The Evil Eye 12 April 2021 update: Piya tries to stop Makshika fairy attacking her. Fairy leaves. Ansh tells Piya that you got your powers back. Piya says no she took them away. Fairy falls down and says she took away all powers. Ansh glares at Piya.
Piya and Ansh comes home. Ansh says Piya took her powers back from fairy, she killed makshika fairy. Piya says no she was attacking me. Ansh says why you attacked her? you lied to us, you said you wanted to give away your powers. Piya says I would never harm my family. Ansh says you tried to get powers back and you are dangerous for us, your mother tried to kill us too. Piya says your mother is Mohana so dont talk about my mother. Ansh says you lied to us. Piya says if you think that I am dangerous then I will leave.
Saanvi asks Naman why he is saving a chudail? Naman
says you lied to me and tried to kill her. She is my wife.
Piya is leaving house. Avi says she wont leave. Sehkhar says this is not right but Ansh has decided. Chitali tells Piya that husband and wife fight, you dont have to leave. Piya says its better if I leave you all. Ansh keeps Adi with him. Piya hugs him and tells him to not make Ansh worry, I will comeback soon. Vedsheree cries and says think about Adi, how will he live without you? Piya says I am dangerous for you all. Ansh says let her go. Piya says I will comeback when I have proof of my innocence. Ansh says dont comeback with your powers again. Vedsheree pleads Ansh to stop but he doesnt. Piya leaves.
Scene 2
Naman brings Sanam’s body back in house, he says I will wait for you till the end, you have been a good wife, you left your side to be my wife, I will be your husband and I will choose you over my duty now.
Piya tells Nishant that dont know why I still have powers. Ansh is not trusting me too. She tells Guru Maa that I didnt take powers from fairy but she said I did. Guru Maa says you will find a way. Piya gets dizzy. Guru Maa makes her lie down. Guru Maa checks her and says its not your powers.
Piya meets Ansh. Ansh says you still have powers and I will choose my family, we cant live together till you have powers, be happy with your powers. He leaves from there. Piya is in tears. Piya thinks that how to tell you that powers are of our unborn baby.
Mohana is in jungle, flashback shows how she ranaway from war. She says I will get evil powers that will make me unbeaten. She grabs makshika fairy that had Ansh and Piya’s powers. She says you thought you could protect their powers? She takes their powers and put it in fire, fire becomes a blast and says now I will create a powerful creature. She puts her hair in fire and says this creature will have powers of devik, davansh and a witch, she will do what I couldnt, her name will be Bhasmika. Creature is created and flies away.

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After 6 years, Vedsheree is arranging a pooja. Ansh brings pooja plate. Vedsheree tells Ansh that you have to start a new life, you cant live alone, start with God’s blessing. Ansh lights diya, diya is about to fall down but Adi comes and holds diya on his hand. Ansh rushes to him, he says I am fine.
Piya is preparing for pooja with Guru Maa. Diya is about to fall but Pari comes and holds it. Piya asks if she is fine? She nods.
Priest is running away from evil creature but it flies like Ansh and follows him.
Ansh does pooja with Adi. While Piya does pooja with Pari.
Evil creature burns priest in jungle. Avi rushes to see it and says only an evil power can do it.

Avi comes home and tells family about bodies found burned alive. Vedsheree says we had
peace for 6 years but this looks like some evil power. Chitali says Mohana like evil power can comeback in life? Shekhar says dont worry, there is no proof, it might be some man. Avi says it didnt happen in 6 years so why an evil power will come in our lives? Adi comes there. Ansh asks him to go and sleep. He takes him away.
Pari prays to lord and tells that you know its my parents special day so bless them.


Scene 2
Adi tells Ansh that I saw a big creature and it was flying too. Ansh recalls having wings and says its just a story. He tucks him in bed. Adi says but fairies must be real? Ansh recalls his moments and life with Piya. He says no, fairies are not true, this bangle will protect you from every harm. He asks him to sleep. Vedsheree and Shekhar sees Adi sleeping. Vedsheree sees priest’s miscalls and says was he trying to tell us something before dying?
Guru Maa tells Piya that you are going back to Mumbai with Pari and she has powers now. Piya says dont talk about powers, its what separated me from my family. Pari and Piya leaves.

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Vedsheree is waiting for a girl to come for Ansh. Girl comes with her family. She smirks.
Pari and Piya come in building and goes in lift. They go in house and meet Nishant and Saanvi. Pari plays with them.
Ansh comes in lounge. New girl smiles at him. She gives him roses. He thanks her. They all go to sit. Girl glare at them and recalls Mohana creating an evil creature.

Scene 1
Vedsheree talks to girl and says I am happy to see you here. Avi gets a call again about a case. Girl tries to talk to Adi but he leaves. Ansh says I am sorry.

Vedshree and Chitali comes to kitchen. She asks Chitali to bring ganga jal. I dont want evil powers near us again.

Evil girl blows fire on diyas. Vedsheree comes there and says Urvashi come with us.

Piya sees Pari playing with Saanvi. Piya tells Nishant that I had to come here for her studies. Nishant says maybe Ansh can meet you.. Piya says dont talk about him, I didnt tell truth to Pari, I will tell her when she is ready. She leaves. Saanvi says Ansh doesnt know about Pari. Nishant says we can just be there for her.

Pari shows her jumping tricks to Piya. Piya sees her and Ansh’s photo on wall and is tensed.

Ansh looks at Piya’s ring. Adi comes and says I dont like Urvashi, dont marry her. Ansh says you will like her soon. Adi says I want my mom back. Ansh hugs him and says your mother is not with us and will never comeback. Adi says I hate Urvashi. Urvashi comes there and says why? Adi leaves. She says its okay Ansh. She takes ring from him and says finally we are getting engaged, you are happy right? Ansh says yes but Adi.. Urvashi says I will love him so much that he will forget his mom.

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Scene 2
Urvashi sees Vedsheree pouring ganga jal in house. She smirks and steps on it, nothing happens to her. She thinks that they dont know I have powers of devik and davansh both.

Pari tells Piya that you dont play with me. Piya says we will go out soon. Pari starts reading book and her braid grows suddenly. She doesnt see it. She finds her and Ansh’s picture, Adi is there too. She asks Piya. Piya gets emotional.

Engagement ceremony start, Ansh asks Adi to stay with him. He nods. Urvashi comes downstairs. Ansh recalls Piya with him. Vedsheree gives ring box to Ansh but ring is missing. They see Adi holding it. Ansh asks him to give it. He says sorry. Urvashi says let me try. She asks for ring, Adi says no. She tries to snatch from him. Suddenly her wings grow and she flies in air. All are shocked to see braid and wings together. Chitali says she is a witch and bird both? Vedsheree says this cant happen.

Piya asks Pari to not mess with things.


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