with you, I am here to help you. Ruby says you know my truth so I have to close your mouth forever. Mohana tries to stop Ruby. Ruby eats away Vedsheree’s age.
Priest comes in Ruby’s room and is shocked to see Ruby eating away Vedsheree’s age and attacking her. He takes some pious water and throws it on Ruby. Ruby leaves Vedsheree before she can die. Ruby says to priest that you are still alive? you wont be safe now. She jumps to attack him but priest throws trishul at her, it hits in her heart, Ruby becomes stone statue and falls down on floor. Vedsheree is stunned. Mohana sees it and says no this cant happen, I have been waiting for my freedom for 18 years, this cant happen. Vedsheree says to priest that what happened? Priest says she has become a statue, soon it will blacken and we will be free from her. Vedsheree says all must be waiting for bride, what to do? we have to do something. Ansh is coming to their room with parsad. Priest says to Vedsheree that I will prepare to hide her statue. He opens door and sees Ansh there.

Avi says to Ruby’s fake parents that Ruby used to study in Dehradun, are you hiding something from us? Avi calls Shekhar and says I have to tell you something.
Ansh tries to go in room but Vedsheree comes to door and says I called priest to take evil eye away from Ruby. Ansh asks where is Ruby? Vedsheree has hidden statue behind cupboard. She is in washroom, I will bring her down, you leave with priest. Priest whispers to Vedsheree that soon she will blacken and we will be free from her, we just have to wait a little, he leaves. Vedsheree smirks.
Mohana says everything is finished, I wont be able to free myself now.

Mohana says to Vedsheree telepathically that you have to do what I say, bring Ruby’s statue on floor. Vedsheree does, Mohana asks to put candles around her statue. Vedsheree does. Mohana starts her witch mantra and asks Vedsheree telepathically to do it too. Piya is locked in casket and sees Mohana’s black energies in air, she is scared and looks around but suddenly se remembers her knife, she pulls it from her foot holster and tries to break casket from it, she cries. She recalls flashback how her mother said that knife has power but real power is in faith and trying from heart. Piya tries again and holds her knife, she puts it on her heart and sticks it to casket wall.

Avi says to family that Ruby studied in Dehradun university, I asked her family but they got scared and nervous. Shekhar says its not a big deal. Avi says she got graduated then why she took admission in Mumbai college with Ansh? Shekhar says we shouldnt waste time in wedding. Neha comes there and says but weddign happen.

Piya prays in casket and is surround by trishul, her casket raises in air. Mohana is doing evil mantras to bring Ruby ack to life. She says soon Ruby will comeback and nobody can stop Ansh and Ruby’s wedding.

Shekhar says what? Neha says this Ruby is weird, Shekhar says she is devik. Avi says why she lied about her studies? Shekhar says you must be mistaken, its not a big deal, you must have scared her parents. Avi says I will call them here and ask again.

Piya prays and breaks her casket. Mohana is busy doing mantra for Ruby when she turns and sees Piya free and standing there. She gets tensed. Piya opens her eyes and her light burns Mohana. Mohana looks around and sees Piya standing on otherside. Mohana says this cant happen, how you came out of it? Piya is scared. Mohana says you dont even know about your powers and you never will, I will kill you as a witch will live when devik dies. She tries to attack Piya but Piya is shielded by her powers. Mohana says I will deal with you later, I have to bring Ruby back first. She looks around for her evil candle but Piya takes it and blows off flame. Mohana screams no.. Piya thinks that I dont know how to face a witch but Guru Maa can help me, she runs from there.

Scene 2
Neha says to Shekhar that if Ruby is devik and with Ansh then Ansh should be positive, he should be happy, but he is getting weird, he held Rishi’s neck today, he didnt want to marry Ruby, Ansh got angry first when asked about marriage but then he agreed, Kajal says yes he didnt want to marry her. Shekhar says we should ask Ansh, Ansh comes there and says I want to marry Ruby.

Mohana’s candle is blown off. In Ruby’s room, all things start blowing off and candles around her gets blown away. Mohana says take her out of there, Vedsheree sees a dressing table fall on her, she tries to save Ruby’s statue.

Neha says to Ansh that you are lying, you dont want to marry Ruby. Ansh says enough, dont talk about this topic. Avi and Chitali comes there, Avi says Ruby’s parents are missing, they are not here, its fishy. Shekhar says you are right, why would her parents leave her own wedding?


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